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McDonald’s Happy Meals Now Come With These Interactive Inside Out 2 Toys

Brb, running through the drive-thru real quick.

by Kaitlin Kimont

Are you ready the next Happy Meal craze? We all remember the absolute scramble to find one of the 12 Squishmallow toys nestled with a four-piece order of McNuggets and now McDonald’s is celebrating the release of Disney and Pixar’s upcoming movie Inside Out 2 with a new set of Happy Meal toys. And they look pretty fun, too.

McDonald’s announced the release of the new Inside Out 2 Happy Meal toys earlier this month with an adorably-themed commercial. In the ad, Riley’s dad comes home with McDonald’s for dinner. “Yum! Dad’s the best,” the emotion Joy yells as Anger chimes in, “Hands of the McNuggets! They’re mine!”

“So. Many. Feelings. Now for a limited time we’re putting ‘Emotions in motion’ with the new Inside Out 2 Happy Meal®!” McDonald’s said in a statement to Romper. “We invite our fans to celebrate the characters they love — from old favorites like Anger, Joy and Sadness to new Emotions like Anxiety, Envy and Embarrassment — and join us on a new emotional adventure.”

With the purchase of a Happy Meal, you could get one of 10 toys based on Riley’s emotions in the sequel: Joy, Fear, Anger, Sadness, Disgust, Ennui, Envy, Anxiety, and Embarrassment, as well as her subconscious guards Frank and Dave, who are bundled in one toy.

Courtesy of McDonald's

The Happy Meal toys based on the sequel to 2015’s Inside Out come with a figurine of an emotion, a sticker sheet to decorate its base, and “memory orb discs.” The toys can be played on a smartphone or tablet for an interactive “arcade style” game via the QR code on the Happy Meal box. If you want to go analog, you can simply insert the round disk into the bottom of the toy, pull on a tab to launch it, and watch the memory orb fly away. You can watch an instructional video for the toys on McDonald’s Happy Meal website, where you can also print off Inside Out 2-themed coloring activity sheets.

Now just add a fountain Diet Coke and an order of fries for yourself and that’s not a bad way to pass the time while you wait for Inside Out 2 to premiere in theaters on June 14.