Mother's Day

13 Mother’s Day Nail Ideas That’ll Look So Cute At Brunch

Show your nail tech right this second.

What are your Mother’s Day plans this year? Hosting or heading out to brunch with your mom friends? Making breakfast at home with the fam before opening a few gifts? In a perfect world, you have a spa appointment for a facial and a massage and whatever other luxe treatments your heart desires. If you want to feel all pretty and put together for the day, here are some super cute Mother’s Day nail inspo photos to take with you to your manicure appointment.

Mother’s Day nails could go in a lot of different directions. You might ask your nail artist to paint your child’s name or first initial on your nails, or maybe you opt for a polish that’s your child’s favorite color. Maybe this year you go all in and surprise your little one with a full set inspired by their favorite book or movie character. Or, you could lean into the fact that it’s springtime and do fun floral nails in a pastel or bright, joyful color palette. Whatever you choose, just make sure it makes you feel good — it’s Mother’s Day, for crying out loud. Which, by the way, means you should also get the ultra deluxe pedicure with the hot stones while you’re at the salon.


These Cool Lettered Nails

These gorgeous nails by @cynvixiousnails will make you look like the coolest mom ever. It’s a subtle, beige-toned French mani with classic script lettering (and of course it could say Mom, Mommy, or whatever your kids call you).


Simple Script Mother’s Day Nails

Same idea, different execution. This set is proof that short nails can have fun, too, and even the girlies without long tips can ask for a little art now and then.


Happy, Colorful Floral Nails

This set by Nailboo Creator Lesley Stanger is so fun for a patio brunch or Mother’s Day get-together with family. The colors are the perfect transition palette from spring to summer.


A Dried Flower Mani

You’ll need to call ahead and check with your nail artist to see if they have a dip powder with teensy little dried flowers inside. But if they do, show them this pic of Nailboo Creator Lesley Stanger’s nails, which have a beautiful pearly finish and are topped with the sweetest little blue florals.


“Mum” In A Floral Font

If you like the idea of floral nail art and script, you need not choose between the two. These nails are so sweet, still very readable, and are just the cutest way to celebrate your favorite title.


Pastel French Tips

OK, if this isn’t the cutest manicure ever... A pretty pink base with little pastel tips is the perfect nail look for spring, and will look pristine clutching a mimosa, venti iced coffee, or your celebratory beverage of choice when the kids bring you breakfast in bed.


Mother’s Day Nails With Pink Roses

These little rose tips are so darn cute. Customize them to your liking by asking for a certain type of flower, a different color, or a glossy top coat instead of matte.


Character Nails

This Pooh Bear set is seriously adorable. Choose a character or two — depending on how long your nails are and how much room you have to work with — from your child’s favorite show or book. Let your artist put together a set inspired by them so you’ll think of your little one every time you glance at your nails.


Subtle Nails Inspired By Your Kid

If a full-blown scene from a book is not going to fit on your nails, fear not. Choose a signature attribute of your child’s fave character (like Minnie Mouse’s bow) and let your artist run with that.


Coral Chrome Tips

Chrome is everywhere right now with no signs of leaving the scene. This coral chrome set screams spring, and would go with any Mother’s Day outfit beautifully.


Orange & Blue Mother’s Day Nails

Orange nails don’t get enough love. This set by Nailboo Creator Lesley Stanger feels festive and cheery without being so Mother’s Day focused. That way, they won’t feel out of date after May 12 while you wait for your next nail appointment.


Pretty Green Floral Nails

A design like this one by Nailboo Creator Lesley Stanger is super versatile — you could ask for it in any color palette according to your child’s favorite hue, or hide their initial somewhere among the flowers.


A Hilarious Spin On Script

Listen, MILFs are having a moment, and you need not shy away from the status. This set is so fun and perfect for the mom with a sense of humor.

Whichever tips you pick, they’ll look so cute during your Mother’s Day celebrations this year.