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20 Grandparents’ Day Gifts That Everyone Will Love

From traditional gifts for grandparents to unique, there’s something for every grandparent on this list.

The first Sunday after Labor Day is always Grandparents’ Day in the United States, so you better hop to it to find that perfect Grandparents’ Day gift, card, or other token of appreciation and love. Everyone knows Grandma and Grandpa would love just about anything from you or from your kids, but sometimes it’s nice to surprise them with something they can use — or wear proudly — to show off the fact that they are indeed the very coolest grandparents around. Whether they want to use customized mugs, customized shirts, or customized signs or blankets, they’ll love to be reminded of their favorite people on the planet — their grandkids. Show them how much you care and honor them with one of these sweet Grandparents’ Day Gifts below.

What is Grandparents’ Day?

This year, Grandparents’ Day falls on Sept. 11, and the holiday is always celebrated on the first Sunday after Labor Day. Similar to Father’s Day and Mother’s Day, Grandparents’ Day is a day to honor and show your appreciation and love for the grandparents in your life.

And the coolest part about this holiday is Grandparents’ Day was almost started by a letter from a 9-year-old boy. When a young Russell sent a letter suggesting that a day should be set aside to celebrate grandparents, Nixon was president at the time, and his personal secretary responded:

“Dear Russell,

Thank you for your letter to President Nixon. Your suggestion regarding a Grandparents’ Day is appreciated, but the President ordinarily issues proclamations designating periods for special observance only when a Congressional resolution authorizes him to do so.

With best wishes,


Rose Mary Woods Personal Secretary to the President.”

But a woman named Marian McQuade had been advocating for this holiday since 1956. She was later recognized by the U.S. Senate and by President Jimmy Carter as the founder of National Grandparents’ Day because she wanted to “educate the youth about the importance of seniors and the contributions they have made throughout history.” She then urged the youth to “adopt” a grandparent, and thereby “learn more about their lives, challenges, and desires for the future.”

After her adopt-a-senior initiative, President Jimmy Carter officially made National Grandparents’ Day an annual holiday. And now we celebrate it to this day by taking grandparents out to lunch, buying Grandparents’ Day gifts, and more.

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Cutting board

Whether to store grandma’s favorite recipe permanently, or to have a letter written by their grandchild and signed forever in wood, this personalized cutting board would make a beautiful Grandparents’ Day gift. You can choose maple, hickory, cherry, walnut, or sapele, and can even have it engraved on both sides.

These cutting boards were also winners of the Drew Barrymore Show’s 2021 Small Business Challenge and were featured on the Today Show, People, Country Living, and more.


Change purse

Me memaw always had a large, bright-red change purse in her bag — and it stored her cigarettes and red lipstick. But perhaps your grandma will store coins in this beautiful handmade change purse when she receives it as a Grandparents’ Day gift. It’s made with Tana Lawn cotton, and is 10 centimeters wide and 10 centimeters high.


Decorative pots

These gorgeous hand-painted terracotta pots would be the perfect Grandparents’ Day gift for grandma and grandpa’s herb garden, or to be a home for their favorite flowers.

These pots come in three different sizes — a regular pot with a 6-inch opening, a rose pot with a 4.5-inch opening, or a mini pot with a 4.4-inch opening. Each pot is covered with two to three coats of triple thick high gloss coating to protect against water damage and paint chipping.


Hand-thrown mug

Whether to sip their evening tea or morning coffee (or their vodka orange juice like my memaw), the grandparents in your life will love this handmade mug for a Grandparents’ Day gift. This wheel-thrown mug with hand-drawn daisies is 4.75 inches tall and 5.25 inches wide.


Shirt with grandkids’ names

Are grandma and grandpa proud grandparents to a ton of grandkids? They’ll love this customizable t-shirt for a Grandparents’ Day gift. T-shirts are customized with both the names and the color options, and they come in sizes S to 5XL.


Framed Silhouette of grandkid

This elegant Grandparents Day gift is just so beautiful, and they’ll love a personalized silhouette of their grandchildren. Each silhouette is hand-drawn and hand-cut, but is not framed and doesn’t include the white paper backing.

A five-star reviewer mentioned they downloaded the silhouette file and then ordered a print on metal from Amazon and it turned out beautifully, so you’ve got options.


Glasses case

My grandmother was always losing her glasses, and I think if she had this leather glasses case she wouldn’t have had that problem. Your grandparents will love this gorgeous handcrafted leather glasses case for their Grandparents’ Day gift. The case can be customized with light brown, dark brown, black, or red stitching — whichever style you think the grandparents would love best.


Customized travel mugs

For the grandparents who want to stay hydrated and show off how they’re the world’s greatest grandparents, these personalized travel mugs would be an awesome Grandparents’ Day gift.

Made from stainless steel, these mugs will keep your grandparents’ beverages hot if they’re hot, or cold if they’re cold, and the cover is made from waterproof neoprene wetsuit material.


A journal for grandpa

I love the idea of having a journal for memories and keepsakes for grandpa to keep up with, and to pass on for the memories. It’s a special Grandparents’ Day gift that will keep on giving, long after he’s no longer with us.

This journal includes a page for filling in the family tree, an envelope to store photos, and there are prompts for him to fill in stories, anecdotes, and more. And while this gift is for him now, your kids will definitely be receiving the gift later once grandpa is gone, and they will be able to honor his memory and read his stories.


A journal for grandma

And another journal option for grandma. This one includes prompts for her to document all of her experiences with her beloved grandchild, and she’ll love this for a Grandparents’ Day gift.

There are prompts to help grandma prepare for your new baby’s arrival, prompts on ways to celebrate and bond with the baby, and of course pages for keepsakes and special moments.


Customized coffee mugs

These customized coffee mugs aren’t only special because they can be customized, but they’re simply gorgeous as is. The artistic integrity of these beautiful mugs are the icing on the cake for an amazing Grandparents’ Day gift.

Each mug holds about 10 ounces, perfect for their morning cup of tea or coffee, and the best part? It’s microwave and dishwasher safe so there’s no extra work involved.


A keepsake album

A keepsake album and journal for both grandparents to work through as a team would make a super special Grandparents’ Day gift for both of them. They can record every special moment, from the first bath to the first holiday to even the first sleepover at their house. It’s got beautiful illustrations, creative prompts, and space to hold photos and cards.


Books about babysitting grandparents

The way I told my dad I was finally pregnant after trying for two years was gifting him How to Babysit a Grandpa and watching him open it and take a video with my phone. These books would make a sweet first Grandparents’ Day gift for grandparents.

Each story explains how when the grandparents come to visit, it’s up to the grandkids to take care of them and provide ideas for how to keep everyone entertained. Your big kids will love reading this with their grandparents, too.


Print of grandkids’ names and birthdays

You can’t go wrong with burlap honestly, and having it engraved with all of the grandkids’ names and birthdays makes it so sweet and special. They’ll love hanging their Grandparents Day gift on the wall to remind them of their special sweet babies.

The burlap print size is 10x12 inches, the printed area is 8x10 inches, and the frame size is 11x13 inches. The shop can even frame the print for you for an additional fee, and they’re open to special requests.


Customized garden sign

This Grandparents Day gift takes customization and sentimental value to the next level. Not only is the garden sign customized with each grandchild’s name and birthday, but their names are weaved into a drawing of their birth month flower. This is truly a special gift.


New grandparents frame

Whether you choose to put an ultrasound photo in here to announce your pregnancy, or you put a perfectly posed newborn photo of their first grandbaby in it, you can’t go wrong with a new grandparents picture frame for a Grandparents’ Day gift. The frame comes in 4x6 and 5x7.


Customized grandma sweatshirt

This comfy customizable grandma sweatshirt is stylish and fun, and you can get this Grandparents’ Day gift customized to say Grandma, Memaw, Meme, Nana, or whatever fun name your child has come up with to call their grandmother. It’s available in sizes small through 3XL and comes in 10 different colors.


Customized wooden family tree

This Grandparents Day gift features a special family tree complete with the grandkids’ names in hearts. You can specify the order and the placement of the hearts, as well as have blank hearts. Each sign is made to order from walnut and baltic birch, and they run 10x10 inches.


Customized blanket

Every time grandma or grandpa snuggle up under this customized Grandparents’ Day gift blanket they’ll feel the love from the whole family. It ships in one to two days and it’s long-lasting, non-pilling, machine washable, and super soft and cozy. You can fit a ton of names at the bottom, too, and can make sure the blanket has your grandparents’ names on it, even if it’s something super unique like Peepaw and Glamma.


Customized keychain or necklace

Whether used as a keychain or a necklace, a personalized hand-stamped trinket with when they were established as a mom and then a grandma, complete with birthstones, is a wonderful and sentimental Grandparents’ Day gift. Each item is hand-stamped and made to order, and it’s made from a 3/4 inch hammered aluminum heart and a 1-inch copper disc.

Honor the grandparents in your life for all they do — like showering your children with love, affection, and knowing how to spoil the mess out of them — by ordering one of these Grandparents Day gifts as soon as possible. You know they’ll absolutely cherish them forever, even if the gift is a hand-drawn card by their grandkid.