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Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo are ready for their baby to be born.
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Jinger Duggar's Labor-Inducing Efforts Sound Delicious

Tell us more about this special salad, please...

As someone who went seriously overdue with each of her pregnancies, I have a deep well of understanding for Jinger Duggar's efforts to induce labor. Passing the due date can be incredibly frustrating, especially since getting to the due date in the first place feels like it takes about one million years. So if the Counting On star has managed to find a salad that helps to induce labor like her husband Jeremy Vuolo seems to think it might, it's worth passing along that recipe as a public service announcement. She wouldn't be the first expectant mom to give it a shot at this particular restaurant, and if it works she certainly won't be the last.

Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo are currently expecting their second child any day now, a baby sister to join 2-year-old daughter Felicity. Jinger's due date came and went earlier this week, and she and her husband Jeremy Vuolo are apparently ready to get this show on the road. Or at least, that's what Jeremy implied with a recent Instagram post. On Thursday he posted a photo of his pregnant wife standing in front of a chalkboard wall of "Salad Babies" at Caioti Pizza Cafe in Studio City, California with the caption, "We’ve heard rumors of a salad that puts you into labor... "

Jinger Duggar is really hoping to go into labor sometime soon.

The rumor about Caioti Pizza Cafe's special Maternity Salad has been spreading far and wide over the internet for some time now. The salad has been around for 30 years, and celebrity moms like Hilary Duff and Carson Daly's wife Siri Daly have turned to it to help kickstart their labor. Siri Daly even experienced contractions within a few hours of eating the salad. When she was ready to welcome another baby in New York, she had the dressing for the salad mailed to her and drank it straight from the bottle. So perhaps the salad works. While the exact recipe remains a secret, some ingredients of the salad include romaine lettuce, watercress, walnuts and pasteurized gorgonzola cheese.

After all, Jinger did stand in front of a wall of "Salad Babies" (babies who came into the world after their mothers ate that salad), so it can't hurt to try.

And if the salad doesn't work, helpful social media users offered a few labor-inducing tips of their own, like "FRESH PINEAPPLE!" and "Smell some paint it will throw you into labor."

I guess all we can do now is wait to see if the salad worked its magic.