Amazon has launched the "Alexa, Thank My Driver" program that will reward delivery drivers with $5 a...
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Amazon Just Launched A New Feature To Tip Your Delivery Driver $5 — At No Cost To You

All you have to do is say: “Alexa, Thank My Driver.”

You probably see them every day. On the highways, at every traffic light, or in your very own driveway. Those Amazon delivery vans with the arrow-logo in the shape of a smile are literally everywhere. And whether it’s a snow day or it’s the busy holiday season, you can always count on your hard-working delivery driver to get that package on your front doorstep in record time. And thanks to a new promotion launched by Amazon, now you will finally get your chance to say “thank you” to the awesome people who lug those heavy boxes. With just four simple words, your driver will not only feel great, they’ll also get tipped $5 at no cost to customers.

It’s as easy as opening up a package. All you have to do is say: “Alexa, thank my driver” on any Alexa-enabled device (using your Echo device or Alexa on the Alexa App and Amazon App on your smartphone).

Without having to shell out a pretty penny from your own pocket, the last Amazon driver to deliver your package will receive $5. The promotion began on Dec. 7 and will continue through the first 1 million thank you’s. Five lucky drivers who receive the most customer appreciation during the promotional period will also be rewarded with $10,000 and an additional $10,000 will go to the charity of their choice.

Beryl Tomay, vice president of Last Mile Delivery at Amazon, wrote about the generous promotion in a press release. “We love hearing the countless stories from customers about the many ways delivery drivers make their lives better. We are excited for this new opportunity to thank these everyday heroes and giving our customers the ability to help us do it,” said Tomay.

To thank your driver, you can use Alexa on the Amazon App or the Alexa App on your smartphone. For technophobes who need a little more specific direction, basically you start by opening either the Amazon App or the Alexa App, and tap on the Alexa button in the bottom right corner of the screen to speak. Once microphone permissions are enabled, you can tap the Alexa button again and say, “Alexa, Thank My Driver.”

If you don’t have a smartphone, you’re unfortunately out of luck and won’t be able to participate in this thank-you-a-thon. At this time, only customers who have access to an Echo device, the Amazon App, or the Alexa App on their smartphone can access the feature.

It’s a good thing this is an Amazon competition and not a promotion run by UPS because then there would be one clear winner to scoop up the $10,000. This awesomely tattooed delivery man would surely stomp the competition with boatloads of appreciation from his entertained customers and the 14 million TikTokers who can’t get enough of his booty-shaking moves:

Happy tipping!