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Here Are The Most Popular Thanksgiving Sides In Every State

Pass the mashed potatoes, please.

With Thanksgiving around the corner, now is the time to start thinking about which side dishes will join that juicy turkey on the table. But that decision may all gobble down to where you live, according to new data on the most popular Thanksgiving side dishes by state compiled by career site Zippia.

Zippia used Google Trends to map out what families intend to serve this Thanksgiving across the country. For example, 10 states favored mashed potatoes as their top side dish. Hello, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Minnesota, Montana, Nevada, North Dakota, Washington, and Wisconsin. But, surprisingly, Idaho, also known as the Potato State, didn't favor buttery mashed potatoes Instead, Idahoans apparently prefer green bean casserole.

Over in Oregon, folks appear to love some warm biscuits, while those in Missouri, Oklahoma, Utah, and West Virginia like rolls on the table. Macaroni and cheese appears to be a favorite along the east coast, including the Carolinas.

Despite their notoriety for lobster, Maine apparently says no to claws and yes to side salads for their Thanksgiving dinners. Floridians love their sweet potato casseroles and dressing is the law of the land in Alabama. Over in The Bayou State, expect some kind of creole/cajun cornbread dressing on the table.

New Hampshire was the only state where cranberry sauce was a must-have at the table. And another appealing dish came from The Hoosier State of Indiana — deviled eggs.

Here's a full breakdown of Zippia's findings:

  • Alabama: Dressing
  • Alaska: Hashbrown casserole
  • Arizona: Green bean casserole
  • Arkansas: White Gravy
  • California: Mashed Potatoes
  • Colorado: Mashed Potatoes
  • Connecticut: Mashed Potatoes
  • Delaware: Mac And Cheese
  • District of Columbia: Mac And Cheese
  • Florida: Sweet Potato Casserole
  • Georgia: Mac And Cheese
  • Hawaii: Turkey gravy
  • Idaho: Green bean casserole
  • Illinois: Mashed Potatoes
  • Indiana: Deviled Eggs
  • Iowa: Corn
  • Kansas: Cream Corn
  • Kentucky: Broccoli Casserole
  • Louisiana: Cornbread Dressing
  • Maine: Side Salad
  • Maryland: Mac And Cheese
  • Massachusetts: Stuffing
  • Michigan: Green bean casserole
  • Minnesota: Mashed Potatoes
  • Mississippi: Baked Sweet Potatoes
  • Missouri: Rolls
  • Montana: Mashed Potatoes
  • Nebraska: Green bean casserole
  • Nevada: Mashed Potatoes
  • New Hampshire: Cranberry Sauce
  • New Jersey: Stuffing
  • New Mexico: Green bean casserole
  • New York: Stuffing
  • North Carolina: Mac And Cheese
  • North Dakota: Mashed Potatoes
  • Ohio: Green bean casserole
  • Oklahoma: Rolls
  • Oregon: Biscuits
  • Pennsylvania: Stuffing
  • Rhode Island: Stuffing
  • South Carolina: Mac And Cheese
  • South Dakota: Crescent Rolls
  • Tennessee: Sweet Potato Casserole
  • Texas: Green bean casserole
  • Utah: Rolls
  • Vermont: Stuffing
  • Virginia: Mac And Cheese
  • Washington: Mashed Potatoes
  • West Virginia: Rolls
  • Wisconsin: Mashed Potatoes
  • Wyoming: Brown Gravy

To make these calls, Zippia examined the month of November 2019 to see what people were looking for to prep for last Thanksgiving. "Traffic for most Thanksgiving sides skyrockets on Thanksgiving day," Zippia wrote in its report. "Turns out, when you’re googling 'how to make mashed potatoes,' so [is] most of America."

But just because you're in certain states where a specific dish seems to reign supreme, at least in Google searches, don't limit yourself on the array of side dishes you and your family could whip up together for the holidays, during a safe, socially distanced small gathering, of course. And while you're cooking, don't forget to turn on A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.