Last minute Halloween costumes

14 Last Minute Halloween Costumes For Everyone

You’ve got this!

If you feel like October went by in about five minutes, you’re not the only one. This month was fast, and it’s hard to believe Halloween is right around the corner — like, literally, in just a few days. One day you had weeks to plan and put together the perfect costume, and the next, you’ve found yourself scrambling to find something, anything, to wear. It might seem like a lost cause, but there are actually plenty of last minute Halloween costume ideas that you can piece together quickly and still impress everyone you’re going trick-or-treating with.

Unfortunately, if you were looking to purchase an entire costume, you might be out of luck. Your best bet is to head to a nearby store, like Target, Walmart, or a Spirit Halloween pop-up, to see what they have something left in your size. Ordering something online, at this point, could mean your costume arrives on November 3. If you do want to order something, do it ASAP, choose the most priority shipping possible (or get on Amazon and find a 1-day Prime delivery), and hope for the best. Definitely avoid sites like Etsy right now — there is very little chance something will ship that quickly.

You can also check out the below ideas to put together a fun costume for you, your partner, or your kids — or everyone. It’s time to get just a little creative with these last minute costume ideas.


A Classic Cat


It might be basic, but there’s a reason for that: dressing as a cat on Halloween is simple, fast, and cute for anyone and everyone, regardless of age. You can almost definitely find a pair of cat ears somewhere, whether that’s in a store or for a quick Prime delivery on Amazon, and that’s really all you need. You can even cut out some felt and hot glue to barrettes or bobby pins for super easy cat ears. For a classic black cat costume, wear or have your kids wear black pants and a black shirt. You could also do cat ears with a leopard print shirt and black pants as well. From there, you just need makeup to draw whiskers and a nose. You can use any black eyeliner for this if you can’t find Halloween makeup.


Danny & Sandy From Grease

Paramount Pictures

The Danny and Sandy from Grease costume is cute for the parents or a brother and sister pair, and you could go one of two routes. You can dress up as “good girl Sandy” in a vintage-looking dress with a cardigan. Curl your hair, put it in a bouncy ponytail, and tie a ribbon in it. You could also opt for “bad girl Sandy” and wear black leather pants (or any black pants, really), a black off-the-shoulder top, and red high heels. Curl your hair and leave it down and teased. For Danny, it’s kind of the same thing either way: jeans, a white or black tee, and a black leather jacket. You probably already have most of this stuff at home!


A Witch


Even this close to Halloween, you shouldn't have trouble finding a basic witch hat. They’re sold pretty much everywhere, and even if you can’t find one in a store or on Amazon, you can likely borrow one from someone you know. Once you have the witch hat, the rest is easy. You can throw on any black dress you have or anything that reminds you of a witch. Add some boots, and maybe even grab an old broom. You can also make your look more creative with Halloween makeup, which should also be easy to find. Paint your entire face green or just follow an easy tutorial you find online, like this one on YouTube. This is another one that works for anyone regardless of age.


Bernie Sanders


Who can forget what Bernie Sanders looked like at President Joe Biden’s inauguration earlier this year? If you want to opt for a clever, easy, culturally relevant pop culture moment as your costume, this is a good one to pick because it’s versatile and very simple. All you need is a green parka coat, a pair of wool mittens (the bigger the better), and a simple blue face mask. Add a pair of glasses if possible and a kind of grumpy look, and you’re good to go. Not only is this funny, but you’ll be super comfortable and nice and warm. And it’s a good excuse to keep a mask on all day if that makes you feel more comfortable!


A Pumpkin


A pumpkin is an easy, basic Halloween costume that is a classic for a reason. It’s cute, especially for babies and kids, and it’s really simple to put together with lots of options. Look for a pumpkin t-shirt somewhere, which shouldn’t be too difficult to find. If you can’t find one, you can make one: just grab an orange shirt and a black fabric marker and sketch out a basic Jack-O-lantern face (it doesn’t have to be perfect). The pants can be anything from black leggings to green and white striped tights. You could throw on a green beanie or hat as a “stem” if you have that as well.


Kourtney Kardashian & Travis Barker

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Few celebrity couples have garnered more attention this year than Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker. This is a cute costume for mom and dad, but it works for a young brother and sister pair too (or for any twosome, really). You can copy this recent NYC look they pulled off by dressing Kourtney in black leggings and a black leather jacket with black sunglasses (bonus points for the short black hair), and dressing Travis in black pants, a white shirt, a black leather jacket, a black beanie, and some fake tattoos. Or, you can mix up Kourtney’s look with anything punk-rock looking that gives off designer vibes. There are so many options!


A Baby Animal


Want your littlest one to get involved in the Halloween fun? A super simple and versatile idea is to dress them up as a baby animal, like a baby bear. Places like Carter’s make these really cute fuzzy jumpsuits that look like a cuddly teddy bear. They’re adorable, cozy, and cuddly, and they’re perfect for an infant or a really little one who just doesn’t get the concept of Halloween yet. They’re ideal for cool weather, and even better? They aren’t actually a costume, so they can be worn any other time as well.


A Yoga Instructor


If you want to be incredibly comfortable all night long, dress as a yoga instructor. Is it a lazy option? Sure, but sometimes that really doesn’t matter. You probably don’t even need to buy anything for this costume: put on a pair of leggings and a tank top or longline sports bra, sling a yoga mat over your shoulder, and put your hair up. A zen mood is a must! While this is easy for adults, it’s actually really adorable for a toddler or little kid and is such an easy and comfortable costume option for them. Be sure to practice some simple yoga poses for photos!


A Ballerina


If your kid already takes ballet classes, then you kind of have a costume sitting in their room waiting for you. Dress them up as a ballerina! All you need is a leotard and ballet skirt or tutu, tights, and a pair of ballet shoes. All of these things are pretty easy to find, although this is obviously more ideal if you already have them all. Put their hair in a bun and show them some easy ballet dance moves they can do for photos. If you want to make it sound more creative, say they’re dressed as Angelina Ballerina from the classic book series.


Ted Lasso

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OK, this has to be the perfect lazy costume for the dads out there who want to get dressed up but don’t actually want to put much effort into their look. They can dress as Ted Lasso, who is culturally relevant and a really easy costume idea. All they’ll need is a puffer jacket, a pair of khakis, a fake (or real) mustache, a visor, sunglasses, and a whistle. They can also layer a blue varsity sweater or jacket over a white button down shirt. They might already have all of these items and they’ll be comfortable.


Peter Pan’s Shadow


This one is an easy last minute Disney costume. Dress your child in all black to make them look like Peter Pan’s shadow. It would be best to do this with an old Peter Pan costume that you spray paint black, but you can make due with a long shirt or a dress. There are also tutorials online that show you how to make this yourself if you’re suddenly feeling crafty. This is a fun and more unique Disney costume idea that you won’t see all over the place, and it’s perfect for your little Peter Pan fan.


Rosie the Riveter


The tiny feminist in your life was basically made for an easy Rosie the Riveter costume, and of course, it’s great for you as well. It’s easy because everything involved is so basic and you probably already own all of the materials. You’ll need a denim shirt (or a denim jacket will work in a pinch), a pair of jeans, a red bandana, and maybe red lipstick. That’s really it! It’s so cute for little kids and toddlers to wear this, but it’s really just a versatile choice that can be thrown together at the last minute.


Joe Goldberg From You


This is another easy and pop culture friendly costume idea for dads or for your son — but it would also be cute on you! Dressing as Joe Goldberg is super easy. The most important part of the costume is obviously the baseball hat pulled down just a little bit too low on the face. Copy this photo for something simple and use a denim jacket, blue pants or a pair of jeans, and a light blue button down shirt with brown shoes. Be sure to act mysterious, creepy, and… murderous? Yeah, that seems just about right for Halloween, making this a great choice.


A Ghost


It’s the easiest trick in the book: go as a ghost. Sure, it’s super simple, it’s lazy, it’s been done a million times before, but it’s also perfect for Halloween, and it’s a classic. Sometimes you just have to go that route. To create the easiest ghost costume, grab a white sheet and cut out holes for eyes and a mouth. Have the person wearing it wear all white underneath. For a baby, you could also do a white onesie that you draw ghost eyes and a mouth on and a white tutu for a fun twist. And for older kids, keep the sheet off their face and use makeup instead.

Remember, not every Halloween costume has to be super elaborate and creative! Sometimes you need a year where you go as something easy and basic so you don’t bend over backwards trying to find the perfect costume. Any of these last minute ideas are great in our book!