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10 Elf On The Shelf Kits That Are A Total Timesaver

Give your elf some props this holiday season.

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Making the decision to welcome your Elf on the Shelf for the holidays is one thing. Coming up with cute and creative ideas for 12, 24, or (ack) 30 days straight is another story entirely. Even the most dedicated DIYer can start scrambling for scenarios as Christmas comes closer, because how many times can your elf be “caught” with a box of open cookies on your kitchen counter? Elf on the Shelf kits are an easy way to keep your kid entertained and save your sanity during the holidays, too.

Typically, Elf on the Shelf kits come in two sets: 12 days, for those who are commitment-wary so close to Christmas, and 24 days, for people who prefer having their elf celebrate starting smack dab on December 1. The sets usually come all prepared with props and scenes that are elf-tastic; for example, your elf might be found ready to pucker up in a kissing booth, or with a tiny roll of toilet paper that they’re planning to deck the halls with. Step-by-step instructions will tell you how to set up and place your elf so that every morning leading up to Christmas will be sweet, silly, and magical.

Most of all, these Elf on the Shelf kits take the guesswork of what you’ll do with your elf each day and allows you to focus on what matters most to you — having fun with your child during the holidays.


Easy Elf on the Shelf kit

Imagine your child waking up in the morning and finding their elf feeding a triceratops some mini marshmallows. Well, they’ll be doing that with this cute Elf on the Shelf kit on Amazon. You’ll have the option of choosing a 24-day kit (or 12 days for those who want less of a commitment). The kit has enough props to make each day fun and festive, with activities are arranged by day, so all you need to do is unwrap them and set them up. And you won’t have to worry about how to position your elf, since there are instructions and photos to make set up, well, dino-mite.


Elaborate Elf on the Shelf kit

Your child’s elf likes to stay busy during the day and the 2022 Christmas Elf Kit from Jack and Luna will help them to do just that. One day, your elf can be delivering pizza for everyone to enjoy (sans a slice since they got hungry waiting for your kid to wake up), or disguised as a banana sitting with the rest of your fruit. They might want to wish upon a shooting star when they use their elf-sized telescope, or simply bundle up because, baby, it’s cold outside. The kit has 21 days of activities that your child will love. Set up is simple and straightforward so all you need to do is just enjoy the time with your child instead.


Complete Elf on the Shelf kit

There are so many fun activities for your elf to do in this complete kit from Etsy seller The Elf Kit Company. In addition to coming with welcome and goodbye letters, this kit also has naughty and nice notices, so your child will know exactly how they’re behaving before your elf reports their findings to Santa Claus. There are even introduction letters and adoption certificates if this is your first year celebrating with the Elf on the Shelf.


Scene-stealing Elf on the Shelf kit

Some Elf on the Shelf kits have simple accessories. Not this one from Etsy seller Jubabean Design. The 25-day EOTS kit, ideal for parents who want to start straight after Thanksgiving, is loaded with scene-stealing moments that are absolutely adorable. For example, game night goes to a whole new level when your elf plays Connect 4 and Twister. Or your child might love seeing them having a delicious picnic lunch, complete with a sign, blanket, picnic basket, and a burger and drink.


Organized Elf on the Shelf kit

Let’s say that you wake up late, and your kid is already stirring in their bed. You won’t have to worry about them finding their elf in the same spot as yesterday, thanks to this super-efficient Elf on the Shelf prop kit. Each kit is organized with a title and theme (think “Melted Snowman”, “Elf Trap”, or “Farm Fresh Egg Jokes”), and all you’ll have to do is follow the instructions for quick and easy set up. There’s even an Elf Departure scene for when it’s time for your elf to make their way back to the North Pole. And when the holidays are over, these props can easily be stored away for next year as well.


Printable Elf on the Shelf kit

Sure, you might want to get an Elf on the Shelf kit that does most of the legwork for you…but you still would like to do a little DIY, too. Enter this printable Elf prop bundle kit from Etsy seller MadLovesKiwi. You’ll get a slew of ready-to-print ideas (like a Christmas countdown calendar, a mini elf cornhole game, and even a gingerbread elf kissing both), as well as step-by-step instructions for editing and printing the PDF files. Even though the items are tiny (they have to be elf-sized, after all), be sure to have plenty of cardstock or photo paper and ink to bring these cute creations to life.


Toy-filled Elf on the Shelf kit

Your child won’t be the only one getting some new games this holiday season. The ElfMagicShop on Etsy has a 24-day elf kit that is full of props and ideas to keep your elf — and your child — completely entertained. Perhaps your elf will pin the star on the Christmas tree or even racking up the balls in a fun game of pool. They might even prepare some reindeer food for when Rudolph, Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, and the rest of gang arrive at your home on Christmas Eve.


Pop-up Elf on the Shelf kit

Forget about fiddling with instructions or excess accessories. The Elf on the Shelf Insta-Moment Pop-Ups is a colorful and cute way to let your elf get in touch with their wild side. From being behind the counter at a doughnut shop, to rocking out on the drums for an exclusive Jingle Bells concert, all it takes are a few folds to bring these scenes to life. And when your elf is tuckered out from all of their exciting adventures, they can lounge in a bubble bath — complete with a rubber duckie.


Creative Elf on the Shelf kit

There are 21 days of silly scenes and fun adventures in the Ultimate 2022 Christmas Elf Kit. Maybe your elf will encourage your child to find the ball hidden under three tiny red plastic cups or show them the cookies that they whipped up while your kid was sleeping. Your elf might want to help with holiday shopping and came up with a list of ingredients that you should get the next time you’re at the store, like hot cocoa, candy canes, and eggnog. Whether your elf gets “caught” riding Rudolph or is looking to score a home run, the kit comes with quality items that can be reused (and loved) for years to come.


30-day Elf on the Shelf kit

Why prop your Elf on the Shelf for just 12 or 24 days when you can have a full month of the adorable doll? That’s right, with the Elf Christmas Kit Activity set from BashBoutiqueGifts, you can start the celebrations on Thanksgiving. You’ll get welcome and goodbye letters (for the first and last days) that you can personalize for your child. Then, the fun really begins, with props for 28 suggested scenes. Every day is labeled and has the necessary props for a simple setup. Your elf might make some s’mores or get a hole-in-one when they play a game of golf. You won’t get bored with this jam-packed set — and your child won’t, either.

Even if you’re an ardent Elf on the Shelfer, you might not have a ton of time to come up with sensational scenes for your elf in the days and weeks leading up to the holidays. Using an Elf on the Shelf kit will ensure that the antics your elf gets into are always elfin hilarious.