That Viral “My Name Is Chicky” TikTok Trend Actually Comes From A Children’s Song

If it’s not already stuck in your head, it will be soon.

While scrolling through TikTok, you have probably seen people dancing their hearts out to a song called “My Name is Chicky.” The viral trend usually involves four people, who lip sync the four different parts of the song — Chicky, Cha-Cha, Boom-Boom, and Lya-Lya — while doing exaggerated and silly dance moves. The song is upbeat, catchy, and just a little ridiculous, so obviously we can’t stop watching these videos. Just when you stopped singing “We Don’t Talk About Bruno,” every five minutes, new music comes along to live rent-free in your head! And as it turns out, this TikTok trend actually comes from a children’s song by the group D Billions.

People are loving the “My Name is Chicky” videos on TikTok.

Songs set to “My Name is Chicky” are getting millions of likes on TikTok because they are so fun to watch. Commenters on the video posted by TikToker @ellieblackkk are totally impressed, with one user saying, “this was surprisingly so good” and another commenting, “can never stop watching these.”

TikToker @taeminswifefr posted a version of the video, writing “can’t do anything right without 100 tries bruh.” It does seem like it would take a lot of practice to coordinate the four dance moves to the music while making it look so effortless!

Another TikToker @aquajock_h2bro has 8.3 million likes on his version of the viral song — Chicky went so hard he lost his hat in this one!

The trend involves singing and dancing.

Because it’s TikTok, the “My Name is Chicky” trend involves dancing! Each of the four characters have a signature move, with people often shaking their booty to Chicky, swaying their hips to Cha-Cha, popping their hip and moving their arms to Boom-Boom, and doing something over the top (like leaping in the air!) to Lya-Lya.

“My Name is Chicky” is a children’s song.

The viral song is by group D Billions, and it has over 700 million views on YouTube. It features four colorful characters who keep kids entertained with their big expressions, fun dance moves, and extremely catchy music. They have tons of other videos as well, encouraging kids to eat fruits and vegetables, learn their numbers, dance, and do fun challenges (like drawing with no hands). The group first uploaded a video to YouTube in 2019, and now they also have videos in Spanish and Russian. Parents can even listen to D Billions in the car with their kids, as they have released two albums, available on Spotify: 2021’s Music Box and 2022’s Gugu Gaga.

These videos are guaranteed to make you want to get up and move! Turn on the D Billions YouTube Channel and have a dance party with your kids.