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14 Halloween Costumes To Channel Your Inner Olivia Rodrigo

Come on, you know you’ve been singing into your hairbrush.

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It’s no surprise you or your kid want to dress up as superstar singer and songwriter, Olivia Rodrigo: the 20-year-old is super talented, her ballads are catchy and relatable, the release of her second album, Guts, earlier this makes her extra relevant this year, and her ‘90s-inspired, slightly grungy style is always on point. You’re bound to run into a handful of Olivia Rodrigos this halloween.

Rodrigo, who got her start on the Disney channel, released her debut album, Sour, in 2021 and her songs have been steadily holding spots in the top 10 of the Billboard top 100 chart ever since. In addition to her angelic voice, she’s known for serving major looks in her music videos, at her red carpet appearances, and on her personal Instagram page. And as you’d probably guess, her amazing clothes tend to be one-of-a-kind or custom designer pieces (she also incorporates a ton of vintage and second-hand looks). But that doesn’t mean you can’t recreate Rodrigo’s looks for yourself.

Whether your child wants to channel the star this Halloween, or you and a group of friends feel like dressing like a gaggle of different versions of Olivia, we have costume ideas so you can look just like the singer, no designer pieces necessary.

1. Olivia Rodrigo in the “Vampire” music video

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Here’s a nice and simple costume idea. You can’t see what Rodrigo is wearing on this cover, so you can wear whatever you want, but a white dress (or a skirt and top) like what she wore in the music video for “Vampire” works. Of course, you’d also need some light purple Band-Aids and dark lipstick to go with it. Oh, and don’t forget the fake blood.

2. Olivia Rodrigo during her Tiny Desk Concert


For her Tiny Desk concert with NPR in 2021, Olivia sang four of her most beloved songs — good for you, traitor, driver’s license, and deja vu. She wore a purple sweater with a red lining (which is suprisingly hard to find but don’t worry, we found a similar one), with a black and white skirt and Royal Stewart tartan shoes.

3. Olivia Rodrigo Performing at the 2023 VMAs

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Olivia performed at the Video Music Awards this year, where she was nominated for Best Pop Video for vampire. You can definitely find a smaller red bra top to do this costume, but if that’s not quite appropriate, a red tank is also a good option. With the leg warmers and matching skirt, you’ll look just like she did when she sang vampire and get him back that night.

4. Olivia Rodrigo at Glastonbury Festival

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The singer took the stage at Glastonbury Festival in 2022 in a fun purple plaid top (it’s actually a bathing suit top from British-Bulgarian brand, Chopova Lowena that you can buy at SSENSE) and a printed pleated mini, matching gloves, fishnet stockings, and tall black boots. You don’t need to shell out $400 for the top however; this look is easy to recreate and pretty comfortable because the boots have a thick sole. Carry a microphone or purple guitar to seal the look.

5. Olivia Rodrigo’s August 2023 Vogue Cover

Olivia’s Vogue cover from the August 2023 was gorgeous, yet the actual outfit was simple. In the image shot by photographer Théo de Gueltzl, she’s wearing a metallic Emporio Armani dress with buttons down the front and a black fabric flower at the neck. Gueltzl has her posing casually alongside a plain ivory wall, the perfect surface to cast her shadow, and grass and hills in the background. A red lip and straight hair polishes off this sleek look.

6. Olivia Rodrigo in the Driver’s License Video

Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to recreate Rodrigo’s look in her hit song, Driver’s License, which debuted in January 2021 at No.1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart (and became the longest running No.1 hit on the global chart). All you’ll need to pull off this costume is a pair of loose-fitting black jeans (“mom jeans”, if you will), plus a smocked shirt in a sage green and a pair of chunky white sneakers. If you or your kid holds a pretend driver’s license, they’ll be no mistaking who you’re dressed up as. If Halloween is chilly where you are, you could layer a long-sleeved shirt under the top, or even opt for an Olivia-approved jacket (like the Sour Letterman Bomber).

7. Olivia Rodrigo at the White House

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Olivia Rodrigo visited the White House in style to encourage young people to get vaccinated (thanks Olivia!) She wore a vintage Chanel tweed suit, black socks, and towering Giuseppe Zanotti platform shoes. You don’t need designer pieces to pull off this iconic costume, however, you just need to know where to get the dupes. You can find a pink plaid suit for kids at Walmart and some awesome retro-inspired chunky heels from Anthropologie (they’re a super light lavender shade). You’ll look ready for your Halloween White House debut in no time.

8. Olivia Rodrigo in the Deja Vu Music Video

Deja Vu is the second single off the singer’s debut album, Sour. The music video begins with her looking very retro with a headscarf, vintage sunglasses, layered necklaces, and a simple white tank. This is a costume you can pull together at the last minute, and really any scarf will do.

If you’re really trying to get the most authentic Olivia Halloween costume, you could get a steering wheel as a prop (and maybe pose for a pic in a convertible if you’re lucky enough to have a friend with one). Add a pouty face and you’ll be serving up Olivia vibes all night.

9. Olivia Rodrigo on the Cover of Sour

The album cover for Sour is instantly recognizable, plus all you’ll need to recreate this Rodrigo look is a bunch of bright stickers, a fuzzy tank, layered necklaces (plus plenty of rings), and maybe a pop of plaid on the bottom.

Etsy is the spot to get stickers that really look like the ones the 20-year-old singer wears on the cover of Sour.

The layered silver necklaces and stacked rings, along with the apathetic expression, slightly chipped black nail polish, and Rodrigo’s signature long wavy hair will help bring this look to life.

10. Olivia Rodrigo at her Sour Prom Party

Rodrigo debuted her Sour Prom concert film via livestream, and to celebrate, she had a prom-themed party with some friends. As documented on Instagram, Rodrigo wore a vintage Betsey Johnson slip dress and glittery teal platform heels. Don’t forget the corsage and the memorable pigtails when trying this look.

There’s actually quite a bit of vintage Betsey Johnson from the ‘90s available on Etsy, but if you’re not looking for a designer piece, there are plenty of silky pink floral dresses out there that won’t break the bank (and that you may love enough to wear again).

11. Olivia Rodrigo in the good 4 u music video

In the music video for her song, good 4 u, Rodrigo donned a classic cheerleader uniform with some unexpected details like black opera gloves, and cute ‘90s inspired hair clips. Fans of the star will know exactly who you or your kid is dressed in this look.

The good news is that you can find a look to replicate the Olivia Rodrigo cheerleader costume at most party stores. You can also DIY this costume if you have a pleated mini by taping some stripes to a solid tank and adding inexpensive pom-poms to give it a rah-rah vibe. If you’re posing for a Halloween pic in your Olivia Rodrigo costume, be sure to include the big trophy in the foreground.

12. Olivia Rodrigo In ‘Brutal’ Music Video

Rodrigo’s grunge pop song, Brutal, is filled with angst-ridden lyrics about the perils of being a teen, but it’s also chock full of amazing outfits. The video, which is old through the lens of ‘80s and ‘90s video games, starts with her in a minty green ballet outfit, and she quickly changes into a structured tutu dress (shown above) with fishnet sleeves attached (her pink tulle dress is once again vintage Betsey Johnson).

It’s fun to grunge up a classically delicate ballet outfit with some ‘90s details like fishnets. But if that’s not your vibe, there are plenty of cool outfits to choose from within in the video, including a plaid two-piece skirt and top set, or a pair of silver bell bottoms and a matching zipped up vest.

13. Olivia Rodrigo at the 2023 Grammys

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This may be a more expensive look to achieve, but if you have the viral SKIMS dress, you can easily recreate Olivia’s Grammy’s look. This one might be better for older fans of Olivia celebrating Halloween this year — like her voice, her fanbase has such a range. So if your main goal is too look hot this Halloween, here’s a good option.

14. Olivia Rodrigo as Nini in HSMTMTS


Olivia’s rise to fame started with her time on Disney, especially when she played Nini on High School Musical: The Musical: The Series. Her song All I Want was a song that drew a lot of attention toward her musical talent.

This look was cute and definitely something you can rewear — if you wanted something lowkey but still want to participate in dressing up, give this a try.

You or your kid (or both of you) can channel your inner Olivia this Halloween with these Olivia Rodrigo costume ideas that you may actually get to wear again.

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