Valentine's Day

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These 17 Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts Are Total Winners

No one wants discounted chocolates on February 15th.

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There’s no advent calendar leading up to Valentine’s Day, no children counting down the days until Cupid arrives, so it makes sense that Valentine’s Day may slip your mind. If, oops, it’s Feb. 13 and you have nothing for your spouse, best friend, secret Galentine, or sister, these last minute Valentine’s Day gifts for her will come in handy.

Sure you could make a mad dash to the drugstore for some generic heart-shaped chocolates (no judgment, they’re good) or you could pick-up a heartfelt card or give her a Valentine’s Day poem. But if her love language is gifts (honestly everyone’s is a little bit) try one of the last minute Valentine’s ideas on this list.

There are two fun party games below, one courtesy of Esther Perel that is specifically designed to foster intimacy among partners or friends, a bag that uses the same nylon as Prada (at a not-Prada price), a handmade journal, and so much more. And don’t forget the magic (and immediacy) of online gift cards if you’re late, like morning-of-Valentine’s-Day-late, can’t-depend-Prime-late. It still shows you thought of her, found a store you know she’ll like, and want her to pick out exactly what she wants. What’s not to love about that? Read on for these last minute Valentine’s Day gifts for her that don’t feel rushed or last second at all.


A gift from the Goody app

If you can send a text, you can send someone a gift using Goody, no address required. Search through thousands of great gifts on their app; there’s Milk Bar cakes, Maison Louis Marie candles, Parachute slippers, Great Jones cookware, bouquets from UrbanStems and so, so much more. The best thing is that the recipient will get the chance to personalize their own gift. So for example, if you buy them a candle, they’ll get notified of the gift and then have the chance to select the scent they like best, then it’ll be delivered to their door. It’s a foolproof way to get them something they like, the presentation is fun and user-friendly, and it’s a perfect solution if you wake up giftless on Feb. 14.


A gorgeous bouquet

Roses are red, so are these anemones, if you send these last minute you won’t have an enemy. For real though, this Va Va Bloom bouquet from Farmgirl Flowers is simply stunning with its approximately 35 blooms, a handwritten note, plus a bundle of palo santo. It arrives arranged and in a glass vase, so all she has to do is find a spot to show it off.

You can rest assured that if you leave two to three days this will arrive by Valentine’s Day as the flowers are shipped via UPS Next Day Air or Priority Air to ensure freshness, just remember to budget an additional $25 for shipping.


A personalized wine subscription

There are a many wine subscription services out there — what’s fun about this one (aside from the super cute and chic packaging), is that it’s all about the recipient. Once choose the amount you want to spend— options include anything from a 1-month subscription ($75 for a box with four bottles) to a full year ($1,000) of wine, she’ll get an email with the gift announcement. Then, she’ll take a fun seven-question “pop quiz” quiz so Bright Cellars can match her with wines tailored to their personal tastes. So fun!


Wireless headphones

Called a “wearable stereo” these wireless earbuds actually rest on the ear instead of being inserted into the ear. These are ideal for anyone who is bothered by the feeling of buds, but really they’re great for everyone who likes crisp, clear sound but still wants to sort of be able to hear what’s going on around them (i.e. they’re not totally noise cancelling which can sometimes be a good thing). The wrap-around design help keeps these in place.

In most areas, these ship in Prime one-day so if you order on Feb. 13, you should still be in good shape.


A fun party game

Not only will this fun trivia game let her flex her knowledge, it will also check her BS detector. The basic gist is that one person reads a trivia question with three possible answers, and the rest of the players have to choose an answer and also convince the judge why they know they’re right (i.e. “I saw a small indie documentary on this topic” or “I did a project on this in high school.”)

The game usually arrives within two days as it ships on Prime.


A gift certificate to Fishwife

Is it slightly random? Yes. Is it a thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift for a foodie? Also yes, as tinned fish is having a well-deserved moment. All the fish on the women-owned Fishwife brand site is responsibly sourced and packed in a cool, aesthetically pleasing way that’s a far cry from the cartoon shark on the oily tuna can of days yore.

There’s several options including a Fly By Jing seasoned smoked salmon or a trio of salmon, trout, and tuna. And if she’s still unsure, she can use the Fishwife gift card to get some cute merch.


A palo santo candle

Fill her house with the relaxing, earthy scent of palo santo. The wood wick makes a crackling sound reminiscent of a fireplace and the candle itself is made from coconut wax which is more eco-friendly than other types, like paraffin. If you’re not sure that she’ll be into the somewhat heady scent, try red currant instead.


A bonsai tree & wind chime

This beautiful azalea bonsai tree from 1-800-Flowers has beautiful glossy green leaves which will bloom with pink flowers in the spring, so it’s last minute Valentine’s Day gift that leaves something to look forward to. With proper care, the outdoor plant will bloom in April and May and again in Sept. and Oct. Choose a small or large plant, with or without a mini wind chime featuring a jade stone on the bottom hanger. The price shown is for a small plant with the wind chime, and you get to pick the delivery day, though you may pay extra for an expedited delivery. If time is truly of the essence, visit your local hardware store or nursery to see what their potted plant options are.


A New York brunch from Russ & Daughters

Perfect for the person who left New York and misses the bagels (aka me) this full brunch spread from Russ & Daughters is a thoughtful last minute Valentine’s Day gift that doesn’t feel rushed at all. It includes a pound of smoked salmon, six bagels, cream cheese, a pound of coffee, chocolate babka, and a ceramic mug.

Buy this bagel and lox brunch through Goldbelly, and it’ll arrive within three days.


A massage oil

Made with hemp seed oil, grapeseed oil, and vitamin E, this silky massage oil from High On Love isn’t going to get anyone high per se, but this oil will make her feel super relaxed (because if you’re going to gift this, then you better be ready to become the masseuse). It has an intoxicating scent (pick from chocolate, strawberries & champagne, or lychee martini) and it’s vegan and made with natural oils.


A gift certificate for beauty & skin products

The beauty lover in your life will appreciate a gift card to thirteen lune so they can pick out some new and old faves for their skin, face and hair. The e-commerce store carries products for everyone primarily from Black and Brown founders. There’s a luxe collection of skincare, makeup, haircare, and more and the hard part will be deciding what to spend the money on when everything’s so good.


A game inspired by Esther Perel

Whether she’s hanging with friends or hoping to deepen her relationship, this game from renowned relationship psychotherapist, Esther Perel (who hosts the podcast by same name as the game, Where Should We Begin) is illuminating and fun. The “story cards” invite people to share things about themselves both big and small, (i.e. “My most irrational fear” or “A rule I secretly love to break”). There are no winners or losers, but instead the game fosters intimacy and connection. Order by Feb. 9 with expedited shipping to have it arrive on time.


A sling diaper bag

Yes this is technically a diaper bag from City Mouse NY, but it’s also just a really chic and practical bag anyone will appreciate. The sling shape nestles comfortably across the body, and you can customize the strap. I have this with the brown and black strap and get a ton of compliments (plus it’s really helpful for taking my son on the go as it comes with a large changing pad/play sheet and is roomy enough for diapers and an outfit change. There’s a lanyard for keys, a drink holder, and it’s made from the same material as certain Prada bags (NBD). Choose expedited shipping if this is a last minute Valentine’s Day gift.


A handmade leather notebook

Maybe she’s been wanting to begin a dream diary, start writing morning pages, or start sketching or doodling to unwind. Regardless, she’ll need a nice journal to make it happen. This luxe leather notebook from Soothi is handmade, embossed with the phases of the moon, and unlined.

Just make sure you encourage her to actually use this one as we all know a person (or are a person) who saves the nice journals for a “special occasion” that never comes.


A jelly lip gloss

Give her the gift of shiny hydrated lips with this gloss from Tower 28. It’s the first makeup brand that meets the National Eczema Association Ingredient Guidelines so this will be a good choice even for those with sensitive skin. This comes in a bunch of colors from neutrals to brights and it’ll deliver a ton of shine with zero stickiness, plus because it’s made with an oil blend it’ll actually hydrate and nourish her lips.

Buying from Sephora is always a great idea for last minute gifts as they have a bunch of shipping tiers and it’s usually about $10 to expedite to two-day shipping, or you can always drive to the nearest Sephora near you.


A wellness gift set

For the person who takes a hot bath every night and starts her morning with meditation (or is striving to be that person) give them this wellness duo from Golde. It includes enough matcha powder to make 15-20 lattes plus a mushroom take on rich cocoa that has reishi and turkey tail mushroom extracts to help promote a sense of focused calm while supporting gut and immune health.


A fancy bottle of wine (to go with the dinner you’re making)

If she’s usually looking on the $20-and-under shelf (no shame in that!), an update like this Stags’ Leap petite sirah will feel just the right amount of splurge — especially if it comes along with some pretty flowers or a home-cooked meal.

Bottom line? Don’t panic if you don’t have a present for Valentine’s Day and the holiday is fast approaching. Amazon Prime, expedited shipping, and good old gift cards make finding a thoughtful last minute Valentine’s Day gift for her no big deal.