Dr. Jill Biden's Beautiful "Mama" Necklace Was Spotted At The Super Bowl

It looks like this is one piece of jewelry she always wears extra close.

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Although it's common for the president's spouse to find their fashion choices heavily covered as headline news, First Lady Dr. Jill Biden is already surprising reporters with what she chooses to wear. But I'm not talking about the first lady's colorful dress, coat, and face mask ensembles. Rather, eagle-eyed fashion journalists have praised the gold "Mama" necklace Jill Biden has repeatedly worn as a sweet tribute to her children. And now it's been spotted at the Super Bowl!

Marion Fasel of The Adventurine appears to have been the first to spot Dr. Biden's subtle, but elegant, tribute to motherhood. "When I was putting together a story on the earrings Dr. Jill Biden wore to the Inaugural events, I noticed under the sheer segment of the Markarian dress she wore at the swearing-in ceremony there was a 'Mama' necklace," Fasel wrote in a recent article.

The Biden family has long been open about the fact that Beau and Hunter Biden, sons the president shared with his late wife, Neilia, decided to call Jill "mom" rather than "stepmom" at a young age. "Neilia would always be Mommy, but Jill was Mom," the Washington Post reported the president wrote in his memoir, Promises to Keep: On Life and Politics. The president also shares a daughter, 39-year-old Ashley Biden, with Jill.

Dr. Biden first wore her gold and diamond "Mama" necklace tucked under the sheer neck paneling of her custom Markarian dress during President Joe Biden's swearing-in ceremony at the Capitol building on Jan. 20. She was spotted wearing the"Mama" necklace again by The Daily Mail during her first solo outing as first lady a few days later. Tucked next to long strands of pearls, the necklace completed her outfit as she delivered chocolate chip cookies to members of the National Guard assigned to protect the Capitol and later talked about the COVID-19 pandemic with medical professionals at Whitman Walker Health.

Most recently, Dr. Biden was spotted wearing the same “Mama” necklace — this time paired with a navy blue suit and long strand of pearls — on Super Bowl Sunday during a pre-game address with her husband. The Bidens thanked frontline health care workers during the pregame message, and called for a moment of silence in honor of the people who have died from the coronavirus pandemic.

Although the Office of the First Lady has not confirmed it, an informal investigation conducted by The Adventurine suggests Dr. Biden's "Mama" necklace was designed by Emily Faith Goldstein as part of the EF Collection. Online, the EF Collection's Diamond Mama Initial Necklace is described as containing 0.11 carats of diamond set within 14 karat yellow, rose, or white gold. The piece currently retails for $825.

Of course, the first lady isn't the first mother to celebrate motherhood with a piece of jewelry. In fact, "Mama" necklaces have become quite popular among celebrity parents. Shortly after giving birth to a daughter in September, model Gigi Hadid showed off a diamond-encrusted "Mama" necklace designed by Jacquie Aiche on Instagram. And in 2019, both Shay Mitchell and Meghan Markle were spotted wearing gold nameplate necklaces defining them as "mama" — or in Markle's case, "mummy."

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