These Sesame Street Pottery Barn Halloween Costumes Will Bring You Sunny Days

With everything from Sesame Street to dinosaurs, Pottery Barn’s Halloween costumes have it all.

Spooky season is officially here, which means it’s time to get serious about a Halloween costume for your kids. If you’d prefer not to DIY an October 31 look, the huge collection of Pottery Barn Halloween 2022 costumes could be your best bet. Every Halloween costume from Pottery Barn is well-made, beautiful, and offers the chance to really expand your kid’s dress-up bin. These costumes will last forever.

Whether you want an astronaut, a unicorn, or a piglet, Pottery Barn has just about everything. But some of the best ones this year include the brand new Sesame Street Pottery Barn Halloween costumes for the little muppets in your life. There are three characters to choose from — Elmo, Big Bird, and Cookie Monster — and each one comes in several different sizes for all the little monsters in your house. Seriously, they are the absolute cutest (I mean, a toddler dressed as Big Bird, c’mon) and if you have little ones who are big fans of the street where the air is sweet, these are worth the investment. They’ll be dressing as Elmo all year long.

Pottery Barn Kids also has some great adaptive Halloween costumes this year, so everyone can have a very happy, safe, and adorable Halloween.

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Kid-sized Big Bird Halloween costume

I am in love with this Pottery Barn Halloween costume featuring the one and only Big Bird. The feet are spot on, and to keep things simple, they’re slip-on foot covers. And if it gets cold on Halloween where you live, the material is super comfy and cozy. The eyes and beak of Big Bird are also located right on top, so there’s no need for a fussy mask or having to paint your child’s face. Bonus: the entire costume is one piece and features easy Velcro closure. It’s so cute. If your child uses a wheelchair or a wagon, you could even decorate around them like Big Bird’s nest. Don’t forget his trusty bear, Radar!


A sweet toddler Elmo

As you already know, Elmo loves you, but you’ll also love this sweet toddler Sesame Street Elmo Pottery Barn Halloween costume. Your kiddo doesn’t have to talk in third-person all night in this super fuzzy and cozy costume, but they might as well — they’ll look exactly like Elmo. This is also a full one-piece costume with Velcro closure, and takes away the need for any jacket or outerwear.


The cutest baby Cookie Monster

Since when did Cookie Monster become so cute that I want to eat him like he eats cookies? This Sesame Street Pottery Barn Halloween costume of baby Cookie Monster is so adorable, you’ll want to gobble up your baby. It’s super easy to put on your little one, and even has metal snaps down below for quick and easy diaper changes. It’s another one-piece costume with a hood, but you’ll need to grab some blue socks or shoes to complete the look. I can not get over those eyes on top.


A Tigger that is too cute for words

I believe I am deceased after seeing this Tigger Pottery Barn Halloween costume on a baby. It’s a jumpsuit, with covered elastic around the legs so it will stay in place, making it easier and more comfortable for parents and baby to go trick-or-treating as long as they’d like. The metal snaps on the diaper area make diaper changes no problem, and this Tigger costume is just perfection with its adorable stripes, floppy ears, and fuzzy coat. And we all know the wonderful thing about Tiggers...


A mystical unicorn

This mystical, sparkly, magical unicorn Pottery Barn Halloween costume is the perfect amount of whimsy with its flowing skirt, beautiful pink wings, and of course, perfectly pink horn. The skirt is lined with 100% polyester for those kids who have sensitivities, and the wings attach with velcro straps.


A wild thing

This can double as a birthday party costume if you have a “Wild One” theme. This toddler Where the Wild Things Are “Max” Pottery Barn Halloween costume comes with a crown to go along with the body suit. And it won’t matter how wild your little one is when they’re wearing this costume on Halloween — you’ll be too enamored by their adorableness to care. (Maybe.)


A flashy pterodactyl

Not only are dinosaur costumes the coolest, but one that lights up? Get out of here. This light-up toddler pterodactyl Pottery Barn Halloween costume has flashing lights, making your child extra sparkly and fun, but also safe when they’re trick-or-treating at night because they’ll be hard to miss.


A boo-tiful baby ghost

For the parents who need something quick and easy for Halloween with their infant, but still want to be festive, this Pottery Barn Halloween baby ghost costume is perfection. Your baby will be swaddled and warm, while being incredibly cute. Perhaps they’ll fall asleep from the coziness as you go trick-or-treating with them and eat all their Reese’s.


A ferocious green t-rex

It’s the tail for me. This T-rex Pottery Barn Halloween costume is pretty fantastic, and it’s a new species of T-rex with wings. This set includes one head piece, wings, and a tail, and you provide the green outfit and pair everything with some green chucks. Your kid will be one cool dino.


An out-of-this-world kids astronaut costume

This Pottery Barn Halloween costume of an astronaut is made so well you’d think your child is ready to board a spacecraft and travel to Mars. Super cute for your aspiring astronaut or if they want to dress as one of their heroes like Mae Jemison.

The astronaut costume even has colorful LED lights around the opening of the rocket flames, which not only makes it super fun and unique for your kid, but also keeps them safe as the lights make them more visible at night. The rockets are easily removable, too, since they’re attached with Velcro.


A sweet Winnie-the-Pooh

I can’t with this Pottery Barn Winnie-the-Pooh costume. It looks like it’s as comfy and cozy as pajamas, and the details are so cute. How much does this outfit look exactly like Winnie-the-Pooh? The costume is also softly padded and made with 100% polyester faux fur and lined for sensitive skin, so your child will be ready to hang all night. (Don’t forget the Hunny jar trick-or-treat basket!)

Grab one of these fabulously well made and adorable Pottery Barn Halloween costumes ASAP.