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26 Funny Valentine's Day 2021 Memes That Are Both Silly & Romantic

They're even better than actual Valentine's Day cards.

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Like it or not, Valentine's Day is a holiday that cannot be ignored (seriously, there are hearts everywhere). This year, in lieu of sending out paper cards, save on stamps by sending your loved ones some happy Valentine's Day memes instead. Whether it's your partner, best friend, or someone who loathes the holiday, there is definitely a meme out there for them.

There's nothing wrong with celebrating Feb. 14 with the kind of romance Boyz II Men used to sing about, but if you don't take the holiday too seriously, then memes are an excellent option for you. Sending a funny Valentine's Day message lets someone know you are thinking about them while also staying true to your personality. If you're not sure what to send, here are some fantastic memes to choose from.

Funny Valentine's Day Memes

The best Valentine’s Day memes are the ones that make you laugh, and extra points if they make you legitimately laugh out loud. These are the kinds of memes you can send to anyone and everyone. They're especially great for someone who could use a smile on Valentine's Day.

Romantic Valentine's Day Memes

Trying to find a card with the right balance of romantic and funny can be difficult. You want to show your valentine that you care about them, but also maybe make them laugh and roll their eyes at how ridiculous you are. That's where these Valentine’s Day memes come in, but pro-tip: if they are expecting a bigger gesture, don't let this be the only valentine they get.

Anti-Valentine's Day Memes

Not everyone is a fan of the holiday, or maybe they're not celebrating it this year but have a good sense of humor about it. Whatever the case, there are plenty of fantastic anti-Valentine's Day memes that they will resonate with.

Long-Term Relationship Valentine's Day Memes

Once you reach a certain point in a relationship, things get a little more comfortable, but not so comfortable that Valentine's Day should be ignored altogether. If you and your partner are a few (or a lot of) years in, a Valentine’s Day meme poking fun at what a worn-in relationship looks like will definitely make your longtime valentine laugh. To make it extra romantic, offer to let them pick which Netflix show to binge for the night.

Whether you’re planning a grand gesture or a night at home with a good movie, make the holiday a little extra fun by sending someone you love a happy Valentine’s Day meme.

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