10 Show-Stopping Mermaid Makeup Looks For All Skill Levels

Ariel wishes she looked this good.

At some point in childhood, most of us wondered what it would be like to be a mermaid, and now as adults, some of us carry a sliver of bitterness around with us over the fact that we never got to find out. While, no, we’ll never know what it’s like to be able to breathe underwater, we can learn some mermaid makeup looks to help us feel a little closer to that dream. Plus, as a consolation prize, we’ll look fabulous.

If you aren’t already aware of the trend, mermaid makeup looks are simply beautiful. While there aren’t any rules (it is art, after all), these looks tend to use aquatic colors like blue, teal, purple, magenta, white, and silver. There are all kinds of different techniques, like using stick-on jewels or making a mask out of dramatic eye makeup, what stands out the most with this trend is the fish scales. If you aren’t in on how to create the scaley look, the mermaid makeup trend may seem intimidating, but once you learn the secret to creating the look (spoiler: its fishnets) then you’re probably going to want to try every mermaid makeup look there is.

According to Pinterest, this trend is really taking off because the platform saw twice the amount of people searching for mermaid makeup looks during the Halloween season this year compared to the same time last year. So, if you’re ready to give it a try, here are some fun looks to help you get inspired.


Glitter & Scales

The scaley makeup look is so cool, but if you’re wanting just some subtle scales, then this look may be right for you. Kate Manihera has a video tutorial that will walk you through the steps to do it yourself. Just make sure to stock up on lots of glitter for your eyelids and shimmer for over your scales.


Smokey Eyes & Crystals

A lot of mermaid makeup looks consist of different shades of blue, but Elizabeth Semande’s look isn’t one of them. Since her hair is colored teal, she opted to go with a smokey eye look instead and then created a mask out of crystals, including some in star shapes to give it a more aquatic feel. She topped off the look with some highlighter and gold lipstick. Check out her tutorial to learn how to give yourself the same look.


Blue Sparkle Eye Makeup

Image Source, Getty Images

For the mermaids who love the idea of fun makeup, but maybe not fish scales or jewels, use your eyeshadow to create a mask. In this photo, she uses a mix of blue and silver shades (with some metallic in there), surrounds her eyes with the color, and extends it out to give the look of a mask. This makeup look is pretty easy to replicate, just make sure you know how to blend your shadow well and you’ll be set.


Pastel Rainbow Mermaid Makeup

Gorgeous and dramatic. This is one mermaid makeup look that will have you standing out. Monica Rose created a video tutorial to show you exactly how to give yourself this look, and she included a list of every product she used to achieve it herself. You’ll probably be surprised by how quickly you’ll learn how to do this yourself (remember, the secret is to use a fishnet).


Iridescent Fish Scales

Here’s another really pretty mermaid makeup look that isn’t over-the-top. If you look closely, you’ll see the fish scales, but from a distance, it just looks like a really petty iridescent mask. This video tutorial will show you what products you need and it will provide you with step-by-step instructions for doing this yourself.


Jewel Mask Mermaid

For anyone who wants to really lean into the aquatic blues, this look is perfect. You can either stick with just the blue lipstick, blue brows, and the gorgeous green and blue eyeshadow and highlighter or take the extra steps to add jewels to the mermaid look to create the illusion of a mask. Either way, the first thing to do is to watch this video tutorial for instructions on recreating the look.


Glam Mermaid Makeup

This is some seriously beautiful mermaid makeup. While she still stuck to the cooler color palate, she uses a lot more purple in her look that gives it more of a glam effect. She also topped it off with some large gems above her eyebrows, but honestly, this would look just as gorgeous without them. You can learn her technique and find out what products she used by watching her tutorial video.


Mermaid Face Paint

Remember how fun it was to get your face painted as a kid? Well, who says you can’t do it as an adult? In this video tutorial, you’ll learn how to create a mermaid look using face paint (and a little bit of makeup, too). The best part? It’ll only take you about 60 seconds to do. Quick, easy, and so pretty.


Starfish Accent

This mermaid makeup look probably requires the most skill simply because there’s so much going on (the eyes, the lips, the scales). Of course, the video tutorial goes through how to do everything, but you can easily tone down the look to make it more manageable. However, the most important part here is the starfish accessory. It really sets this look apart from all of the other mermaid looks because it’s fun and adds a little extra beachy charm.


Mermaid Makeup Without Using Fishnet

There are two things about this look that stand out: the overall darker vibe and the fact that she created scales without using a fishnet. By going with black lipstick, she turned the usually magical mermaid look into something a little more spooky, and it’s pretty awesome. As for the scales, she literally draws them on with a makeup pencil, and it's a lot easier than it sounds. You can watch how she does it in her video tutorial here.

So, will you be a mermaid covered in jewels and scales, with dramatic eyes, or with a little bit of a dark edge? Whatever mermaid makeup look you choose, just remember to channel your inner Ariel to really feel like a mermaid, too (just don’t get carried away and jump into the water, because your makeup will definitely run).