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These Valentine's Gifts Will Make Him Feel Special

He already has a drawer full of socks.

Men, at least the ones I know, are notoriously difficult to buy for (my husband returned two of the three Christmas gifts I got him and the one he kept was... socks). If you’re looking for a Valentine’s Day gift for him this year, you may be feeling stuck when it comes to gifts, which is probably how you found yourself here.

The good news is that your husband, boyfriend, partner, however you define him, will love the Valentine’s Day gifts on this list. From things that will make hanging at home even better, like soft sweats or heady incense, to accessories that will take his grill, shower, or skincare game to the next level, there’s something here that he’ll love. This year skip the drugstore chocolates and glittery card in favor a Valentine’s Day gift for him that he’ll actually use (or at least, like the Star Wars LEGO sign, something he’ll love looking at).

You could supplement one of these gifts with a flirty Valentine’s Day text or a special brunch (heart-shaped pancakes, anyone?) or even some surprise Valentine’s Day lingerie, a gift for both of you. Regardless of how you spend the day, read on for some Valentine’s Day gifts for him that are more exciting than conversation hearts and socks.

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An Affordable Bidet From Tushy

Hear me out: a bidet actually makes a great and practical gift for anyone. Not only does it cut down on the need for toilet paper, (so it’s eco eco-friendly) but it also gets you really clean. This bidet from Tushy is affordable and it’s easy to install (it should take less than 10 minutes), it’s self-cleaning, should fit any toilet, and allows you to control the water pressure and direction of the stream.

One reviewer said, “I love the product, it works very well and was easy to install. Now, my wife and I are unwilling to use the other toilets in the house (I guess we need to get more). Note, you can't completely eliminate paper, you still have to use toilet paper to pat dry, but not as much as before.”

A Water Bottle With A Filter From Hydros

He won’t have to worry about drinking from the tap with this cool water bottle with a built-in filter. The filter works quickly and it reduces over 90% of chlorine and 99% of sediment, according to the Hydros brand, plus is comes in five great colors (pink, green, gray, or blue). The bottle is BPA-free, and the filter is made from 100% coconut shell carbon. This size holds a generous 20 ounces of water, and the brand also offers a slim carafe pitcher and a large pitcher for keeping in the fridge.

This is a great Valentine’s Day gift for a guy who’s constantly on a hike or at the gym (or just likes to stay hydrated throughout the day).

An Exfoliating Face Scrub From Patricks

Here’s a Valentine’s Day gift for him that you’ll want to borrow (okay, steal). This fancy exfoliating face scrub from Patricks is made with volcanic sand and crushed diamond powder (really) and it has a coarse texture that leaves skin feeling soft and looking bright. It also has alpha hydroxy acid (more commonly called AHA) that can help reduce ingrown hairs, and flaky dead skin.

I got this for my husband and he likes it (for some reason he’s especially impressed by the tube, which is a pliable metal), and I use it myself; it has a stereotypically masculine smell which dissipates quickly. Just note if you are going to borrow this one, it has retinyl palmitate in it which is a form of retinol and should not be used if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding.

Soft Sweatpants From Bricks & Wood

Whether he’s still working for him or just loves a weekend lounge sesh on the couch with Netflix, you can’t go wrong with a luxe pair of sweats from Bricks & Wood. These are made of a heavy weight fleece that’ll keep him warm and cozy (but not too hot). They’re meant to be oversized slightly, and are pre-washed so they won’t shrink (which is such a bummer with cotton sweats). If green isn’t his color, these are also available in a light gray or a chocolate brown color, each with a corresponding sweatshirt and socks if you’re going for the full ‘fit.

Sauce & Salsero Set From Fly By Jing

Sauce lovers will be so psyched to receive this sauce and salsero spoon set (a salsero spoon also functions as a top for the jar and makes it easy to drizzle the sauce precisely). Whether they’re familiar with the delicious sauces of Fly By Jing or this is the intro gift (it won’t be their last jar) this is a thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift for him that will get a ton of use.

You can pick from four color spoons (marble, volcan, tartuga, or the pinkish rojo) and three sauces. The famous chili crisp is crafted in Chengdu and it can be used on anything, Zhong Sauce is bursting with umami flavor, and Mala Spice mix is a warming blend of herbs and spices.

A Set Of Incense From Shop Yowie

For the guy who loves a lovely aroma to fill a room, this set of incense sticks is sure to be a hit. Inside, there are four different scents: India Moon, which is a woodsy scent topped with cloves, patchouli, and vanilla; Tibetan Orchid which is more floral with a bit of patchouli, that classic incense smell; China Rain, which is a more citrusy smell; and Fantasia, a heady mix of cinnamon, vanilla, and musk.

These are made in the USA and burn for up at an hour. Another great Valentine’s Day gift for him would be a cool incense holder to go with this.

A Waterproof Coat From Baxter Wood

The guy who lives somewhere where it rains a lot (hello Pacific Northwest) a good rain jacket is key (and they can be actually cool). This rain jacket from Baxter Wood is fully waterproof yet breathable, and the rubberized polyester lining is made from 22-recycled bottles.

One reviewer said, “I bought one of these years ago, I have gotten nothing but compliments on it. I have worn this in misty rain and torrential downpours, it took eight years to get to the point of water penetrating the outer layer, which I why I bought another exactly like it. Hopefully in eight years, they'll still be available.”

Sexy Truth Or Dare Game From Uncommon Goods

If you’re looking for fun and creative ways to spice things up, try sexy Truth Or Dare, like this game from Uncommon Goods. It’s modeled after pick-up sticks, with the black sticks being truths and the red sticks being dares.

You may be surprised at what conversations (and um, not conversations) this game spurs. As one reviewer said, “This game helps add the spark back into your relationship. Fun and exciting things on the sticks in the canister and you never know what you are going to get. This alone keeps the game interesting! Sexy truth or dare has become a great conversation piece for us. Questions about fantasies and romantic relationship are fun and perhaps a bit awkward to answer yet bringing us even closer.”

A Lego Sign From Etsy

For the man who’s a lover of both LEGOs and Star Wars, this framed sign is sure to be a hit. You get to choose the frame color and whether or not Princess Leia and Han Solo have guns in their little LEGO hands. One reviewer said, “I am very impressed with this product. Not only did it ship so fast, but the seller went above and beyond! It is so cute and I know that my boyfriend will love it. Looks even better than in the picture and it already looks amazing in the picture.” I can almost guarantee that this Valentine’s Day gift for him will be cherished for years to come.

A Cooking Apron From Food52

There are flimsy cooking aprons, and then there’s this apron from Food52 which comes with tons of bells and whistles including a conversion chart tucked in the pocket (so they’ll always know how many tablespoons are in a cup). There are tons of pockets, extra long waist ties to fit a variety of sizes, and even built-in potholers. Plus there are plenty of pockets, some deep enough for holding kitchen utensils, wooden spoons, or reading glasses so he can see the recipe. In addition to the terracotta color shown, the apron is available in green, blue, gray, or pink.

And the good news for you is that he’ll probably want to whip up a delicious dinner once he sees this cool yet functional apron.

A Shower Speaker From Amazon

For the man who sings in the shower (I’m pretty sure that’s all of them), this shower speaker will give them the backup singer they so deserve (and it may save you too if your partner is a little, shall we say, off-key). It’s bluetooth so it will sync with whatever’s playing on their phone; they could even start their morning with a podcast, because there’s nothing like showering while Michael Barbaro delivers The Daily.

This also has a carabiner clip so it can be taken on-the-go camping, kayaking, or just hanging outside. One reviewer said, “This speaker is great! It is exactly as described and works wonders. I use this in bathroom to listen to the news while I am showering, brushing my teeth and getting ready in the morning. Easy to pair, easy to use and the volume levels are great! Not only that, but it is durable and shock resistant.”