11 Elf On The Shelf Printable Letters From Santa

He’s got a lot to say.

by Romper Staff
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Christmas is a magical time for kids, and it's even more magical if there's an Elf on the Shelf to give them an in with Santa. Luckily, there are plenty of Elf on the Shelf printable letters from Santa that you can download to help make the elf experience extra special for your kiddos.

One your Elf on the Shelf starts camping out in your home for the season, they do magical surveillance on the little ones in your house, heading back to the North Pole every night to report on your kids' behavior (because not even Santa can singlehandedly monitor the naughty and nice lists). That means it makes perfect sense for your elf to deliver a special, personalized note from the man himself. But, if that sounds like a lot of work, these printable letters will make your job incredibly simple.

A printable letter has a big advantage: even if you forget about it until the last second, it just takes a couple of minutes to choose one and print. There are lots of different options for what you want the letter to say. You can pick a pre-written message, or choose a template that you can edit yourself. There are letters that warn kids that they're in danger of ending up on the naughty list, or give them major kudos for securing a spot on the nice list. My personal favorite is a super tiny letter that's easy for the elf to carry — super thoughtful of Santa to use such small stationery.

Whatever type of Elf on the Shelf letter you’re looking for, there’s one you can download and print right away.


A letter approved by the elves

This printable letter from Santa will prep your kids for a December filled with kindness and their best behavior. Plus, it's stamped with an elf seal of approval, so your kids will believe that it's legit. With this instant download, you’ll receive a JPEG and PDF file, so you can choose which type works best with your home setup. This letter has a blank to fill in your child’s name by hand once you’ve printed it out. (Just don’t forget to disguise your handwriting — I use my left hand for letters from our elf and my kids don’t have a clue!)


A bundle of letters for your elf to bring

What’s better than one letter brought by your elf? This bundle of printable Santa letters that your elf can deliver to and from Santa himself. The first customizable letter is a letter to Santa where they can write down everything they want for Christmas this year. Once your elf delivers their requests to Santa, the elf can return with a letter straight from the North Pole. Then, right before Christmas, their elf can bring a customized nice list certificate before his official duties end.


A naughty list warning

Hopefully you won't need to send this one, but if your kids need a reminder to be good this year, you can print out this naughty list warning to be delivered by your Elf on the Shelf. You can personalize the certificate to include your child’s name, their elf's name, the date the letter was issued, and the reason that they have been placed on the naughty list, so it will appear very official. It should be a big help to correct any naughty behavior reported by your elf, and you can always send a follow-up letter placing them back on the nice list when you're ready.


An elf-delivered letter to Santa

If your kids traditionally write wish lists for Santa, you can use this printable letter for them to fill out and send off to the North Pole with your elf. Though the letter isn’t customizable to include child's name, it’s a really adorable note that has plenty of space for their Christmas gift list.


Editable letters from Santa

This sweet set of 2 printable letters from Santa are a fun surprise for your elf to deliver. Each letter’s text is fully editable, so you can tweak it to say exactly what you want once you’ve downloaded the stationery templates. You can have your child’s elf deliver this one anytime during the holiday season to let them know that Santa’s watching them and can’t wait to deliver all of their goodies on Christmas, or you can use it upon your elf’s arrival to make the magical occasion even more special.


A letter & envelope from Santa

This fun printable letter from Santa comes complete with a matching envelope template to prove it was magically delivered from the North Pole. The letter itself actually looks extremely official with “From the desk of Santa Claus” printed at the top and a stamp of approval from the North Pole at the bottom. When you make your purchase, you’ll receive an instant download of a printable PDF file, but you’ll need to use the latest version of Adobe Reader to edit this letter to personalize it with your child’s name on the letter and your address on the envelope template.


Elf hello & goodbye letters

This set of letters from Santa will welcome an Elf on the Shelf into your home, and leave behind a sweet message when it's time to head back to the North Pole. In the welcome letter from Santa, you can choose between two versions which will either welcome your elf to your home for the first time or welcome your elf back for another year. In the goodbye letter, your child will receive good tidings from Santa as well as a sweet message from their elf to let them know how much they enjoyed making memories with them this year. These instant download files are all fully editable in Adobe Reader.


Elf-sized printable letters

At about 2 inches by 3 inches in size, these little letters and envelopes from Santa are the perfect size for an elf to carry back from the North Pole to your home. The instant download gives you a template to print out on a full sized piece of printer paper and includes instructions for how to fold the envelope into the smaller elf size. Heads up, this is just a print for the stationery and envelope to write your own letter "from Santa," so you’ll want to give yourself an extra minute or two to jot down a sweet or scolding note.


Printables with Santa's letterhead

This printable bundle comes with three digital files for you to download, edit, and print out so that your elf can deliver them. Your purchase includes a pre-written letter from Santa, a 'Nice List' certificate, and a cute matching envelope that can all be edited with a free online editing system. Once you make your purchase, you’ll have instant access to download and edit the documents so that you can personalize them with your child's information. The stationery bundle has adorable details to make everything look like it was really sent from the North Pole straight to your child via their elf.


A printable letter with Santa's seal

This printable "From the desk of Santa Claus" letterhead featuring red and green-striped trim is so festive and pretty, but it also has Santa's seal in the bottom corner to make it look extra North Pole official. You can customize the message of the letter to include any information you’d like, so you can use this one no matter whether your child has been naughty or nice. The official North Pole envelope is also fully customizable and prints out on standard sized printer paper. Simply follow the included instructions to fold and glue the printout into an envelope that your elf can deliver.


A printable thank you note from Santa

Print this adorable letter from Santa out for your kids to find on Christmas morning so that they can get a thank you letter from Santa and know that their elf really was looking out all December long. The cookie and candy cane motif on this fully customizable letter is just so adorable and the perfect nod to the cookies your child left out for Santa on Christmas Eve. It’s a precious letter for your elf to leave that will wrap up a season of smiles with their elf and keep the magic alive just a little longer on Christmas Day.

With these cute printable Elf on the Shelf letters, you can add some extra magic to your holiday season. Whether you choose a personalized letter from Santa or a sweet letter from your elf announcing their arrival, you really can’t go wrong.

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