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Jennifer Garner is out here scheduling naps like a boss.
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Jennifer Garner Is Using Her Calendar To Schedule Important Events Like Naps

If it's on the calendar it's totally official

Quarantine has been tough on everyone and when I say everyone I mostly mean moms. There are the tactical difficulties of facilitating at-home learning while working from home, plus all the extra upkeep of a house where everyone is suddenly there all the time. Add to that the emotional exhaustion of raising kids during a pandemic. All of the uncertainty, the worry. The fear. Well, one celebrity mom has a solution for the stress: naps. Jennifer Garner is scheduling naps on her calendar these days, and moms on social media love it.

Garner is a mom raising three kids with ex-husband Ben Affleck: 14-year-old daughter Violet, 11-year-old daughter Seraphina, and 8-year-old son Samue. The actress has a reputation for being pretty upbeat, and her Instagram feed has certainly served as a pleasant ray of sunshine throughout most of the coronavirus pandemic. Whether she is keeping people entertained with her "Pretend Cooking Show" or making her followers laugh over her emotional meltdown at the end of The Office, Garner has done a great job of keeping spirits high.

Maybe Garner's positivity is all because she prioritizes napping. To the point where she actually wrote "Jen lies down, bed" on her calendar for an hour in the afternoon. Right after "Feed fish!"

Jennifer Garner is serious about her naps.

As the Alias actress explained in the caption, "Discovery: if you want to escape, make it official."

Several moms took to her Instagram feed to share their own stories of having to schedule everything, like the mom who wrote, "Years ago, my daughter was a toddler, I made a post it to-do list and stuck it in my pocket everyday. I would add “shower” to the list. I had no idea how funny it was (I was so busy) until my mom found it when she was helping me do my laundry." Another simply wrote, "Mom to Mom, I love this for you."

Garner certainly deserves a break, especially since she's been getting angry notes from her kids like the one she shared on Nov. 10 that read "Mom, why can’t I ever do what I want to Mom?”

The Daredevil actress might be generally optimistic and upbeat, but she has her moments during quarantine like the rest of us. In July she sat down for a virtual chat with yoga and meditation instructor Dr. Chelsea Jackson Roberts and got teary when discussing how quarantine was affecting her kids, "What is this year full of transitions going to look like for kids, for my family, how can I keep joy in learning for them? Or help them just continue to find their resilience? And I think that's where I am today."

Nobody needs an excuse to take a nap... but sometimes putting it in the calendar and making it official helps. Just ask Jennifer Garner.