Mother's Day

Picking a gift for your pregnant wife can be as simple as picking something she really loves.

Your Pregnant Wife Will Love These Sweet Mother’s Day Gifts

From comfy items to their favorite meal, there’s a lot of ways to pamper them on Mother’s Day.

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When your wife is pregnant, your main priority should be helping her feel like she's the most important person in the world. Because at this moment, she's growing an entire human in her body, which is basically the most important job ever. If you’re looking for Mother’s Day gift ideas for your pregnant wife that will beautifully express your love and appreciation for her, you’ve come to the right place.

When it's time to shop for your wife this Mother's Day, comfort and convenience are two key elements to keep in mind. What do a pair of super stretchy maternity leggings, a silk pillowcase, and a jar of hydrating body butter have in common? They're all convenient and comforting for someone who is pregnant. Anything that your wife will need during pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period is also fair game. Think of something that she needs — a hospital bag or a huge water bottle — and then take that basic thing a step further with something either luxurious or personalized.

Whether you’re in the market for something to help her relax, a piece of keepsake jewelry, or something cozy to wear, this list of Mother’s Day gifts for pregnant women is full of ideas for expectant moms.

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A chic overnight bag

If your pregnant wife is planning to give birth at a hospital or birthing center, she’ll have to pack a “go bag” before you know it. Inside of that bag, she’ll need room to pack all of her post-birth essentials from comfy pajamas (because those hospital gowns can get itchy, you guys) to socks, slippers, and an outfit to come home in. If you make this cute overnight bag your wife’s gift for Mother’s Day, she’ll have something functional and fashionable to pack everything in.

The Weekender bag from Béis comes in black, beige, grey. The spacious interior is roomy enough to pack several days worth of clothes and the zipper top opens wide so that you can easily see everything inside. The bag features a unique zipper compartment on the bottom made specifically to keep shoes and toiletries separate from clothing while traveling.

Not only can this Mother’s Day gift be used as a hospital bag when your wife gives birth, but she can also use it for getaways afterward for years to come.


Breakfast in bed

Treat your pregnant wife to the gift of a luxurious breakfast in bed this Mother’s Day. From igourmet, this Breakfast In Bed Tray comes complete with everything you need to cook up a scrumptious meal to serve your lovely lady while she relaxes in the comfort of a warm bed.

Included in the kit is a full pound of maple bacon by Nordines, artisanal pancake and waffle mix by Catskill Provisions, old-fashioned maple syrup from Vermont, Kerrygold Irish butter, French strawberry jam by Alain Milliat, organic clementine juice from Vila Vella, and a dark wood rattan tray to serve everything on. (Yes, there's plenty to share with you!)


A cozy robe for pregnancy and beyond

Though it’s not specifically designed as a maternity robe, the long length and generously roomy style of ​​the Barefoot Dreams CozyChic Lite robe means that it works well with a growing bump but can also be used post-birth. If you’re looking to give your wife the gift of comfort this Mother’s Day, this is a superb choice.

Made from a super soft blend of nylon and rayon, it’s machine washable and can be tumble dried on low, so it’s especially easy to care for. She’ll love that it has spacious pockets to store her phone, tissues, chapstick, a snack, or even pacifiers after the baby is born. Unlike most robes that have baggy sleeves, this robe’s sleeves are fitted and snug around the wrists, so she can push them up and out of the way if needed.


A cute sun hat

One of the best wearable gifts to give your pregnant wife for Mother’s Day is something that she can wear during and after pregnancy no matter how her body changes — a hat. This straw fedora from Pink Lily has a 3.5-inch brim and cute braided rope detailing to give her a timeless look that can be dressed up or down. She can wear this fun style to the pool or the beach, out to lunch with friends, out shopping, or anywhere else she might want to go this summer.

Personally, I love to receive clothing and accessories as gifts, but when I was pregnant, my body experienced so many changes that it rendered much of my pre-pregnancy wardrobe useless. It was extremely frustrating to replace my favorite clothing items, but one of the few things I didn’t have to touch were my hats. With summer approaching, a cute sun hat may be just what your wife needs to accessorize during and after pregnancy.


A bathtub caddy tray

If your pregnant wife is a fan of relaxing soaks in the bathtub, you can make her favorite activity even more enjoyable when you give her this bamboo bathtub tray caddy as a Mother’s Day gift. The design of this tray from Monsuri on Etsy allows it to be adjusted to fit across any tub.

With designated spaces for a book or tablet, a beverage, phone, candles, soaps, and more, your wife will have everything she needs to enjoy her bath right at her fingertips. Growing an entire human in your body is hard work and once the baby is born, the hard work doesn’t stop, it just changes a bit. Having a spa-like space to retreat to when life gets hectic is one of the best treats to give a mom or mom-to-be.


A postpartum self care kit

If your baby’s due date is coming up soon, a gift that can be used to soothe your wife’s body postpartum is a great gift idea for Mother’s Day. From maternity brand Storq, formulated by natural skincare brand Earth Tu Face, this self care gift set includes everything a new mom needs to focus on healing and restoration after giving birth.

The kit includes a yarrow and rose sitz bath mix, coconut and olive nursing balm, and aloe and mint soothing spray in a convenient cloth carrying bag. Each of these three products is specifically formulated to address a new mom’s needs during recovery and includes all-natural ingredients that will help relieve discomfort and sensitivities postpartum.


A pretty “mama” necklace

Help your wife celebrate her mom status this Mother’s Day with a beautiful necklace that lets the world know exactly who she is — mama. From mom-centric jewelry company Made By Mary, this necklace features a 1-inch vertical bar that reads “mama” across it. Available in gold filled, silver, or rose gold filled, this dainty necklace is a sweet choice for a mom-to-be.

This is an especially great gift idea for your pregnant wife if you already have a child (or a few!) because it comes with a circular pendant that can be engraved with the number of children you have. Alternatively, if this baby will be your first, you can engrave the pendant with the first initial of your baby’s name, your wife’s initial, or the initial of your shared last name.


A cute case for her headphones

If your pregnant wife uses her AirPods day in and day out, a new case for her headphones can be a fun gift idea for Mother’s Day. From Casely, the eye-catching design of this AirPods case features rainbow waves in pastel hues that are all at once calming and fun to look at.

This case accessory is designed to slip over her existing AirPods case to provide an extra layer of protection that will help keep them safe if accidentally dropped. Additionally, the secure case features a clip ring that can be attached to her bag or her keyring so that she’ll never lose track of them. (Between pregnancy brain forgetfulness and the hectic schedule of a new mom, this will be a huge help!) The case is both wireless charging capable and allows for lighting cable access, so it won’t impede the functionality of the actual AirPod case whatsoever.


A belly casting kit

One idea for a Mother’s Day gift for your pregnant wife that she can enjoy for years to come is a belly casting kit. This Pearhead Belly Casting Kit from Target can be used at home to create a plaster cast mold of your wife’s belly bump. It’s an adorable keepsake that she can display at her baby shower, in the baby’s nursery, or just have as a keepsake to remember this time in her life.

The materials within the kit are non-toxic and 100% safe for both mom and baby. It comes with easy-to-follow instructions, and though some reviews state that it can be a little messy, the casting process is pretty straightforward and simple to do. Once the cast is dry, it can be decorated with paint or left plain white.


Soothing body butter

With all of the changes that an expectant mom’s skin goes through during pregnancy, it can be really helpful to use an extra-hydrating moisturizer to keep skin healthy and glowing. Ornami’s Let That Mango whipped body butter is handcrafted with all natural, vegan, and cruelty-free ingredients like shea and mango butters, squalene, and jojoba oil. The nutrient-rich ingredients help smooth and soothe, relieve itching and peeling (super important for a growing belly), and rejuvenate skin.

If you really want to treat your wife to an extra special gift this Mother’s Day, you can fill a basket or gift bag with various bath and body items like bath salts, body oils, scrubs, and more to accompany this luxe body butter. She’ll love exploring all of the goodies and getting to relax and enjoy treating her skin especially well during pregnancy.


A silk pillowcase with a zipper closure

Another luxurious Mother’s Day gift idea for your pregnant wife is a silk pillowcase to help keep her skin and hair in tip-top shape as she sleeps. From Shhh Silk, this standard queen-size pillowcase is made from 100% mulberry silk. It’s hypoallergenic, helps reduce knots and split ends in hair, reduces friction against the skin, and helps facial skin retain moisture overnight. The violet grey color is a beautiful choice for a Mother’s Day gift (and one that she can absolutely pack in her hospital bag), but this pillowcase also comes in a variety of different color choices.

One of the most frustrating things about using a silk or satin pillowcase is that they can sometimes slip off as you toss and turn throughout the night. Because this particular pillowcase has a zipper closure on the end, it will stay put no matter what. For an additional $25, you can also have this pillowcase embroidered with your wife’s monogram to make the gift extra special.


Luxe maternity leggings

The thing about leggings is that they’re much more comfortable than regular pants, so they are absolutely an essential part of a pregnant person’s wardrobe. If you’re looking to splurge on a luxurious pair of leggings for your pregnant wife’s Mother’s Day gift, the Louisa maternity and postpartum support leggings from Kindred Bravely are a top choice.

Made from a high-quality blend of polyester and spandex, these legs are specifically designed to support a growing belly with an ultra-high stretch waist panel. They’re made with light compression to help keep mom comfy and supported both during pregnancy and throughout the postpartum period. They’re machine washable, durable but super soft, come in four different colors, and have deep side pockets. They’ll definitely be your wife’s new go-to legging.


A clean house

For me, one of the hardest things to do during pregnancy was clean my house. All of the bending and stooping required to scrub toilets and showers paired with pushing a vacuum or mop around was a recipe for disaster for my pregnant body. If you really want your wife to take it easy while she’s expecting, you can give her the gift of having a sparkling clean home for Mother’s Day without having to lift a finger.

TIDY is a national service that dispatches local cleaning professionals across the country. When you give your wife a TIDY gift card, she can use it to book a custom house cleaning service with a professional housekeeper in your area. You can select any amount for the gift card, but TIDY recommends $150 for a standard house cleaning. The gift card is also fully refundable if for some reason your wife doesn’t love the idea and just wants to do all of the cleaning herself. (But honestly, it may still be worth hanging onto for after she gives birth!)


A mom candle in her favorite scent

A scented candle is a pretty standard Mother’s Day gift idea — as long as it smells good, it’s hard to go wrong with a candle. But if you want to give your pregnant wife a candle for Mother’s Day this year, consider a candle like this one from Etsy seller The Burnt Rose Shop on Etsy. Across the front of the glass jar the phrase “hey, hot mama” is printed in pretty script alongside a blooming flower. These hand-poured soy candles are made in small batches and come in your choice of fragrance. (Choose from sandalwood rose, palo santo citrus, lavender driftwood, vanilla woods, surprise me, forever red, or vanilla pipe tobacco.)

Not only is this gift a delightful-smelling candle that will fill your home with your wife’s favorite scent, but it will remind her each time she sees it that you think she’s hot stuff. As someone who has been pregnant twice, I cannot stress enough how important it is to make sure your wife feels loved and attractive during this time. This candle is the perfect way to do that.


A personalized water bottle

Among the essentials your wife will use daily both during pregnancy and throughout the postpartum recovery period, a large, insulated water bottle is an absolute necessity. If you want to make sure she not only has something that’s practical, but also cute and fun, as a Mother’s Day gift this year, consider an engraved water bottle like this one from Etsy seller Sorta Silly.

This 32-ounce water bottle features double wall vacuum insulation, so it will keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot. It has a sport top spout, convenient carrying handle, and in silver laser etching on the front it reads “Best Mom Ever” in a fun, heart-adorned script. The pink color is a cute choice for a Mother’s Day gift, but if that’s not your wife’s style, it also comes in a plethora of other colors including blue, black, coral, and navy.

Whether you opt to get something sentimental, luxurious, and/or practical, these Mother’s Day gift ideas to get for your pregnant wife show that you put some thought into your gift selection.

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