The Fenty x MSCHF Ketchup Collab Is A Toddler’s Dream

You just *thought* your kids wanted to eat your lipsticks.

It’s pretty much a parenting rite of passage to find your toddler smearing your favorite lipsticks all over their face, and who could blame them? Makeup looks fun and enticing with all the bright colors and textures. But be prepared for your kids to be even more interested in your makeup — thanks to the latest Fenty x MSCHF collab, your lipstick now looks like their favorite dip — ketchup.

Makeup brand Fenty is teaming up with American art collective MSCHF to create a lip gloss called “Ketchup or Makeup," and the packaging the gloss comes in actually looks like packs of ketchup you’d get in a to-go order. Whether or not you or your kid wants to apply this new gloss with a french fry for the full effect is up to you, but you’re probably going to want to get your hands on this new line ASAP.

Ketchup or Makeup features Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer in ketchup packets — and there’s a super fun catch. Each box contains six packets that each contain either ketchup or lip gloss. That’s a pretty fun game to play, right? The lip gloss is a shimmery red with gold flecks and it will be a super fun color for a night out — or for your kids to smear all over their face.

Might I suggest also just picking one to dip french fries in? Just to see what happens.

The Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer is known for its shiny finish and it “feels as good as it looks,” per the Fenty website. It has conditioning shea butter and a non-sticky formula, which sounds pretty perfect for a busy mom who needs a quick swipe on the lips. And thankfully, while the gloss’s packaging may look like ketchup, it doesn’t smell or taste like ketchup. Instead, it’s a peach-vanilla scent, which really wouldn’t be great on a burger.

You can purchase the Ketchup or Makeup gloss for $25 at For more information on MSCHF drops, download the app because who knows what could be next. Mustard? Mayo? The possibilities are endless.