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17 Best Potty Training Products For Toddlers

Because you need all the help you can get.

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Potty training has its frustrating moments, but it’s a rite of passage for children and for their parents. Once your child is potty trained, you’ll feel free leaving the house without diapers and wipes (even if you have several changes of clothes packed instead). But before you get to that point, you’re going to want to check out these potty training products that will make your life a little easier, and hopefully a little less pee-soaked.

On this list, you’ll find just about everything you need for potty training including:

Whether you’re using the Oh Crap! potty training method, trying to potty train in three days, or you’re mostly just winging it, at some point you’ll likely need some potty training tips and tricks. These potty training products are must-haves; they’re all available on Amazon with four or more stars. And while your toddler may not care too much about a mattress liner, they will get excited and hopefully motivated by some of the more fun items on this list. And while you’re pee-proofing your house (pet pads work well on rugs you can’t lift), don’t forget to take a look at your bathroom itself, especially if your kid is standing to pee (bath mats and wallpaper don't always take kindly to that). Read on for potty training products you’ll be happy you have when the sh*t hits the fan, literally.

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The best potty training app

Pros: Award-winning, features a character kids love

Cons: Some kids may get focused on playing the game

How the tables have turned with this fun potty training app, available on Amazon and compatible with Kindles. Your kid will have fun helping Daniel and Katerina use the potty; when Daniel starts wiggling, it’s time to stop playing blocks and head to the potty. They’ll go through the whole routine including wiping, flushing, and washing and drying hands. They can also help mom change baby Margaret’s diaper (which may help to reinforce the idea that they’re big enough for the potty). Plus, this app also contains helpful information for parents from none other than Fred Rogers.

Review: “This was a game changer with my toddler, she was mostly potty trained but was having issues with #2. She loves Daniel Tiger so I pulled up a video of him singing this song on YouTube while she was sitting on the potty and found the app after she kept asking to watch it again. She will now start singing the song and run to the bathroom when she has to potty. Added bonus of the song "wipe and wash and be on your way" is that she is adamant about washing her hands after using the potty every time. Highly recommend for potty training no matter what stage you are in.”


The best character potty book

Pros: Kids feel comfortable with a familiar character guiding the way

Cons: Binding is a little flimsy

It’s helpful for toddlers to get familiar with using the toilet by reading about it or seeing pictures of storybook characters (ideally their favorites, like Daniel Tiger) using the potty. In Daniel’s Potty Time the little tiger learns a hard lesson every kid (and honestly, every adult) needs to face at some point: It’s important to go to the bathroom before leaving the house.

There’s also a fun “I Spy” game that kids can play while they’re sitting on the toilet. And if you’re looking for even more Daniel Tiger potty products, there’s a set that comes with a Daniel doll whose pants and shoes come off for some reason, plus a toilet that makes a flush sound, and a toilet paper holder that spins.

Review: “Great tool to start the potty training process. Love the poster in the back to hang on the bathroom wall! We use it to keep him sitting for a few minutes to try to potty & get comfortable with sitting on the potty.”


The best Sesame Street potty training chart

Pros: Includes a chart, stickers, coloring pages, and activity book

Cons: Only 30 stickers

Leave it to Elmo, Abby Cadabby, and the rest of the Sesame Street crew to keep your kid motivated. It includes an “I’m learning how to use the potty!” pull-out potty chart plus stickers to add to the chart. You can decide if the stickers are the reward in and of themselves, or if your toddler gets a certain amount of stickers they’ll get a surprise or something special.

This Sesame Street Potty Training activity book also has coloring pages with helpful reminders like not using too much toilet paper and washing your hands.

One slight downside is that this only includes 30 stickers (and not all of them are potty related) but that’s easily fixed by buying some additional Sesame Street potty training stickers.

Review: “Worked for our 2 year old. She was potty trained before the second week. The sticker method worked for a little then we resorted to small candies. She’s only had one accident! I’d only suggest buying more stickers!”


The best toilet liners

Pros: Affordable and travel-friendly

Cons: Not the most environmentally friendly

It can be less than ideal to have to empty and clean your kids’ potty training potty every time they use it. The toilet liners for potty training help to make the process a little less messy. The pack includes 32 bags that fit standard sized potties including the Baby Bjorn, OXO, Fisher Price and more. You’ll dump liquid into the toilet or throw away solid waste. These work well on-the-go as well and in situations where a bathroom isn’t available.

Review: “We are pretty much done with potty training but my daughter is still kind of scared to use the big toilet when we go out places. During this process of training these bags have been so helpful when we leave the house. I have a potty just for my car. She just uses it in the car and we throw the bag away when we're done.”


The best dinosaur potty training chart for toddlers

Pros: Comes with plenty of dinosaur stickers

Cons: The concept of a diploma may be a bit advanced for toddlers

A potty training chart is a good way to motivate kids who are not intrinsically interested in using the potty. In addition to plenty of stickers, the chart also comes with a dry erase marker which kids may enjoy using to mark their progress. There’s also a crown, a diploma, and a visual chart with reminders for all the steps to take in the bathroom.

Review: “My two year old could easily understand the steps because of the graphics on it. Great buy! My daughter has now been potty trained for three weeks and I think this helped her to understand the process and motivate her.”


The best potty training book for parents who want to get it done quickly

Pros: Gives step-by-step instructions for how to approach potty training, starting with how to prep your child for the transition

Cons: Some find the method messy or harsh

The “Oh Crap!” Potty Training Method is popular these days, and this book will walk you through everything you need to get started. Beyond just teaching a method, the book answers a lot of common potty training questions like when it’s time to start, what to do at night, and so much more. Some parents find the book a little harsh, while others love it, so it’s a good idea to read before you plan to start the process to see if it works for you.

Review: “Love this book. We've had extremely good results following this method to potty train our 22 month old daughter. It's very comprehensive and answers a lot of questions.”


The best foldable potty training seat

Pros: Folds small enough to fit in a purse and is great for travel; suction cups keep it in place

Cons: No splash guard

With over 11,000 ratings this folding potty training toilet seat is a hit among parents. It’s available in aqua and pink and at less than 10 ounces it’s super lightweight and travel-friendly (and it also comes with a travel bag). Whether you’re going on an overnight trip or just running errands with your toddler, having a travel seat can provide a sense of consistency and make new toilets seem less daunting. This has suction cups to help it stay in place, and it can easily be wiped down.

Review: “This is so handy because it folds so small and I just wipe it down with a disinfectant wipe. I have a boy so I was worried about not having a pee guard but I am more impressed by the suction cups and mobility of the product than the splash guard.”


The best potty training urinal

Pros: Turns peeing in the potty into a fun game

Cons: Doesn’t hold a lot of pee so you should empty frequently

For boys who stand to pee, it doesn’t get much more fun than this frog urinal with a target which may help busy kids actually want to stop what they’re doing to go to the bathroom. The suction cups make the urinal stick to tile or a wall, and you can hang this low for best results (it’s smaller than it looks); then you’ll just empty it into the toilet and pop it back on the wall. The little wheel inside spins when it gets hit by pee, which teaches kids to aim for the center (thereby sparing your walls). It’s available in a couple colors too if green isn’t working for your kid these days.

Review: “After seeing my son use it, I have to say it is a great product. I actually like how small it is. It doesn't take up a ton of room. I bought a second hook for my son's room so at night if he has to go he won't need to go down the hall... and during the day I put it back in the bathroom. It's a win!”


The best travel potty

Pros: Well-made and easy to use

Cons: May not be suitable for older or bigger toddlers with longer legs because it sits so low to the ground

You know how you’re supposed to reassure your toddler that you can almost always find a bathroom? Well, this OXO travel potty makes that sentiment a reality. Long car rides, strolls outside, trips to places where bathrooms are scarce are nothing to fear thanks to OXO. Basically, this has flexible flaps on the sides to hold a plastic bag, and while it may seem weird at first to pee or poop in a bag, it’s better than in their underwear. This can also fit over a public restroom toilet (the legs can be positioned outward so that it’s a flat seat) to make it cleaner and more kid-sized.

Review: “For potty training this really is essential. Now we can leave the house and not worry. Toddler says ‘pee!’ and we can accommodate. Useful in a public bathroom, parking lot, side of the road, etc.”


The best potty watch for toddlers

Pros: Helps reminds kids to use the potty without the need for a parent to step in

Cons: Timer buttons can be difficult to push

If you’re not familiar with a potty watch, it’s a wearable that goes on your kids’ wrist that lights up and makes sounds at regular intervals (30, 60, or 90 minutes). When your toddler hears the song and sees the lights, they’ll know it’s time to go try. The watch, which is suitable for kids ages 18 months and up, makes getting your child into the bathroom less of a battle because it’s not you doing the reminding. Plus what little kid doesn’t love a cool, loud, and bright gadget on their wrist? This is available in pink, purple, or green, just note that it only counts down and does not actually tell time.

Review: Easy for a child to put on. For some reason they don't mind having music telling them to go potty as long as it's not mom or dad telling them! Works great and after a few days, the child tends to not need it. Lol! Worth the money you spent though.”


The best animatronic potty training toy

Pro: The gross factor is novel and incentivizes kids

Con: The sand, while reusable, can be messy

You may find yourself in a beautiful house, with a beautiful spouse, and you may ask yourself, "Well, how did I get this weird turtle who poops?” Yes, potty training can be a strange time, but Shelbert the “Turdle” (can’t make this up) is here to make things a little more fun for your toddler. It comes with its very own potty, and after you feed it a reusable pink sandy substance, it says “Uh oh, gotta go!” and then poops in the toilet (yes, there are sound effects). If your toddler doesn’t even want to step into the bathroom, keeping a special potty training toy like this one in there can be helpful.

Review: “I love this product. My grandson would not go on the potty at all, now that we put this in the bathroom, he is constantly wanting to ‘go to the Potty with his turtle.’”


The best Disney training pants

Pros: It’s reassuring for kids to see a character they love when getting used to wear underwear

Cons: You may be able to see these through thinner pants

Underwear is way more fun when it features your kids’ favorite character. If your toddler is into Minnie, then this set of seven Disney training pants will be a hit. These are also available in smaller sets of three, though you’ll need a fair amount of training pants in the beginning so you always have a clean pair on hand when accidents happen. Training pants mimic the feel of regular undies, and the main difference is that they’re made of a much more absorbent material so the spillage won’t be as bad.

Review: “Tip: for those of you not used to how cloth diapers work, these undies need to be washed 15x before they are absorbent at their fullest capacity.”


The best princess-themed potty training chart

Pros: Includes crown and stickers that are motivating to princess lovers

Cons: Book is flimsy

If you’re trying to limit how many edible awards you give (aka what seems like a thousand M&Ms per day) a reward chart can be fun and motivating. This princess potty training chart is a good option as it rewards more than just successfully using the toilet (because as parents everywhere know, potty training involves a whole lot more than not having accidents). Kids will get stickers if they tell a grown-up they have to go, if they sit there for a bit, when they successfully go to the bathroom, and when they wipe, flush, and wash hands.

The chart itself is magnetic and the stars are magnets, so they can be used again and again. This also comes with a felt princess crown and a book.

Review: “It didn’t work immediately, but my daughter kept asking me to read the book to her. Then suddenly out of nowhere, she became very motivated to get the stars on their chart and to get the crown. Now we are a week in without a single accident and my husband and I are thrilled! The book is a little flimsy, but whatever, it is still together.”


The best potty training car seat protector

Pros: It fully protects the seat and comes in a set of two so you have a backup in a pinch

Cons: There may be leakage in the spot where the buckle comes through

At some point in the potty training process, you’re going to have to venture outside the house with your toddler. While it may be tempting to throw on a diaper for the occasion, you also don’t want to derail the hard-earned progress you’ve made. This car seat protector pad goes over the buckle and fully protects the seat, and the price shown is for a pack of two so you’ll never be without one. When one protector gets wet, it can go in the wash. Designed with safety in mind, this car seat protector meets crash testing standards. You could also use this in the stroller, and they can also be used before potty training to help mitigate the effects of car diaper blowouts.

Review: “These car seat protectors have been fabulous and super user friendly - I have moved them from the car seat to the stroller with ease. They are easy to use/install and very absorbent. So far, we have only had one accident in the car and the carseat wasn't wet when I removed the pad.”


The best mattress liner

Pros: Plush yet absorbent

Cons: May shift a bit with sleep

Godspeed to you if you’re ditching the Pull-Up at night in favor of undies. If you don’t want to change sheets in the middle of the night every time there’s an accident (sometimes more than once) a mattress liner is your friend. It’s soft, so unlike other similar pads, this goes on top of the sheets (right under your kid). It’s a cotton blend that’s quilted so it’s comfy but it has multiple layers to absorb wetness. It also has a non-stick back so it stays in place and it’s machine-washable and dryer safe, which will be helpful during those first few weeks when it’s getting a lot of, shall we say, use.

Review: “I bought these to use while potty training my toddler. I have the waterproof fitted sheet, but wanted something easy to remove to get him back in bed quickly, if there was an accident in the middle of the night. For that purpose it works well. It covers most of the toddler bed, but one night he pushed it down below his feet, and it was ineffective, but that was the only night that happened.”


The best potty training seat with step stool

Pros: Height is adjustable

Cons: Needs to be assembled

This potty training seat includes a step stool so your little one can get themselves onto the toilet. It works well for toddlers who don’t seem interested in potties on the floor, and it gets them used to the idea of using the regular toilet. It fits all standard size toilets and the ladder can be adjusted to best fit your child. It has non-slip handles on the sides so they can hold on, and the step itself is also non-slip. This folds when not in use.

Review: “Our toddler just turned 2 and is super skinny. This chair makes him feel more secure on the potty, so he doesn't feel like he's going to fall in. It fits over our toilet well and is fairly sturdy. I love the splash guard on the front, it catches MOST of the spray, but not always.”


The best potty training target

Pros: Batteries are included and it also works as a nightlight

Cons: Batteries can be tough to change

If getting your son to stand at the toilet or not pee on the floor (and the wall) is proving to be a challenge while potty training, this adjustable potty training target will be helpful. It has an adhesive back that you’ll mount to the lid of the toilet (clean the toilet with alcohol first so it sticks well). The target has a motion-sensor that clicks on when it senses movement, beaming a bright green light into the toilet bowl. This helps kids stay focused on what they’re doing and aim into the water. Plus it’s fun to pee on a laser beam.

Review: “I purchased this product for my two nephews. They were making major messes in the bathroom and my sister was getting frustrated.They love it. Not only is it helpful to keep the seat clean but they are asking to use the bathroom a lot more frequently because it's so fun. That means less accidents and faster potty training.”

No one said teaching your child to use the toilet was easy, but these potty training products can make life a whole lot easier (and drier). Potty training doesn’t have to be an all out struggle thanks to mattress pads, training pants, potty toys, and books for toddlers and adults.

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