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11 Halloween Wreath Ideas To Welcome Spooky Season

They’re so good, it’s scary.

When you think of wreaths, this first thing that probably comes to mind is boughs of snow-dusted evergreen twisted into a circular shape. And, while winter wreaths certainly have a cherished role in holiday decor, wreaths defy season. At least, we think they do. With a few tweaks on the original classic, they can work for any holiday. With that in mind, what better way to greet a mob of trick-or-treaters than with one of these Halloween wreaths?

While most of the country still feels warm and the leaves have yet to fully turn, maybe you already decked your house or your porch out in Halloween decor to get a jumpstart on those fall feelings. A Halloween wreath can be displayed inside or outside. They can be downright spooky (hello, glowing eyeballs) or they can be pretty, subtle and perfect for leaving up through Thanksgiving. Whether you want to spray paint mini faux pumpkins, get creative with mason jar lids, or use fall flowers to make something truly stunning, the wreaths on this list will inspire your next project. Some are kid-friendly, too, so your little crew of ghouls and goblins (or Bluey and Peppa) can get in on the Halloween crafting.


A kid-friendly Halloween wreath idea

This sweet wreath from Pink Stripey Socks has definite Halloween vibes thanks to the little ghost, but, it’s not scary at all. Even your kid who’s afraid of everything will enjoy this sweet, seasonal project. It’s fun to wrap the hoop in embroidery floss to give it some color and texture. Then you can cut out and paint any shapes you like. A pumpkin would be cute, or a monster or black cat. If freehand drawing is tough, trace the inside of a Halloween cookie cutter or look for a template online.


A pastel pumpkin wreath

You’ll want to display this Halloween wreath from Lovely Indeed all fall, and you can because there’s nothing scary about it. They key here is buying artificial pumpkins and gourds because they won’t rot, so you can use the wreath year after year. Spray paint the pumpkins whatever colors you like — the gold stem is a chic touch here, but rainbow colors or more classic fall rusts and reds would also look lovely. Then using a wreath form covered in felt as a backing, you’ll arrange the pumpkins starting with the biggest.


A spooky stick Halloween wreath

One of the best things about this DIY Halloween wreath idea from Delia Creates is that it’s almost free to make. Have your kids gather sticks from the yard, or go on a family walk to find some good ones of similar widths and snap them so they’re all around the same length. Then spray paint them black (or a combo of black or orange). You don’t even need a mesh wreath form either. Instead, cut a circle with a hole in it from cardboard, glue the sticks down, and add any creepy crawlers.


A simple ghost wreath

This paper ghost wreath from Handmade Charlotte is giving me nostalgia for tissue ghosts I made in elementary school. This Halloween wreath idea also doubles as a fun, seasonal craft even the littlest kids can enjoy— you can use a ball for the ghost heads to give them shape, and use an embroidery hoop or another very thin wreath form to give the illusion of the ghosts flying around.


A Halloween wreath made from mason jar lids

This Halloween wreath from Tatertots and Jello is so creative and so sneaky-simple. It uses mason jar lids wrapped in different color washi tape. All you need to get the wreath shape is some ribbon tied in a circle, and of course finished with an eye-catching Halloween bow.


A rainbow spiderweb wreath

Who says Halloween has to be black, orange, and creepy? This rainbow spiderweb Halloween wreath from A Kailo Chic Life is playful and fun, and yet it still feels totally on-trend for Halloween. For this you’ll need a wooden unfinished web (available on Etsy, Amazon, or most craft stores). Then, you’ll paint it your favorite colors and add a spider using hot glue. This would be a fun craft to offer at a kids’ Halloween party.


An autumnal Halloween wreath

Oh my gourd (sorry), this wreath from blogger A Beautiful Mess is so cute. She uses faux gourds for this wreath, which are lighter and easier to work with than the real thing. Before you get trigger-happy with the hot glue gun, arrange the gourds on a wreath form until you like how they look together, then go for it. This idea is totally customizable, and you can scale up or down by choosing a bigger or smaller grapevine wreath form as a starting point.


A DIY eyeball wreath

It wouldn’t be a Halloween wreath round-up without at least one downright spooky option on the list. This eyeball wreath from A Pretty Life In The Suburbs will freak out trick-or-treaters, plus it’s fun to make. You can buy craft eyeballs from Michael’s or other craft stores, but eyeball ping pong balls will also work, or you could paint eyes or glue googly eyes on plain ping pong balls if you’re feeling super ambitious. Glow-in-the-dark eyeballs are a little more expensive but would look awesome at night. Once you decide on your eyes and spray paint the wreath form, simply glue the eyes to a wreath form.


A Mickey Mouse Halloween wreath

If you’re a Disney fan, this Mickey Mouse pumpkin from Instagram user, @a_foolish_mortal is for you. It’s made using a 3D-printed Mickey pumpkin head, but you could achieve similar results by attaching ears to a foam pumpkin and getting creative with painting. A store-bought black twig wreath lets the rest of the decor shine while lending a creepy vibe thanks to the jagged branches. Incorporating lights will make this stand out at night.


Baby’s Breath wreath

How stunning is this painted baby’s breath fall wreath from The House That Lars Built? It’s not distinctly Halloween but has a definite fall feel so it can go up at the end of September and you can leave it up as a Thanksgiving wreath. Here, the flowers are actually spray painted so you can pick whatever colors your love, (or go black and orange for classic spooky season vibes). The stems are sharp and thin enough too that you can stick them right into a foam wreath form.


An easy DIY Halloween wreath made with Christmas ornaments


You may think of the winter holidays when you see round ornaments, but you can transform something holly jolly into something freaky deaky with the help of some spray paint. The pictured Halloween wreath was from Target but you can make something super similar. Gather glass or plastic ornaments, then spray paint your favorite fall colors and add some jack-o-lantern faces. It helps to watch a DIY ornament wreath tutorial to figure out how to best assemble this.

These Halloween wreath ideas are all pretty easy and most of them are even fun to make with kids. What better way to welcome spooky season into your home than with one of these lovely wreaths.