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The Fastest Growing Baby Names Of 2023 Will Absolutely Surprise You

The Top 10, however, will not.

Babe, wake up! The new Social Security Administration baby names list just dropped! Yes, it’s a special day for all the name nerds out there. (There are dozens of us. Dozens!) It’s the day we get to learn what America named its babies in 2023. Which names got popular? Which names stayed popular? And which names are on their way out? Here are the big takeaways.

The Top 10 baby names of 2023 look pretty familiar.

Olivia and Liam are once again the reigning champions! Olivia has been the #1 girl name in the United States since 2019 and Liam has been the top pick for boys since 2017. Overall we’re not seeing huge changes to the rest of the list since 2022, either. On both the boy and girl lists, the Top 5 have remained unchanged in their rank since 2022. In fact, with the exception of Mia and Isabella swapping the sixth and seventh spots, the list of Top 10 girls names has remained unchanged.

The boys list had a few surprises, however. Mateo rose five spots, from #11 in 2022 to #6 in 2023. William, on the other hand, dropped from #6 in 2022 to #10 for 2023, the name’s lowest rank since 2006. Benjamin dropped two spots between 2022 and 2023, which pushed it out of the Top 10 all together.


We promise you have not heard of the fastest growing names...

The fastest growing names aren’t strictly speaking popular. In fact, the most popular among them, Cassian, was only the 533rd most popular name of 2023 (up from #936 in 2022) and was given to about 553 little boys. Eiden, the least popular, clocked in at #890 and was given to 260 kids.

With the exception of Cassian, however, that these names debuted in the Top 1,000 anywhere between #533 and #890 is pretty meteoric. Interestingly, they all outranked more “traditional” names like Dana (#970), Carl (#961), and Simone (#927).


All together, all of these names combined were given to fewer than 3,500 kids nationwide. To put that in perspective, there were more than 36,000 Olivias and Liams. So don’t you worry about your child being one of a handful of Adharas in her class. (Though, honestly, you don’t have to worry about that with even the most popular names, I promise.)

In memoriam...

In 2023, we said goodbye to a number of names in the Top 1,000, including a whole lot of “common” names. For girls, these names included but were not limited to...

  • Joyce.
  • Elsa.
  • Belle.
  • Casey.
  • Paola.

For boys, we bid a fond adieu to...

  • Terry.
  • Cedric.
  • Wallace.
  • Gary.
  • Rene.

Of course, as well we know, name popularity waxes and wanes. Who knows what 2024 will bring...