Mom Says Catholic School Expelled Her 3 Kids After Finding Her Lucrative OnlyFans Account

Crystal Jackson says other moms "bullied" the school into shutting her kids out of the classroom.

What reportedly began as one couple's attempt to put the spark back in their marriage has ended with their children being shut out from their classrooms. A Sacramento mom's OnlyFans account resulted in her kids being expelled from the private Catholic school they attended after other parents allegedly pressured school officials to cut ties.

In a videotaped statement shared by The Daily Mail, Crystal Jackson said she and her husband Chris shared a few photographs of her on Reddit about a year and a half ago in an attempt to "spice up" their marriage. When Reddit users suggested the couple start an OnlyFans account, where they could share similarly racy photos and videos in exchange for a small fee, they obliged. "It was kind of our little marriage thing," Jackson said. "No one knew about it. It was our little secret."

Or at least it was a secret until a dad in the neighborhood found Jackson's OnlyFans account and told his wife, who told another parent, who told another parent, who told another parent, and so on. But Jackson said parents in her community weren't just talking about her online life, they were also widely sharing and distributing her pictures, something that constitutes a violation of OnlyFans' terms of service.

As Jackson's photos circulated, outraged parents allegedly began contacting her directly with messages she claims constituted bullying and harassment. "I have a good voicemail from a dad really laying into me about how disgusting and disturbing I am and how I should pack up and move out of town," Jackson said in her video statement.

Still, Jackson said she wasn't too bothered by the harassment when it was directed just at her. It was when other parents began pressing for her children to be punished as well that Jackson took offense. "People don't have to agree with what I decide to do," she said. "I'm not asking anybody for their approval or for their agreement, but what I'm not OK with is people going after my children and trying to get them removed from school."

According to CBS13, Sacred Heart Parish School alerted the Jacksons via email that their three children had been expelled due to the couple's online life. "Your apparent quest for high profile controversy in support of your adult website is in direct conflict with what we hope to impart to our students," the news outlet reported Sacred Heart Parish School Principal Theresa Sparks wrote in the email. "We, therefore, require that you find another school for your children and have no further association with ours." Sparks declined to comment on the email or the Jacksons' situation in an email to Romper.

Jackson told CBS13 she believes a group of moms informed the private Catholic school of her OnlyFans account by anonymously sending some of her photos to both Sparks and the local diocese. And although the situation has been frustrating, it's not caused Jackson to shut down her OnlyFans account, where she told People she makes up to $150,000 a month for her "hot mom" content.

While the Jacksons are searching for a new school for their children to attend, they've said they're sad to have effectively been cast out from a church they've long been involved in. "It's tough to find the Christianity here, and that makes me sad," husband Chris told KCRA. "The church we were married at. The church all our children were baptized at. And, is this what it is?"