Pi Day

Celebrate March 14 with these pun-filled Pi Day Instagram captions.

40 Pi Day Instagram Captions Perfect For The Date

They’re 3.14 times cooler than your old math teacher.

Like clockwork each March 14, your most mathematically inclined friends will inevitably make a pithy Pi Day social media post to mark the occasion. You can count on it — like the number itself, it’s a constant. If you’re feeling celebratory yourself, you could solve a brain-busting math problem, order a pizza, or bake a delicious dessert, but posting one of these Pi Day Instagram captions is another sweet way to observe the holiday.

When you think about it, the entire concept of Pi Day is just one big pun. Though the holiday is mostly celebrated by math teachers and other lovers of numerology, the pi/pie connection is not lost on even the youngest pupils. After all, what better excuse is there to serve up a slice of apple pie to elementary schoolers, if not a day meant to celebrate a specific numerical value?

Funny Pi Day Instagram Captions

  • Easy as pi.
  • Apple of my pi. (Posted with a pic of your kiddos!)
  • Cutie pi.
  • The perfect day to be irrational.
  • Today feels so well-rounded.
  • Pi love you so much.
  • Being rational is hard.
  • Come to the nerd side, we have pi.
  • Have an irrational day!
  • Be like pi — don’t ever stop.
  • Here’s some info (3.1)for you: Today is Pi Day.
  • I hated math until I found out it was really just about eating dessert.
  • Pi: Irrational, but in the best way.
  • I really love Pi Day. If only it could go on forever…
  • Can’t stop, won’t stop. It’s Pi Day!
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Pi Day Instagram Captions To Post With Your Pie Pics

  • Behold, a humble pi!
  • You can catch me around this pi(e) with a fork in my hand today.
  • Pie should be infinite.
  • Too much of this and I’ll also be well-rounded.
  • Let them eat pie!
  • May pie be ever in your flavor.
  • Pi makes everything better.
  • Gotta chow down today.
  • Keep calm and eat pie.
  • Pie forever, just like the number.
  • I like pi as much as I like pie.
  • After I eat all of this, I’ll need 3.14 days to recover.
  • The larger the pie, the more servings you get.
  • The day is just better when there’s a pi in it.

Jokes To Use As Pi Day Instagram Captions

  • What’s a shark’s favorite dessert? Octo-pi.
  • How many bakers does it take to bake a pie on March 14? 3.14
  • Why should you never ask pi for advice? It’ll go on forever.
  • What did pi say to their partner during an argument? Stop being so irrational.
  • What do you get when you divide a jack-o-lantern’s circumference by it’s diameter? Pumpkin pi.
  • Why isn’t pi on Twitter? 280 characters isn’t enough.
  • What do you call sheep that gather in a circle? A Shepherd’s Pi.
  • What is a mathematician’s favorite reptile? A pi-thon.
  • Why did pi have it’s drivers license revoked? It didn’t know when to stop.
  • What’s a math teacher’s favorite dessert? Pi.
  • What do you get when you divide the sun’s circumference by it’s diameter? A pi in the sky.