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Win Halloween This Year With These Funny Costumes

You’ll be way comfier in one of these than in a skimpy getup.

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After the last few years we’ve had, I think it’s time we pull out all the funny Halloween costumes for women. I’m sure you’ve already got the kids and your partner all set for their costumes, but it’s time to focus on yours. I think it would be appropriate to dress up as a Care Bear this year, because we need someone to shoot some love, happiness, and magic out of their abdomen for the entire world. Or perhaps even a Barbie doll in honor of the new Barbie movie coming out next year for a little fun.

Whether you’re looking for something elaborate, or ideas on how you can DIY your own funny women’s Halloween costume yourself at home from things you already have on hand, or things you can thrift, this list has got you covered. Want to pay tribute to your favorite fandom, TV show, movie, or food? You’ll find it on this list. There’s even some SNL nostalgia thrown in for you to dress up as on the big day.

There’s something punny for everyone on this list, including ideas for couples Halloween costumes that will rival any Dad joke your old man (or your partner) can come up with. You’ll be the life of the party, or the life of the neighborhood, if you choose one of these hilarious costumes. Plus, who doesn’t want to dress up as a giant dinosaur or praying mantis for Halloween, the one time of year when you can be anything or anybody?

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A cheesy snack

If you were an ‘80s or ‘90s child, you probably lived off of these giant tubs of cheese balls in the summer. And fans of The Office know they also translate to a legitimate office bonding activity for employees. If you’re looking for a funny Halloween costume with a touch of nostalgia, this cheese ball costume has got you covered.


Taco Belle

Punny costumes are where it’s at when crafting your own funny Halloween costume for women. This Taco Belle costume idea from Thinking Closet blogger Lauren Lanker is genius.

In Lanker’s blog post, their goal for the past seven years is to “take dad-humor to a whole new level.” And she certainly nailed it with this Taco Belle costume idea. I don’t know about you, but suddenly I’m craving some Cheesy Gordita Crunches right about now while I watch my favorite Disney movie.

She also gives background to this genius idea on her blog. “My punny ‘Taco Belle’ costume was 100% inspired by the very talented Costume Designer, Olivia Mears,” she writes. “Story has it, she dressed up as Belle from Beauty & the Beast and happened to find herself at a Taco Bell fast food restaurant. Of course, she needed to snap a photo of “Taco Belle” ordering at the counter, and it went viral. Three years later, she created a dress to fit the pun and went viral again. Check out her ‘Taco Belle’ costume HERE. It’s epic.”

She got her dress at Walmart.com, the Belle wig, the yellow gloves, and a hoop skirt on Amazon, and a pair of taco earrings from The Cute Food Corner on Etsy.

“Now, as for those tacos… I purchased some felt in light orange, light green, dark brown, red, and yellow from my local JoAnn’s Fabric store, cut ’em up into taco shells, lettuce, meat, tomatoes, and cheese with fabric scissors, and glued together my tacos using hot glue. I used the visuals from this tutorial as inspiration. And here’s a peek inside my taco before I sealed it up with glue,” she says.


Mose from The Office

Y’all. I cannot with this DIY The Office family costume. All of these items were thrifted and then crafted by Sarah herself. This family totally committed to their favorite TV show, and their daughter looks absolutely adorable with her little beet headband, don’t you think? Sometimes you have to think outside of the box for those funny Halloween costumes for women, and if you can include your entire family in the idea, that’s even better, right? Head over to your local Goodwill and find some brown men’s dockers, a dress shirt WITH SHORT SLEEVES of course, a mustard tie, and those crazy glasses Dwight always wears, and you’ll have yourself an amazing Dwight Schrute costume. Sarah even paired her costume with brown Birks and men’s gray wool socks to complete the ensemble. Genius.

Her child is also a beet (perfect), and her partner is dressed as Dwight’s cousin Mose. So good.


Sizzlin’ bacon

If you want to go as something super hot for Halloween, look no further than this bacon strip costume. You’ll be so hot, you’ll sizzle in this funny Halloween costume.


Deviled egg

This costume from Deanna Ross is super cute, super easy, and really punny, which is perfect for a funny Halloween costume for women. For your “deviled egg” costume, you need a red cape, a devil horned headband, a white shirt or dress, and a yellow fabric circle to go on your belly. Not only does Deanna rock this pretty hot version of this costume, but if you’re pregnant, you can also show off that bump with the yolk of the egg and be cute and seductive at the same time. And funny, of course.


A multi-occasion turkey

This funny costume can be used twice — for Halloween and then the following month for Thanksgiving dinner. Of course you’ll want to wear this costume all day on Thanksgiving, especially if you’re cooking a feast. If that doesn’t sound like much fun, skip that photo op and enjoy being the talk of the neighborhood in this funny turkey Halloween costume.



Perhaps if you have a dog you should shy away from this funny Halloween costume, but otherwise, you’ll look completely hilarious and ridiculous dressing up as a squirrel for Halloween. Remember to try not to run so the neighborhood dogs don’t chase you down the street while you’re trick-or-treating.


Shark attack

For those with a dark sense of humor this funny Halloween costume of a shark eating a person is a sure winner. Only half of your torso will be emerging from the jaws of the shark, so you’ll stay warm if it gets cold on Halloween night where you live. You may scare some children though, so that may be either a plus or a minus in your book.


An inflatable t-rex

The product description says it best for this funny Halloween costume for women: “For years, you've lived in shame, knowing that you couldn't achieve your childhood dream of being a Tyrannosaurus Rex. A dream that I’m sure is shared by many adults and kids alike. Sure, no one thought you could do it. Sure, everyone called you crazy, but it was your dream! They won't laugh at you anymore with this Adult Inflatable Jurassic World T-Rex Costume.”

I mean, is that beautiful, or what?

This inflatable jumpsuit comes with a pair of gloves, a battery pack, and a fan for the jumpsuit and attached hood, ensuring you stay cool and comfortable during your terrorizing this Halloween.


Darth mom

Cat nailed this “Darth Mom” costume, y’all. When going for a funny Halloween costume for women, sometimes you gotta get nerdy with it in the best way or pay tribute to your favorite franchise. She’s got her light saber, the proper makeup, and of course, the “Dark Side” roast from Starbucks to complete this amazing ensemble.

That’s some seriously impressive face paint work she’s got going on here, and I think the little cherries in her head scarf really tie the entire look together, don’t you think? Other than the master face painting skills, you could totally throw this outfit together using things you already have in your closet. Black shirt? Black leggings? Check. I’m not sure if you’re as cool as Cat to have a leather jacket, but I guess you can make do.


Copy cat

Lauren Lanker from Thinking Closet really nailed it again with this Copy Cat costume. Just because it’s last minute doesn’t mean you can’t come up with a funny Halloween costume for women. In her blog post about the costume, she says she made copies of their sweet kitty Mangey on her home printer. She paired the photographs with an outfit of all black, some cat ears, and some mittens with kitten paws on them. Of course, you can’t forget the whiskers and nose drawing on your face though. It really completes the look. And if you don’t have mittens with kitten paws on them already in your closet, what are you even doing with your life?


Barbie girl

Y’all. This idea is genius. I had no idea a Barbie Box costume existed. And the possibilities are limitless for what kind of Barbie you can be inside! Dress up in athletic gear for “Workout Barbie.” Wear your karate uniform for “Karate Barbie.” Find a softball or baseball uniform and go as “Softball/Baseball Barbie.” Dress in everyday clothes and go as “Mom Barbie.” Wear a bathing suit (if it’s warm where you live obviously) and go as the timeless classic, “Malibu Barbie.” Want to be Crazy Catlady Barbie? Wear rollers, a bathrobe, crazy slippers, and have cat stuffed animals glued to your robe. The possibilities are endless for this funny Halloween costume for women.


Mona Lisa

This funny Halloween costume for women comes at you in the form of one of the most iconic paintings of all time — the Mona Lisa. The frame and painting is secured by a strap that goes behind your head, so all you have to do is the minimalist makeup, and wear all black, and you’ve got yourself a funny costume. You can make it funnier by painting a clown face on, or even a mustache. Or you could have your partner dress up as Leonardo da Vinci and it can be a funny couple’s costume. Just practice walking with it strapped to your head a few times so you don’t knock over the table of candy as you walk by at that Halloween party.


Blow-up ostrich

My friend is the queen of punny and funny Halloween costumes for women and she nailed it a few years ago with this Riding an Ostrich costume. She was pure perfection as she galloped down the streets of our neighborhood, gallantly riding this gorgeous ostrich. If you’re short on time, but still want to do something funny for Halloween this year, this Ostrich costume from Amazon will surely be a hit. And it’s easy to pull off, too.


Progressive’s Flo

Everyone, and I mean everyone, loves (or loves to hate) those Progressive Insurance commercials with Flo. And this hilarious costume includes her infamous hair, headband, apron, “Flo” name tag, and of course, a button that says, “I [heart] Insurance.” It’s the perfect funny Halloween costume for women because it’s always timely, everyone knows who it is without a doubt, and it’s really simple to pull off.

According to one Amazon reviewer, all you have to have on-hand is a white collared shirt to complete the ensemble. Perhaps grab some white pants, too, to really nail it.


Praying mantis

A little bit funny, a little bit creepy, this Praying Mantis costume is perfect for all of your needs if you’re looking for a funny Halloween costume for women. Thankfully, the large hands flop backward so you can eat and drink (or wrangle children). There are spikes in all the right places, and in fact, the description notes, “No stone has been left unturned when it comes to reimagining the praying mantis as human size — all you have to do is get into character!”

Well how do you like that?

Bonus: If your kid loves bugs, they’ll love this costume, and it will be the perfect outfit for your child’s bug-themed birthday party. So you’ll get more bang for your buck with this amazing praying mantis costume.


Grumpy Bear

Can you be a Grumpy Bear at times? Especially when trying to get everyone dressed and out the door on Halloween night to go to a party or to go trick or treating? I mean, aren’t we all? Pay tribute to your favorite ‘80s and ‘90s show by honoring the nostalgia in this Care Bear Grumpy Bear costume.

The description on halloweencostumes.com says it best. when they ask who can actually stand to be sunny constantly: “Grumpy Bear has a range of emotions. His character runs deep,” the website notes. “When there is trouble in Care Bear paradise, he's the first one to recognize the issue. And thus, he's the first one to come up with a solution ... So if you want to be the problem solver and pragmatist, channel this Grumpy Bear for your next costumed event.”

The website offers other bears to choose from, such as Funshine Bear, Cheer Bear, Bedtime Bear, Good Luck Bear, and of course, Tenderheart Bear.


Spartan cheerleader

Everyone’s favorite cheerleader is the perfect funny Halloween costume for women. This hilarious and timeless SNL sketch made famous by Cheri Oteri and Will Ferrel brought Arianna and Craig to people’s living rooms every Saturday Night.

You’ll bring “that Spartan to the par-tay,” per the product description, and you can totally flashmob that Halloween party with your partner, who obviously has to dress up as Craig.

The items included in this costume set are the pleated skirt, and of course the Spartan printed shirt. Grab some white sneakers and crew socks, and pair the outfit with a high pony, and you’ve got yourself a hilarious tribute to one of the funniest SNL sketches of all time.


SNL bees

Another funny SNL tribute can be done here, with this funny Halloween costume for women. Remember the K*ller Bees sketch on SNL in the ‘70s with greats like John Belushi, Elliott Gould, Garrett Morris, Dan Aykroyd? Make sure you bring toy guns and ammo to complement the costume if you’re going for the SNL look, but just dressing up as a huge bumblebee for Halloween is funny enough, too.

And this costume is easy to put on, according to the product description. “This awesome costume is as easy to toss on as A, Bee, C! You won’t have to waste any time with makeup or carry around any flashy accessories,” the description reads. “Simply throw on this furry black and yellow striped tunic over a black long sleeve and matching pants, and secure the hood under your chin. Then you’ll be more than ready to hit the dance floor.”

Get yourself a comfy, funny Halloween costume this year, and you won’t regret it for a second.

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