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30 Kitchen Mistakes You’re Probably Making (& How To Fix Them)

Save money, time, and counter space with these products.

While self-help authors and finance podcasters want you to skip your daily Starbucks or opt out of guacamole at Chipotle, there are actually a lot of swaps and small investments you can make at home that will save you just as much money. Those savings start in the kitchen, where common kitchen mistakes can really add up, taking a toll on your bank account.

A study in the American Journal of Agricultural Economics found that the average American household wastes 31.9% of its food, which equates to about $1,866 each year. It’s usually a result of food going bad before you can eat it. That number doesn’t account for other kitchen costs, like paper towels, plastic bags, or appliance repairs, all of which can be prevented by making a simple swap or adding a new product to your cleaning routine.

Aside from money in the bank, solving some of your kitchen mistakes can add to your life in other ways: in space saved, cleanliness made easier, and organization achieved. Take a look at how some simple product swaps and additions can help you in the long run.

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MISTAKE: Never cleaning your garbage disposal

SOLUTION: Let it clean itself

When old food builds up in your garbage disposal, it’s more likely to need repairs or replacing. And of course, it just smells funky. A product like the Glisten Garbage Disposer Cleaner is great to have on hand for routine cleaning. All you have to do is run hot water into the disposal, pop in a Glisten pouch, and let the deep cleaning foam dissolve whatever’s lurking in your pipes.

Review: “Wow, okay, so this is the coolest thing ever (y'know, as far as cleaning goes). It's super easy to use and works SO well! I've only ever used DIY methods to clean my disposal and just assumed it was working. I decided to buy this because I noticed that flies were starting to hover around my sink. So glad I did! After using this, I saw something silver in my drain that caught my eye and omg, it was my garbage disposal. I've lived in this apartment for three years and legit didn't know it was silver down there — and I clean it regularly! Absolutely incredible.”


MISTAKE: Allowing your brown sugar to dry out

SOLUTION: Drop in some sugar savers

The Brown Sugar Bear Original Sugar Saver is a little piece of clay with a the big job of keeping your brown sugar fresher for longer. Brown sugar can dry out quickly once exposed to air, especially in dry climates, but if you soak this bear in water and add it to the container, it will keep the sugar soft for months. It can even bring life back to hardened sugar you’d otherwise throw out. It’s reusable, but should be washed by hand with water only.

Review: “OK. I've thrown out a lot of rock hard lumps of brown sugar, living first in Aspen, now Denver, at high altitude and low humidity. Brown sugar is a rock in a month. I read the reviews, how it turned the rocks of brown sugar into soft billowing piles again. I've tried microwaving the sugar, and that works to a point but there's a point beyond which it doesn't work. I thought MAYBE this would keep the brown sugar from going bad. Just for fun, I got this and soaked it for the twenty minutes as directed, and put it in my airtight container of brown sugar that was ROCK HARD. I figured I'd leave it there a few weeks and see what happened. On a whim, I checked it A FEW HOURS LATER and IT WAS TOTALLY SOFT BROWN SUGAR. IT WORKS!”


MISTAKE: Not knowing the actual temp of your oven

SOLUTION: Get an accurate read with an oven thermometer

The temperature setting on your oven can actually be wrong, whether by a few degrees or many, and that can lead to overdone and burnt food. So, if your cookies constantly end up scorched, an Oven Thermometer like Pecula’s can help. It doesn’t require any batteries, hooks onto the oven rack or sits on the bottom, and reads from 100 to 600 degrees Fahrenheit.

Review: “I love this little guy — it is sooo FAST to temperature (even faster than my in-oven Maverick remote) — maybe 3 minutes — and EASY to read! I have been trying all kinds of oven thermometers and for the money this is by far the best-I tested it against 3 others at the same time. And it appears to be the most accurate also. I bet you will like it too.”


MISTAKE: Always making too much pasta

SOLUTION: Keep a pasta portion tool on hand

Everyone is guilty of tossing uncooked pasta into a pot and hoping it’s either enough or not too much. Stop tossing out extra noodles by measuring them out in advance with the Axe Sickle Spaghetti Measuring Tool. This one is stainless tell so it should last you a lifetime and stand up to lots of washing (which it shoudn’t need much of, anyway).

Review: “My wonderful wife loves pasta and that love of pasta often results in her making WAY too much spaghetti. Often after we eat you can't tell by looking at the leftovers that we even dished up yet. She often says, ‘I made enough in case Micheal Phelps comes over.’ I purchased this easy to use tool to help reduce the amount of leftovers. It's portion sizes are accurate and since it's dry pasta, it's easy to clean. This inexpensive tool has been a marriage saver on spaghetti night.”


MISTAKE: Overcooking (or undercooking) your boiled eggs

SOLUTION: Use a specialty timer

Trying to figure out the timing for those perfectly jammy boiled eggs? One minute over or under can totally change the consistency, and while eggs aren’t the most expensive grocery item out there, tossing them out still isn’t ideal. The NobleEgg Egg Timer Pro goes into the pot with your eggs and changes color to indicate their doneness so there’s no guesswork involved. And no worries: they’re non-toxic, BPA-, BPS-, and BPF-free.

Review: “Get your eggs perfect each time. I dunno how it knows but it it works. Super easy. But it’ll have to cool down before you can use it again. So put all your eggs in one basket.”


MISTAKE: Not cleaning your dishwasher filter regularly

SOLUTION: Pop in a dishwasher cleaner once a month

Have you bought and tried multiple dishwasher detergents, pods, and additives to get your dishes clean, but they still come out cloudy? Or, does your dishwasher have a weird odor? You probably need to clean your dishwasher’s filter and run a cycle with a specialized cleaner in your machine, like the Affresh Dishwasher Cleaner. It’s only $1.50 per tablet, and that tab cleans all the lines and inner workings of the dishwasher you can’t access, clearing out buildup and helping prevent larger issues. This product has over 113,000 reviews and nearly five stars, so it’s worth a shot.

Review: “I find this product to be the best I have found. It leaves the dishwasher very clean and dissolves both grease and lime scale, and it leaves a lemon scent behind. It also works very well in the waste disposal.”


MISTAKE: Chopping with dull knives

SOLUTION: Sharpen blades regularly

With a 4.4-star rating and more than 10,000 reviews, this little knife sharpener seems like a must-have item for the price. The Kitchen IQ 50883 Edge Grip 2-Stage Knife Sharpener has two slots: a coarse one for dull or chipped blades, and a fine slot for mostly sharp knives that just need a touch up. It’s designed to rest securely on the edge of a table or countertop so you don’t knock your knives’ tips against a hard surface.

Review: “Not much to say other than this thing is amazing. I have a nice set of Hinkle knives that came with the normal sharpening rod, that I could never seem to sharpen knives properly with. It would take the dull edge off, and I could marshal on, but for years I put up with semi sharp knives. No more. After about 10 swipes through the Kitchen IQ, I had sharp knives one by one. I was totally and pleasantly surprised. It just seemed to simple to work. But it does.”


MISTAKE: Washing your cast iron like any other pan

SOLUTION: Clean them without stripping the seasoning

Cast iron enthusiasts would never take soap to their pans, but they do need to be cleaned between uses. These ONEEKK Cast Iron Skillet Cleaners are a chainmail texture that breaks down cooked-on food and burnt bits to leave pans squeaky clean, but still seasoned. Just scrub your pans with one of these cleaners and some warm water, then hang the scrubber to dry or toss it into the dishwasher.

Review: “These work very well on cast iron. No scratches! I gave one to Mom and she couldn't stop talking about it for weeks. These are a good deal too .I like the round shape better than the square ones, and I like the two size options, though I usually use the large size more. Good purchase!”


MISTAKE: Letting food expire

SOLUTION: Label your perishables

If you don’t want your food’s expiration dates to fly by without noticing, pop these Hebayy Freezer and Refrigerator Food Labels on and write the dates front and center so you don’t forget. They’re also great for labeling leftovers so you don’t have to remember whether you made Cajun chicken pasta this week or last (a risky game to play). The labels are water- and oil-resistant and peel off without leaving behind any sticky residue.

Review: “These are the best labels! They stay on containers and pop right off, in one piece when you remove them. Excellent quality with enough space to label the date and contents without squeezing in your letters. I highly recommend.”


MISTAKE: Clogging your sink drain

SOLUTION: Cover your drain to prevent backups

These Kitchen Sink Strainers from Fengbao are made with stainless steel, so they’re rust-resistant and dishwasher-safe. They catch even the smallest bits of food waste while letting water flow through, so you’ll never have to worry about paying a plumber to fix your clogged sink again.

Review: “So far I am extremely pleased. For the past 17.5 years we have used multiple other strainers that do not look as nice, or perform as well. These strainers have a curved edge that fits perfectly into the outermost circle of the drain so they look like they should be there and will keep little bits from slipping under the strainer! The product description states that it has a mirror finish, that is very accurate.”


MISTAKE: Neglecting your wood cutting boards

SOLUTION: Keep a cutting board oil on hand

Did you know it’s recommended you oil your cutting boards at least once a month, or every time the wood feels dry to the touch? Doing this regularly makes your cutting boards less likely to crack or absorb liquids from foods, which can lead to bacterial growth and odors. Basically, it’ll keep your inexpensive or high-end boards in better condition for much longer. Walrus Oil’s Cutting Board Oil meets the FDA’s standards for food safety, is made with simple, recognizable ingredients, and is manufactured in the U.S.

Review: “This has been one of if not my favorite cutting board oil I have used. It goes on easy and usually works completely in one coat. I feel like I get more value for my money with this brand compared to others. It seams like it lasts longer and covers more per bottle.”


MISTAKE: Filling up your drawers with a ton of tools

SOLUTION: Save space with a multipurpose gadget

Why does every kitchen have a junk drawer? It’s where your collection of kitchen tools (think measuring spoons, a manual juicer, and a corkscrew) meets the random pen or microwave manual. Well, you can reclaim some of that space with an all-in-one tool like the BUTEFO 8-in-1 Kitchen Tool Set. It’s a dishwasher-safe kit that includes a funnel, juicer, grater, egg cracker, egg separator, shredder, can opener, and measuring cup.

Review: “Good multi kitchen utensil product. Good for small areas and as gifts for new cooks.”


MISTAKE: Throwing away produce scraps

SOLUTION: Give them a chance to grow

You can regrow a head of romaine lettuce, get celery to sprout anew, and use other food scraps to grow new food. Saving an avocado pit to grow into a tree is easier than ever with the AvoSeedo Avocado Tree Growing Kit. Instead of having to DIY a seed holder, place your pit in the center and float the AvoSeedo in a pot of water. The pit will grow roots, and eventually be read to plant. It’ll take a long time before you start seeing avocados, but it’s a fun product, especially if you have kids.

Review: “This is exactly what we needed to finally grow and avocado plant. We tried the toothpick and solo cup thing numerous times and we always had issues. (Cats got it, forgot to add water, tipped over, etc.) This little boat is the best idea and soooo easy to use. Tip: Use a deep enough container for the roots to grow, we used a 6 in deep Tupperware bowl and it worked wonderful. We stored it on top of the fridge so it got a little extra heat and was away from the cats. Recommend to anyone who wants to try growing avocado. We are ready to plant our first one and start the next one.”


MISTAKE: Watching your avocados go bad

SOLUTION: Store them wisely & without waste

You know how it goes: you want half an avocado on toast, so you either accept that the other half will turn brown before you get to it, pile the whole thing on in hopes of not wasting any, or try some internet hack to get it to stay green. Instead of piling on the plastic wrap or burning through limes, opt for a sustainable container like the Prepworks by Progressive Avocado Keeper. Simply store your avocado cut side down for freshness. The container is dishwasher-safe and flat on the top and bottom so it can stack easily with other items in the fridge.

Review: “I was so sick of the kids wrapping half an avocado in plastic wrap. I had a half dozen laying around the fridge because just threw them anywhere. Now this is the only place they go. No waste, no extra plastic, and keeps them fresh.”


MISTAKE: Letting the stovetop nooks & crannies get dirty

SOLUTION: Use crumb guards

With more than 40,000 reviews and a 4.4-star rating, you know the Linda’s Essentials Silicone Stove Gap Covers will do what they promise. Covering those narrow spaces between your stovetop and countertops prevents crumbs, grease, and other messy bits from falling into a hard-to-clean area. Without them, you’re set up to attract mice and bugs, and to spend a lot more time dragging the oven out to clean around it.

Review: “If you have gaps between your stove and your counters (like most of us), you need these! They wipe up nicely, and I throw them in the dishwasher every couple of weeks for maintenance. The best part? NOTHING falls in that little gap anymore!”


MISTAKE: Relying on the bread bag to keep your loaf fresh

SOLUTION: Keep it in a bread buddy

How often do you have to throw out bread that’s stale, moldy, or squished? A Buddeez Bread Buddy Dispenser can solve that for you, keeping bread fresh for longer and dispensing it so that you don’t have to touch more slices than you plan to eat (no germs!). It’s a reusable storage option that should last a lifetime.

Review: “This Bread Buddy Dispenser by Buddeez works exactly as advertised and I haven't had bread get stale or moldy even once since I got these. The way it works is that you put your bread in the plastic bag inside the bread dispenser and then fold the edges of the plastic bag out over the edge of the dispenser and then snap on the lid. When you want some bread, just take off the lid and pull down on the wrapper. It's perfect. Even better, it protects your bread from getting squished.”


MISTAKE: Storing your butter in the fridge

SOLUTION: Place it in a butter bell

Ice cold butter that won’t spread? You deserve better. And butter stored in the fridge can sometimes take on the flavors and scents of other pungent foods, meaning you may have to throw out a stick every so often. This Norpro Glazed Stoneware Butter Keeper is aesthetically pleasing enough to deserve some counter or tabletop space, where it will keep your butter fresh (and in a spreadable state) for up to 30 days. It’s reusable and dishwasher-safe.

Review: “I can't believe I waited so long to get one of these. Holds a stick of butter that lasts us about a week maybe longer if we don't have bread with dinner. I only use unsalted butter and have no issues with mold. I change the water every Monday and Thursday. I also add a few pinches salt to the water, since the butter is unsalted.”


MISTAKE: Letting your microwave get messy

SOLUTION: Keep a food guard handy

Microwaves get messy fast, and the constant heat really bakes on food splatters. Cover your meals with the Lemon Tree Microwave Cover to contain the mess, and click it onto the top of the microwave using the magnets on top when it’s not in use. It’s 11.6 inches in diameter so it can fit most plates and bowls, and is dishwasher-safe for easy cleanups. Note that the manufacturer says not to use it for more than 10 minutes of heating if you’re defrosting something.

Review: “These are great! I love the fact that they stick to the top of the microwave when not in use! And they are wide enough to cover a large plate. They are also sturdy and not flimsy like a lot of the ones I have used in the past!”


MISTAKE: Relying on single-use plastic bags

SOLUTION: Invest in silicone storage pouches

What if you could stop spending money on plastic baggies, plastic wrap, and foil? So much of what you store in those things fits just as easily in these SPLF Reusable Storage Bags. The 12-pack includes two gallon-sized bags, five sandwich-sized bags, and five snack-sized pouches. They’re freezer- and dishwasher-safe and made of BPA-free, food-grade PEVA material that’s designed to last. One heads up: They’re not intended to survive the microwave.

Review: “Great product. It is leak-proof, easy to clean and love that I was able to replace my Ziploc bags with this. I use them daily, I pack fruits and snack and even marinate meat in it, and no leaks. Highly recommend if you are trying to use less plastic and don’t want to keep buying and throwing out Ziploc bags. These are a great replacement.”


MISTAKE: Spending money on paper towels you just throw away

SOLUTION: Invest in reusable towels that last

The average American uses 80 rolls of paper towels per year, according to Eco Family Life. If one roll of paper towels costs four to five dollars, you’re looking at spending $400 a year on something you throw away. It’s also pretty hard on the environment. Switching to reusable “paper” towels for cleaning and eating is much more sustainable and budget-friendly. These MioEco Organic Reusable Paper Towels are machine washable and made with 100% organic cotton.

Review: “We have been paper-free in our kitchen for 10 years. We recently needed a refresh on our towel supply and tried four different variations of organic unbleached cotton and bamboo. These came out on top, and are better than other cotton bar towel and square towel that we tried in the past. They are a nice size that is in between a larger towel and the smaller ‘shop rag’ size. They are sturdy, soft, neutral in color, and absorb well. I'm leaving this review before ordering 20 more to upgrade the rest of our old stock and standardize on this.”


MISTAKE: Leaving your produce in the store container

SOLUTION: Use storage designed to keep them fresh

Produce is one of the most perishable items, so if you want to save money, start by storing your berries better. The 4.3-star rating and more than 6,000 reviews on this Prepworks by Progressive Berry Keeper make it seem like the perfect solution to an all-too-common kitchen mistake. It holds a pint-size container of berries in each layer and is safe to wash in the top rack of the dishwasher.

Review: “I was on a recent health kick where I bought a ton of fruits and chia and making chia pudding breakfasts — which, of course, lasted about a week. That was six weeks ago. My second week I bought all my fruit, rinsed them, and put two containers of blueberries in my berry keeper. Three weeks go by and I am not looking forward to cleaning THAT out. So I put it off two more weeks. Today I open the container and the berries were not moldy. Not mushy. They were firm. I was confused but I ate one cautiously. Well, it was delicious so I ate a handful and put the rest back in my fridge. I don’t know what kind of sorcery is contained in this product but if it keeps blueberries for five weeks sign me up for ten more.”


MISTAKE: Letting your Tupperware cabinet get out of control

SOLUTION: Use an organizer to keep them in place

Everyone with a kitchen has that one cabinet they don’t open unless they’re ready for the plasticware avalanche. Food storage containers can stack nicely together, but their lids don’t do the same, which is where this YouCopia StoraLid Food Container Lid Organizer comes in. It’s 10.4 inches deep, 13.2 inches wide, and 3.3 inches tall, so it can fit into just about any drawer or cabinet. And the five sections are adjustable so you can categorize your lids however you choose.

Review: “This product does exactly what it is supposed to and does it well. In under 15 minutes I took my nightmare lid drawer and turned it into a functional, convenient storage space. The dividers were simple to install and provided flexibility. Slowly but surely I am getting my tiny, chaotic kitchen under control, and this got me a huge leap closer.”


MISTAKE: Putting produce away still damp

SOLUTION: Dry them fully in a salad spinner

Washing your produce when you get home is a great habit, but if you put it away damp, you could actually be creating the perfect environment for mold to form. That means those clean, yummy fruits and veggies may end up in the trash sooner than usual. Using a salad spinner to remove the excess moisture makes the process of drying produce quick and easy, and the Cuisinart 5-Quart Salad Spinner should hold as much as you need it to. It’s got a locking lid and anti-slip base to hold everything in place.

Review: “This thing is amazing and I now wonder how my 28 years of salad experience would've been different if I had this from the get-go. The spinner is very efficient in the little time it takes to wring out the water and easily pours out. It's pretty sweet and I highly recommend. It's well made and seems durable. If we take care of it enough, it may jus become a family heirloom.”


MISTAKE: Creating a bug buffet with your dry goods

SOLUTION: Use airtight containers to keep insects and pests away

Bugs love sugar, flour, cereal, and other dry goods, and storing them in the bags they come in is inviting pests right in. Keeping them in something like the CINEYO Airtight Food Storage Container Set not only keeps them safe from infestations (*blech*), but should keep the contents fresh for much longer. The containers are made with BPA-free, impact-resistant plastic while the lids feature food-grade silicone seals. This set comes with labels and a marker to boot.

Review: “I love the storage containers! They make my pantry look so much nicer and organized. The clear plastic makes it easy to see the products inside, and the tops are so easy to open and close! That was one of the important features I looked for because of arthritis in my hands. The labels are erasable and can be used over and over. I was able to get rid of half bags and boxes of snacks, beans, pasta, etc. taking up space in my small pantry, and we now can see what we have in there!”


MISTAKE: Forgetting what food you have in stock

SOLUTION: Use clear fridge organizers so you can see everything

Remember that food waste statistic? Part of not letting your food go bad is remembering everything you have, and being able to see it is step one. These HOOJO Refrigerator Organizer Bins are made of shatter-proof, BPA-free plastic that lets you see exactly what’s inside. Each bin measures 12.5’’ L x 6.3” W x 3.5” H, so be sure to measure your fridge to ensure they’re the right fit. Bonus: If something spills, these will contain the mess. However, they’re hand wash only.

Review: “I hate seeing product boxes in the fridge because it’s hard to tell how much or how little you have of that product, it takes up a lot of room, and not to mention it’s just not aesthetically pleasing to look at it. These containers fit everything we need them to and has made our fridge 1,000x more functional!”


MISTAKE: Scraping your nonstick pans

SOLUTION: Soft, silicone utensils that don’t scratch

If you’ve ever had to toss a nonstick pan after scratching its surface, you’ll know how valuable having soft cooking utensils can be. This Silicone Cooking Utensil Set from CHAREADA includes 13 tools with smooth, silicone ends that won’t damage expensive pots and pans. They’re made with food-grade silicone and stainless steel (that looks like aesthetic gold), and include a holder to store them neatly near the stove.

Review: “Really, really glad I got these! They give such a classy, aesthetically pleasing touch to the kitchen. I have already tested them out and have zero complaints. They held up well against heat and were simple to wash. One of the items (the egg whisk) had a small chip, and upon reaching out to the company, they offered a partial credit. Great customer service, great product. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.”


MISTAKE: Cluttering up your countertops

SOLUTION: Use vertical organizers to keep things visible

This 3-Tier Corner Shelf Bamboo Countertop Organizer from Ollieroo comes in four colors to match any décor, and is designed to make better use of your countertop space. It’s adjustable to fit any angle of corner, and is easy to assemble in minutes when it arrives. It’s perfect for storing coffee essentials, cooking oils and spices, and even smaller utensils on the hooks.

Review: “I love this stand! It’s so perfect for my coffee corner. I am able to get everything organized and utilize the space on my counter. The shelves are really sturdy, and not wobbly at all. They easily support everything I want to put on each shelf.”


MISTAKE: Not taking advantage of your vertical storage space

SOLUTION: Add organization to the refrigerator door

This Magnetic Fridge Organizer from XIAPIA has it all: super strong magnets that hold up to 45 pounds (meaning no tools are needed to mount it), two rods for storing paper towels and food wraps, hooks along the side for kitchen tools, and two racks for holding jars, spices, sauces, and anything else you need off your kitchen counters. It’s metal so it’s sturdy and easy to wipe clean.

Review: “If you have a small kitchen and love to cook, this little unit is a game changer! We have very little cabinet and counter space and this thing fits perfectly on the side of the fridge, right next to where we cook. It allowed us to get our most used oils and spices out of the cabinet to make room for more storage. The magnet is incredibly strong; there are three very large magnets on the back and they easily hold up the 8 glass spice jars, the full sized glass olive oil bottle, and other oils with no sliding.”


MISTAKE: Straining your back at the sink and stove

SOLUTION: Invest in supportive kitchen mats

These KMAT Cushioned Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Rugs aren’t major money savers (unless you count all the ibuprofen you won’t need to take for your joints anymore), but they are a great investment for your comfort. Standing on hard floors to cook and wash dishes for extended periods can cause stiffness and discomfort, but these mats add just the right amount of cushion. They’re wipeable, water-resistant, and have anti-slip grip underneath.

Review: “These mats are truly incredible! They help immensely with back and joint pain relief, are durable and spill proof, and beautiful! I have tried other fluffy or foam mats to try and ease the burdens of constantly standing on hard floors, but nothing was as functional as these. I love that they are spill-proof and easy to wipe clean (no tossing in the washer!), they are not completely smooth, so they aren’t slippery when wet either. We have three children and three dogs, so durability is a huge requirement, and these mats have held up extremely well in just the month that we have had them.”


MISTAKE: Cutting your meat to check for doneness

SOLUTION: Use a meat thermometer

Why does getting the perfectly done steak feel like a crap shoot every time? If you’re constantly poking a meat thermometer into your chicken, pork, or beef (or worse, slicing it open to check for doneness), all the juices inside can leak out, leaving you with a dry dinner. This MEATER Smart Meat Thermometer is wireless and sticks into any piece of meat, and connects to your phone. It not only tells you the internal temp, but how long to cook it until it’s perfect. Guesswork: gone.

Review: “This is one of those things in life you stumble on and think, where have you been my whole life? It just makes sense and it works. I'm not going to claim I'm a chef just yet, but I just cooked the best Ribeye steak I've ever done. Instead of stressing out and sticking a thermometer into the steak every few minutes waiting for it hit 160 degrees, I let my iPhone tell me when to remove it from the grill. Cooking this steak has gone from becoming this black magic crap shoot, to just a simple, repeatable procedure.”

So, which common kitchen mistakes of yours could these products help eliminate? These products are here to help, whether your goal is to save money, be more sustainable, or just try out some interesting new gadgets.