It's Fall, Y'all

Laughing men drink beer and toast themselves in the beer garden at Oktoberfest.

These Oktoberfest Instagram Captions Will Get Likes & Prosts

A toast to beers and bratwursts.

Late September through early October every year, lederhosen-ed people flock to Munich, Germany for Oktoberfest. This annual party is all about enjoying beer, traditional German foods, and time with friends and loved ones, so there will be plenty of photos to post that need Oktoberfest Instagram captions. So, if you’re a little more into beer and pretzels than apple picking this time of year, check these phrases out.

And while not everyone can make it back to Oktoberfest’s birthplace in Germany, lots of towns and breweries host their own Oktoberfest events to celebrate the same spirit of getting together and raising a glass. No matter where you celebrate, just be sure to share the pics later.

Oktoberfest Instagram Captions About Beer

Whether you traveled to Germany or are celebrating Oktoberfest at a local event, they’re all going to have one thing in common: there will be beer. And if a stein of golden brew is one of your favorite things, well, these are the captions for you:

  • Hoppy Oktoberfest!
  • Life is brewtiful here.
  • Ready or not, beer I come!
  • Cheers to Okto-beer-fest.
  • Pitcher perfect.
  • Sip’s about to get real.
  • I’ve never been hoppier.
  • Hail to the ale.
  • Just call me Albert Ein-Stein.
  • I just rescued some beer. It was trapped in a keg.

Oktoberfest Instagram Captions in German

Oktoberfest is a great excuse to brush up on your German expressions (and you may want to learn even more if you’re actually traveling to the country itself for the holiday). But these will definitely help you get by on the ol’ Insta.

  • Prost! (Cheers!)
  • Ein prosit! (Also: Cheers!)
  • Ich liebe bier. (I love beer.)
  • Noch ein Bier, bitte! (Another beer, please!)
  • Ein Prosit der Gemütlichkeit. (A toast to cheer and good times.)
  • Mehr bier, bitte! (More beer, please!)
  • Halt deine Lederhosen fest! (Hold on to your Lederhosen!)
  • Ich bin ein Oktoberfester! (I am an Oktoberfester!)

Oktoberfest Instagram Captions About the Food

Beer isn’t the only tradition at Oktoberfest — you’ve got to try everything on the menu. From pretzels to brats and wursts of all kinds, you’ll be glad you got your snack on between all those beers.

  • My bratwurst brings all the girls to the yard.
  • Feeling bratty.
  • I love the wurst puns, especially this time of year.
  • Before I brew it, the pretzels were gone.
  • My lederhosen is feeling a little tight.
  • I don’t give a schnitzel.

So, what little saying will make your lederhosen selfie go viral this Oktoberfest?