Asa Akira sits on a bed looking at Frida products.
Frida Mom

Frida Mom Launches New “Uncensored” Site With Porn Star For Instructional Videos

“We deserve to know about our bodies.”

It’s no big shock that women’s bodies are often subject to all manner of double standards and contradictory rules, and that is starkly apparent in matters of prenatal, pregnancy, and postpartum content. Meta, which owns Facebook and Instagram, routinely rejects ads from women’s health companies under the claim that they are “adult products or services.” Now, Frida Mom is leaning into that conflation by working with Asa Akira, a porn star and mom of two, to create instructional videos for the company’s new site, Frida Uncensored.

The site (probably not safe to click through in most work settings) currently hosts seven videos — each prefaced with a brief message reading “Sensitive Content” before “Sensitive” is crossed out and replaced with “Educational” in a purple, handwritten font. “This video contains sensitive content that we know isn’t for everyone” it continues, and then again in the same purple font “and that’s okay.” Seven videos appear below, ranging from how to do at-home insemination, perineal massage, and lactation massage. Akira appears in five of these videos; a woman filmed from the shoulders down appears in the remaining two.

“We deserve to know about our bodies,” Akira said in an interview with The New York Times. “As young women, we don’t even know how to insert a tampon unless our mom shows us in person.”

Frida Mom

Frida’s founder and CEO Chelsea Hirschhorn also appears in a video on the site, explaining the need for instructive content on matters of prenatal, pregnancy, and postnatal care. “Our whole lives, we’re told how not to get pregnant,” she says. “When it comes time to actually try and have a baby, women are left to Google ‘cycle tracking’ or ‘best sex positions’ and all we find are ‘sensitive content’ and blurred out images.”

Reaction to the campaign has been largely positive on the company’s Instagram account.

“Where was all this when I was getting ready to have a baby?!” asks comedian Whitney Cummings. “Had I known how to do a perineal massage to maybe avoid tearing, I would have been all over that and maybe I could actually have walked up a flight of stairs within 4 weeks of having my tot. ya’ll are a godsend.”

“I feel both women and men need to be more educated about this,” reads another comment. “I went thru health class TWICE in high school and learned NOTHING about my body.”

“FridaMom is the realest big brand in this whole place,” declares another. “You can’t convince me otherwise.”

Hirschhorn also pointed out that the brand is no stranger to censorship. In 2020, ABC rejected a Frida Mom ad depicting a new mom shuffling through a late night trip to the bathroom. The next year, the Golden Globes rejected an ad frankly depicting breastfeeding. And because the full ad includes women’s nipples, there’s currently a “warning” on YouTube highlighting that it may be “inappropriate” for some viewers, the very sort of warning Frida Mom is gently lampooning on its own site.