Here's what costco's 2022 easter holiday hours look like
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What To Know About Costco’s Easter 2022 Hours

Chick it out.

Whether you’re in need of a holiday ham or want to grab a few more Easter basket treats, Costco might be on your Easter shopping list. But, is Costco open on Easter? It’s an important holiday, after all. And, as you might have heard, Costco has a reputation for giving employees important holidays off. Costco is known for its commitment to its employees’ work/life balance, so you’ve probably already guessed the answer.

Is Costco open on Easter 2022?

Tough luck, Costco members. Costco takes the day off and shuts its facilities across the country every Easter. It’s one of seven nation-wide holidays the membership-only chain recognizes, according to Costco.com.

That means on Sunday, April 17, every giant Costco parking lot will be empty as staff head home to enjoy a day with their families.

Costco’s store hours 2022

There is some good news, however. You can snag all kinds of great deals at Costco in advance of the Easter Bunny’s arrival. Costco is open for business before the big holiday and, if you plan wisely, you can grab that aforementioned Boneless Wildflower Honey Ham in addition to pre-packaged Easter sweets baskets (to spare you 10 trips to the candy store, toy store, and crafts store) well before it’s time for the egg hunt.

But keep in mind, Costco store hours vary from location to location, so you’ll want to either avoid last minute shopping on Saturday or check your area Costco’s hours in advance. Fortunately, that’s easy. Just use Costco’s “Find a Warehouse” page to get the details on your nearest store.

You might not be able to snag great deals at Costco on Easter Sunday, but with a little planning you can get everything you need in advance of the holiday fun.