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13 Best Hypoallergenic Baby Earrings With Safety Backs

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Piercing a baby’s ears is appealing for many reasons. To state the obvious, it looks darling. Second, you spare a child a pain that could be far more traumatic at an older age and get the entire experience out of the way before they can remember it. But one thing to consider before you book a piercing appointment is the risk of allergy. That’s why hypoallergenic baby earrings with safety backs are a good choice. Designed to have little to no metals that could cause a reaction, your baby will likely have a lower risk of allergic reaction and their skin will be protected by the safety backs that cover the earring post.

But before you start shopping for the best hypoallergenic baby earrings with safety backs, it’s important to understand what metals can cause a reaction and what to look for in hypoallergenic earring options.

Is it safe to pierce baby’s ears?

Take it from a dermatologist and a mom, Dr. Rhonda Farah, assistant professor in the Department of Dermatology at the University of Minnesota, who says, “Yes, it’s safe to pierce a baby’s ears.” But, she adds, you should keep a few things in mind as you prepare to get your baby’s ears pierced and invest in the best hypoallergenic baby earrings with safety backs.


The first issue is that the common metals that earrings are made of can cause allergic reactions. Nickel, for instance, can lead to allergic reaction. In fact, it’s estimated that 10% of people in the U.S. have a nickel allergy, according to the Cleveland Clinic. But that’s not the only metal of concern. Cobalt and chromium are also common culprits as well. If you know your child has an allergy to one of those metals or another metal commonly used in jewelry, or are concerned they might, the best choice is to opt for hypoallergenic baby earrings.

“Hypoallergenic means that there’s been an attempt made to lower risk of a skin reaction,” says Farah. For example, that might mean minimizing the use of nickel in a pair of earrings or making them nickel-free altogether.

That said, Dr. Paul Bigliardi, a colleague of Dr. Farah’s and professor and director of Dermato-Allergy Division Department of Dermatology at the University of Minnesota, adds that people should take the term “hypoallergenic” with a grain of salt. “Hypoallergenic doesn’t mean much,” he says. That’s because though “a pair may be nickel-free, but that won’t prevent a reaction if the earrings are gold and someone has an allergy to gold.”

The good news is that “metal allergies in babies are pretty rare,” says Bigliardi. “Those allergies start in a later phase in life.”

You’ll know pretty quickly if your baby does, in fact, have an allergy to a metal used in an earring. “The ears will be generally itchy, red, and or scaly,” explains Farah. Should that happen, take the earrings out immediately. “To keep the hole, you can put in different earrings made of a different material,” she adds. But note, an allergy is different from an infection. “If the ear is painful or there’s puss, this isn’t an allergic reaction, it’s an infection and you should have it treated,” says Farah. Another clue is if this sort of reaction happens in just one ear. If that’s the case, it’s almost certainly not an allergic reaction.

If you’d rather avoid the guessing game you might have to play if your baby does appear to be allergic to certain earrings, you have two choices: only purchase hypoallergenic baby earrings with safety backs and/or take your child to a dermatologist or pediatric dermatologist and have them tested for contact allergies (those having to do with the skin) prior to getting their ears pierced. This can help rule out potential irritants before they get earrings.

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Gold Bow Earrings

Rowan brand was built on offering people jewelry made from premium metals that are hypoallergenic. That, naturally, extends to its offerings of hypoallergenic baby earrings with safety backs. Rowan’s baby earrings are especially appealing thanks to the safety back design which has a flat, easy to hold shape. These tiny gold bow studs screw on and feature a twisted bow shape that’s 4mm in width — extra tiny for itty bitty ears. They’re made of 14K gold, so they have a nice shine to them as well.


Swallow Stud Earrings

As far as the best hypoallergenic baby earrings with safety backs are concerned, you’re going to find plenty of gemstones and pearls, but it’s harder to track down unique designs. That’s why this pair of gold swallow studs are so appealing. The beautifully detailed tiny studs can be purchased as a pair or single and are 14K gold. The stud size is 6.5x7mm with 1mm thickness and a 9.5mm post.


Gold Star Earrings

If you find yourself saying “Baby, you’re a star” to your infant, then they definitely need these star hypoallergenic baby earrings with safety backs. The 14K gold six-point stars are made super tiny to fit baby’s ears at just 5.5mm with 1.5mm thickness. The back screws on with an easy to pinch back that covers the post to protect a child’s soft skin too.


Pink Earrings

Want your little one to rock some pink? Then try on these pink cubic zirconia screw back earrings made from hypoallergenic sterling silver designed especially for sensitive skin. For added insurance, consider that this brand complies with ASTM F2923, Standard Specification for Consumer Product Safety for Children’s Jewelry. The tiny pair feature bright pink faux gemstones on a silver back that easily screws in so that nothing will snag or hurt your child’s precious skin.


Minnie Mouse Earrings

If simply one gem won’t do and you have a passion for the Magic Kingdom, put your wee babe in these Minnie earrings. Made of Sterling Silver, a low allergy risk metal, they’re studded with cubic zirconia to form Minnie’s signature ears and bow. The back is, of course, covered for ample protection. As a bonus, this brand runs all products by the American Society for Testing and Material (ASTM) to ensure the safety of each item.


Huggie Hoops

While gold can be an allergen for some people — a study in American journal of contact dermatitis found that it’s becoming more commonfor many it’s not, which is why you might want to consider rose gold hoops for your baby. The beauty of hoops is that there’s no possibility of a back irritating a child since it’s one ring. These might be a little tricky to put on, but once latched they should hold in place securely. With a diameter of 8.5 mm, these hoops are 14k gold plated over sterling silver.


Birthday Cake Studs

If there’s anything people love about earrings, it’s the possibility to play with them matching a pair to your mood or outfit. Even babies can get in on the fun. For instance, have a birthday party coming up? Put your infant in these sweet cupcake hypoallergenic baby earrings with safety backs. Made with super sensitive surgical steel, these should be allergy-free. And behind the ear, there won’t be a need to worry about slipping and sliding as the back twists on to stay in place.


Pearl Earrings

Celebrate a big event like a baptism in these pearl earrings. Made from sterling silver, they’re adorned with two Chinese fresh water pearls. Size appropriate for small ears, the pearls are small yet sparkly. The screw on back holds everything in place and one mom even reports the earrings are so comfortable, her daughter wears them to bed.


Silver Heart Earrings

How about some love for these itty bitty hypoallergenic baby earrings with safety backs? The nickel-free cubic zirconia birthstone earrings come in every birthstone color to match your baby’s debut date. The little heart shape frames the stone for some darling baby bling. And they have a screw back to keep them secure. Buy them for your child or gift them to a friend who will appreciate the matching heart shaped jewelry box they come in.


Gold Puppies

If your dog was your first baby, then perhaps you want to keep them in mind when you get your child’s ears pierced (gotta give some love to your doggo). With that in mind, there are these puppy hypoallergenic baby earrings with safety backs. This pair features a pup in gold plated stainless steel. The backs not only screw in but have safety grips to make securing them easier. And if you don’t like these, the Etsy vendor offers a 30 day money back guarantee.


Gold Angels

If you see your baby as your own little angel, get them a pair of angel hypoallergenic baby earrings with safety backs to match. This 18K yellow gold pair features two little cherubs held in place by screw backs that lock in with some space from the ear so as not to pinch delicate skin. Another selling point? These received the Parent Tested Parent Approved award according to Mimosura.


Blue Flower Earrings

Made of 18k yellow gold, these blue flowers are tiny to perfectly fit small ears. And they’re designed to be comfortable so you can put them on baby and forget about them. The screw back is small and not bulky as well to avoid them rubbing against the back of the baby’s head. And the post length is only 7mm, small enough to fit securely but not so long as to be bulky or catch on clothing.


Cross Earrings

To put your faith first in your baby’s accessories, you can’t go wrong with a pair of cross earrings. These are made of hypoallergenic sterling silver and dotted with cubic zirconia to make them sparkle. Just 7mm in height, these are subtle earrings that would pair well with a Sunday best dress or for another formal occasion.

When considering baby earrings, remember the best choice is to choose hypoallergenic brands to avoid the risk of an allergic reaction. Then find a reputable piercer and make sure the pair you choose has safety backs to ensure your baby’s comfort.


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