Loki and Star Wars themed backpacks from Loungefly.
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Loungefly Just Unveiled A New Line Of Accessories Perfect For Star Wars & Marvel Fans

Accessories fit for a god (of mischief) or a true rebel.

Once, not so long ago, being a nerd within a particular fandom meant that if you wanted to let your geek flag fly, you were going to do that in unfashionable clothes and accessories. Don’t get me wrong: ya girl can appreciate a well-placed X-Men t-shirt or Game of Thrones baseball cap but... fashion-forward? Not exactly. Enter Loungefly, the lifestyle brand for all manner of superfans from Funko (yes, like those little bobblehead thingies). Earlier this week, the company unveiled a stylish new line of high-end accessories called COLLECTIV, featuring subtle, sleek, and functional designs inspired by your favorite characters, worlds, and stories. The first drop is available now, with designs influenced by the art and aesthetics of Marvel’s Loki and the Star Wars galaxy.

If you yourself are a god(dess) of chaos, the Loki line is a good pick and includes a full-sized backpack, convertible tote, convertible cross-body bag, wallet, hoodie, and t-shirt. The Jedi and rebel scum in our midst, on the other hand, can choose from a full-size backpack, laptop bag, convertible bag, wallet, and varsity jacket. The designs on these items are distinct but subtle. A non-fan (a normie, if you will) likely wouldn’t pick up on the fact that you were sporting a Loki backpack or a Star Wars laptop bag, but fellow fans will quickly pick up on the helmet pattern details or the Rebel Alliance insignia respectively. In both cases, however, the lining offers a more overt nod to your fandom, with detailed cartoon art from each franchise.

Marvel | Loungefly
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Loungefly products, have certainly won the hearts of fans from Disney to Hello Kitty to Marvel and beyond. Many have become like collectors’ items, and they’re a favorite of Disney Adults heading out for a day in the Happiest Place on Earth. (In other words: these would be great gifts for someone looking forward to a Disney Parks vacation or, if you’re super extra, a fun gift to let them know they’re going to Galaxy’s Edge of the Avengers Campus.)

And this is just the beginning for the Collectiv line. You can follow the brand on Facebook, Instagram and X — formerly Twitter — at @Loungefly to keep up to date on the latest drops.