The New Potato Head Family Toys Are Wonderfully Inclusive

Hasbro introduces a new inclusive way to play with this nostalgic fave.

Soon, the spunky spuds your kids know and love from the Toy Story franchise and beyond will have limitless potential to build families that look just like their own — no matter what that means for them. The new Potato Head My Potato Family from Hasbro will officially drop the "Mr." and "Mrs." titles to offer a more inclusive way to play.

Set for release in the fall, the new Potato Head set includes two large potato bodies, one small potato body, and 42 accessories. Intended for kids ages 2 and up, like the original Potato Head toys, the pieces included in the My Potato Family set are perfectly-sized for little hands.

With this new set, kids will be able to mix and match accessories to create families with two moms, two dads, or one of each in order to more accurately reflect all of the different ways that a family can look. Even for kids living in single-parent households, playing with this family set could allow them to imagine the second large potato as their teacher, a neighbor, or a grandparent. The possibilities are truly endless.

The accessories included in the set truly do allow kids the ability to switch it up and play with a variety of looks on their Potato Head bodies. In addition to more traditional Potato Head accessories for the large potato bodies like the iconic round, bright red nose, traditional black mustache, and pink rounded ears, there's also a funky ponytail with a colorful stripe, some cool black kicks with white laces, and more.

For the small potato body, kids can express a wide range of emotions on the baby potato head using the assortment of new expressive eye and mouth pieces. Kids can use the different pieces to make the little potato head baby body look like they're crying, sleeping, or even perfectly content while sucking on a pacifier with their tiny green sprout "hair" — it's seriously adorable.

What's more, if your kids already have a collection of Potato Head parts, most will be compatible with this new family set, giving them even more options for creating their own potato families and communities. This fun set truly is poised to take your child's playtime creativity to a whole new level.

The Potato Head My Potato Family set will retail for $19.99, and will be available to purchase through most major online retailers Fall 2021.