Labor Day

Facade with signage and logo for the Safeway supermarket, open for Labor Day 2022.
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Yes, Safeway Is Open On Labor Day 2022

Take a look at their holiday hours if you plan to stop in.

Of all the ways to celebrate Labor Day, grocery shopping probably isn’t at the top of your list. If you have the day off from work and your kids have a school holiday, perhaps a family outing like a trip to the beach or even a backyard barbecue sounds like a solid plan. But if you, like me, have been so busy with back-to-school season that you neglected to shop ahead for your holiday fun, your favorite grocer has you covered. Safeway will be open on Labor Day and they have everything you need to celebrate the end of summer.

What are Safeway’s Labor Day 2022 hours?

Safeway stores will be open for regular business hours on Labor Day, a store associate confirmed to Romper by phone. However, individual store hours may vary by location, so it’s best to check with your local store for exact opening and closing times.

Safeway services like the pharmacy, deli counter, or grocery pick-up and delivery may also have altered hours in observance of Labor Day. Safeway’s store locator is a helpful tool if you need to verify your local store’s hours or what services are available on the holiday.

Shop Labor Day deals at Safeway

Whether you’re shopping last-minute on your way to your cousin’s annual Labor Day cookout or you’re using the day to prepare your pantry and restock your fridge for the week ahead, Safeway has some great Labor Day deals to take advantage of.

If you want to serve a refreshing side salad with your fresh-off-the-grill burgers and hot dogs and you’re feeding a crowd, Safeway has select salad kit bags on sale 3 for $12, a savings of nearly $3. Another way to feed a crowd this Labor Day is to take advantage of Safeway’s made-in-store deli trays. You can order sandwiches, wings, charcuterie, and more at least 48 hours ahead from Safeway’s deli and schedule pick-up or delivery on Labor Day. (Hot tip: Leftover deli sandwiches go straight into Tuesday’s lunchboxes.)

Also, if you want to save some time, energy, and a few bucks during your Labor Day grocery haul, Safeway has $30 off your first DriveUp & Go order of $75 or more. Just enter the code SAVE30 at checkout, then drive over, grab your pre-shopped groceries, and enjoy the rest of your holiday!