Father's Day

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Crack Dad Up This Father's Day With These Super Funny Gifts

Even the grumpiest dad can’t resist a good dad joke.

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Regardless of how you plan to celebrate Father’s Day, one thing is for sure: Dad does not need another painted rock paperweight or a tie (all of his “papers” are probably on the computer and he’s more likely to wear sweatpants than formal wear these days). One thing that’s always a hit is a funny Father’s Day gift, and as an added bonus to making dad laugh, these funny gifts are pretty affordable (everything on this list is under $40) so you won’t break the bank getting a chuckle out of him.

Beyond just your typical gag gift that gets a groan, then gets tossed in a drawer never to be seen again, these silly gifts for dads are actually usable and fun. On this list, you’ll find molds to make Star Wars pancakes for the dad who makes weekend breakfasts (there’s also a dog treat maker because #daddogs), a sperm shirt (not quite as weird as it sounds, but def weird), some dad joke merch of course, and other fun surprises. Whether you celebrate from afar, or with a restaurant-worthy Father’s Day dinner, these funny gifts will steal the show. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to include a funny Father’s Day card (or a sentimental one, to balance it out).

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A funny candle for Father’s Day

The good thing about being the one who buys dad this Updog candle is that you’ll never fall into its dad joke trap. (Inevitably, dad will get the chance to say “smells like updog in here” to somebody.) Pick from funny scents too like “Clean Cargo Shorts” (a fresh linen smell) or pancakes, sage, or vanilla.


A funny shaving accessory for dad

If you’re tired of finding your partner’s little beard hairs all over the sink, this funny beard bib apron could help (and if nothing else it’ll look ridiculous enough to get everyone laughing). It comes with two suction cup hooks to place on the mirror, and the cape itself has two brackets that slip onto the hooks, creating a sink shield. Just remind him this needs to be taken down carefully (it works best to fold it on itself, then shake over the trash) or the hairs will go everywhere.


A funny mug with a hoop for shooting cereal

With this fun basketball hoop mug, dad should play with his food. Shoot Cheerios into milk, fling marshmallows into hot chocolate, or just play around with M&Ms and an empty mug — really the options are endless.


Funny socks for dads

These funny socks for Father’s Day are for the dad who is constantly “resting his eyes” only to be full-blown snoring moments later. If nothing else, you’ll get some laughs from dad, and a good picture of him kicking back with his feet up.


‘Star Wars’ pancake molds for Father’s Day

Let the force be with breakfast with these fun Star Wars pancake molds that dad will love. The set includes Darth Vader, Stormtrooper, R2-D2 and Yoda (so you can tell dad “Yoda man” when he whips these up). For best results, place the molds in a hot griddle, then add pancake mix; the molds have tabs so they’re easy to pull up without burning any fingers.


A funny literary cocktail book

It’s lucky to find a Father’s Day gift which combines three of his interests: cocktails, books, and puns. This book of “cocktails with a literary twist” is both useful and clever. He’ll learn how to make drinks like “Gin Eyre” or “Rye and Prejudice.”


A funny (and useful) gift for a dog dad

Don’t forget dog dads (or human dads that just really appreciate their canine pals) this Father’s Day. This paw-printed dog treat maker is not only adorable and humorous, it’s actually functional. It comes with recipes so you don’t have to go it alone (and you probably shouldn’t as some ingredients that seem benign are not good for dogs). And if dad feels like making his human children some dog treat shaped waffles — maybe his toddler is in the phase of pretending to be a dog, then by all means…


A book of dad jokes for Father’s Day

As if he needs more help coming up with dad jokes. This book of jokes for Father’s Day is meant to elicit groans (as all good dad jokes should) rather than serious laughter. He’ll have plenty of material for the upcoming year. Lucky you.


A funny shirt for Father’s Day

I’m not typically one to be tickled by corny jokes, but I have to say this shirt legitimately cracks me up. If you and your dad have this kind of joking relationship, this sperm shirt is not only funny, but it’s on-brand for Father’s Day.


A funny calendar for dads

If you’re familiar with The Dad’s Instagram account (as two million people are) then you’ll love this calendar that comes from the online store associated with the same account. It’s a desk calendar (remember those?) so dad will always know what day it is, and each day comes with a hard-hitting truth about dadhood.


Funny bathroom matches for Father’s Day

Whether you cringe at or secretly appreciate the matches dad keeps in the bathroom, these are sure to get a laugh (and they may spare you from some funky smells too). “The Godfarter” matchbox can be filled up again and again too, so lucky dad, he never has to say goodbye to these.

A good laugh is always a great way to bond with dad, and these funny Father’s Day gifts will have you both cracking up.

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