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12 Genius Floats With Canopies (& Cupholders), So You Never Have To Leave The Pool

Throw some shade with these floats.

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These days, there’s no shortage of fun pool floats available. You can find funky floats that look like anything from a diamond ring or a narwhal to any food item you can imagine — a taco, a hot dog, a gummy bear. But if you’re trying not to get a sunburn while you're floating the day away (which is too easy to do because the floats are so comfy you may not want to hop off to reapply SPF) these pool floats with canopies or sun shades are a dream (and so your derm doesn’t come for you, yes you still need to wear sunscreen).

Whether you’re looking for a pool float for your baby or toddler, or a floaty with a canopy for a gaggle of adults, there’s a float for that. Many of these have removable canopies so you can alternate between getting some sun and staying shaded. Unless there’s a giant tree nearby, the nature of most pools and lakes is that they’re exposed to the sun, and a canopy helps to add a bit of much-needed shade. This is especially important for babies who can’t yet wear SPF. From unicorns and cars to loungers and floats with back rests, read on for the best pool floats with canopies that the whole family will love.


The best party pool float with canopy

Stay shady with this fun, summer cabana lounger pool float. It has a bold tropical leaf print (which is so much more exciting than a solid color) and the curved and ribbed design adds ergonomic neck and back support; plus this one is big enough to fit all your friends (well, at least three of them). It has side ropes which make it easy if you need to tie it up, and handles in the front and back for pulling. Best of all, the large shade covers the whole float.


The best shark-themed pool float with canopy

Jaws, but make it fun. Known as “Nibbles,” this shark pool float is over four feet wide and has a four feet table with a built-in shady cover that moves with you. If your kids (or you) chose to swim face down in the water, the float looks like a scary shark skimming the surface of the water. It’s made of a durable vinyl that can handle plenty of pool games.


The best inexpensive pool float with canopy

A nice pool float doesn’t have to break the bank, as this simple but effective pool float with shade cover from Amazon shows. It has a built-in cupholder, a comfy backrest and a place to prop your feet, plus of course, a full-size canopy that covers the full float. The canopy can be adjusted for more or less shade, and this fits adults or kids. Some reviewers noted that lowering the canopy caused it to fall under the float, making it act as an an anchor — but if you plan to leave the canopy up that won’t be an issue.


The best pool float with canopy for babies

If you’re planning to bring your baby into the pool with you, a cute baby float with a canopy is always helpful to have. The shade on this one is UPF 50 which helps prevent sun exposure (though SPF for old-enough babies is still a must); the canopy is also removable for cloudy days. This float is super affordable, and it also allows for older babies to practice backstroke or breaststroke (with adult supervision). There’s also a swim buoy on the back which helps to prevent the float from flipping.


The best pool float with canopy for adults

If your summer plans involve lounging in the pool for hours without getting a sunburn, then this one's for you. The white pool float with canopy won’t get too hot in the sun the way some of the darker floats do, and the fabric sun shade provides a bit of protection from the sun (it can be removed if you need a dose of vitamin D). It has two cup holders so you and a pal can enjoy a drink as you float, and the bottom is thick and extra durable.


The best pool float with canopy for toddlers

If you have a sparkle-loving little one, then they’ll adore this unicorn float for toddlers. It can be helpful to have a cool pool accessory if they’re wary of getting in the water, and this float delivers on the fun front. It has glitter inside the inner tube, a rainbow tail, and of course that golden horn. In addition to a sun canopy, the float has handles that make it easy for parents to tow their child in the water.


The best pool recliner with a canopy

If your idea of relaxing this summer is reading in the pool, then you may want a reclining pool float with a canopy. With armrests, a backrest, headrest, and ottoman, this is basically like a floating couch that you can recline fully on. This one’s designed to be used by one adult at a time, and it has a weight capacity of 250 pounds. One cool thing about this pool float is that the seat is mesh, so you can still feel the coolness of the water as you relax and read or sip your drink.


The best FUNBOY pool float with canopy

How fun is this golf cart pool float from FUNBOY? The fringed sunshade can be removed to make it more of a pool convertible. There’s room for two adults to ride side-by-side, and there are two cup holders so you can hydrate (or have some sangria) as you float. This is made in the USA and is made of a durable plastic that’s designed not to lose air. Beep beep.


The best car-themed pool float with canopy for kids

If your kid is always asking to bring cars into the pool (or they don’t want to get into the water) this car pool float for kids will get them excited to float in style. It’s available in dark blue, light blue, or pink and the thick material is comfy and cushioned. The canopy does not detach on this one, so it may take a little maneuvering to get your baby’s legs into the leg holes.This one’s best for kids under 40 pounds.


The best simple float with removable canopy for kids

If you’re looking for a simple yet cute pool float for your toddler, Maisonette has your back. This white float won’t get too warm in the sun, and it has a removable sun canopy to keep your child shielded. It’s made of a vinyl material that’s easy to wipe clean and it features the words “Play All Day” with a bouncing beach ball graphic. There are other phrases available too, like “Princess On Board” or “Love Bug On Board.”


Best pool float with sunshade for a big group

You and your crew can all hang together on this giant pool float with a large canopy. Three people can fit under the shade, and the float fits about five adults (or up to 992 pounds), each with their own cupholder. This one is roomy and comfy with a mesh insert to let a bit of water flow in. It also has a rope for anchoring in case everyone wants to swim at the same time.


The best baby pool float with harness

Take your littlest one for a dip with this sweet pool float for babies. It has a removable tail fin and sunshade which helps to protect baby's delicate skin (the shade is UPF 50+). This float is actually not inflatable so you don’t have to worry about it popping; instead it’s made of a foam material that allows it to float. Kind of like a carseat for the water, it has a five point harness system with a safety case around the release button so your baby can’t fling themselves out, though of course close adult supervision is necessary.

For days when you and your little ones need to lounge in the pool without getting burned, these pool floats with canopies (plus SPF) will be a savior.

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