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Influencer Dad Has TikTok Gasping For Boycotting Father's Day Because Of His Birthday

“We’re boycotting Father’s Day for the month of June and celebrating it three months after my birthday.”

Every year, Father’s Day lands on the third Sunday of June. Without fail. A day to celebrate dads or dad-figures in your life with, if we’re going to be clichéd here, barbecues and cards and a gift or two. A day to really focus on your dad and how much you love him. Which is simply not cutting it for one influencer dad. He’s tired of Father’s Day cutting into his birthday month and so he and his entire family are boycotting it this year.

TikTok couple Matt and Abby Howard recently opened up on their Unplanned Podcast about their plans for Father’s Day this year. Or, rather, a lack thereof. “We have decided as a family that we are not celebrating Father’s Day this year,” Abby announced in a clip from their podcast, while her husband nodded intently.

“Father’s Day, it’s always in June,” Matt chimed in, with Abby noting that Father’s Day landed on her husband’s actual birthday last year on June 18. A tragedy, for sure, and Abby apologized to her husband, saying, “I did kind of combine the holidays.” Matt stoically let her off the hook. “It’s okay,” he said. “I mean, you were pregnant, you were uncomfortable.”

Last year, after returning from their babymoon, they celebrated with a backyard barbecue with the family and ate a Dairy Queen ice cream cake that was meant to represent both his birthday and Father’s Day. But Matt said it was “kind of a bummer” that both of the celebrations were combined into one.

“I’m gonna be honest with you, I failed you,” Abby said. “I’m so sorry.”

“Hey, but you know what?” Matt added. “This year we’re boycotting Father’s Day for the month of June and celebrating it three months after my birthday.”

TikTok users had some thoughts on this Father’s Day boycott, especially when it came to Abby saying that she failed her husband.

“You did not fail him GIRL,” wrote one user, while another added, “A DQ cake and family over for an afternoon of grilling, sounds like a great day to me.”

“This is WILD,” another added.

One more viewer had questions about how this issue came up in the first place. “I wish I knew how this came up - was he like ‘hey babe, it’s not fair my bdays so close to Father’s Day, I want 2 days, you get 2 days so why can IIIIIIIIIIII??!?’”

Hopefully this dad will get two big special days where he feels celebrated and loved for totally separate reasons. No double-dipping.