Pride Month

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Gorgeous Pride Nails To Inspire Your Next Manicure

Celebrate with these fun and fabulous nail design ideas.

During Pride month, celebrating the LGBTQ+ community by way of sporting rainbow attire, attending parades, sharing social posts, and more helps spread awareness to educate and inform. One of the more creative ways to show your support is with a set of fun and bold Pride nails. Yep, even your manicure can get in on the month-long celebration of inclusivity and love in all forms! Need some inspiration? You’ll find plenty of it here.

From rainbow stripes and glittering accents to bold patterns and not-so-subtle nods to the Pride flag, there's a design on this list to match every style. You can opt for a classic rainbow look, incorporate symbols like hearts and stars, or even experiment with ombre effects and intricate nail art techniques. The main idea is just to choose a design that resonates with you and helps make a statement about love and acceptance to honor the spirit of Pride month.

Get inspired by ideas ranging from simple DIY nail options to more elaborate designs you can show to your manicurist. Whether you're attending a Pride parade, heading to a party, or simply want to express your support all month long, you can adorn your nails with one of these meaningful and eye-catching designs.


Babadook With Rainbows

This fantastic Pride nail design from @foxyclaws on Instagram features the iconic Babadook with bright rainbow tips. Originally a character from a horror film that haunts a suburban family, the Babadook has been embraced in queer culture as a symbol of coming out and self-acceptance. Scroll over on the Insta post and you’ll see the message “Babashook” across the rest of the mani. Simply ahmaaazing.


Classic Rainbow

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It doesn’t get more Pride-themed than a rainbow, so why not turn your hands into their very own rainbow to celebrate? With this idea, each nail is painted a different color of the rainbow to display all the glorious colors. There’s not a simpler DIY nail look for Pride out there, I promise.


Ombre Rainbow

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Pride nails, but make it ombre. From the deep blue base all the way up to the red-orange tips, each color of this rainbow paint scheme has a subtle gradient that gives the set an overall ombre look. It’s chic and celebratory.


Pale Rainbows


Looking for a more subtle way to celebrate Pride? Draw inspiration from these pale rainbow acrylics. Between the paler hues used here and the curvy white lines overlaid on top, the overall look is super subtle but still supportive and joyful.


Minimalist Rainbow Stripe


A rainbow manicure is a vibrant way to celebrate and show support for the LGBTQ+ community, but it doesn’t have to be big and bold to make a statement. Even the minimalist rainbow stripe on this set of Pride nails is still an expression of solidarity or pride in your own identity.


Rainbows On Pale Blue


Bright and super summer-forward, these Pride nails will take you from the parade to the pool all June long! Plus, they’re easy to DIY with a pale blue base coat and thin stripes in a ROYGBIV arrangement across your thumbnails.


Dots & Rainbows


The confetti-style dots on this adorable manicure add an extra layer of festive flair that’s perfect for attending a Pride parade. It’s playful and eye-catching with a rainbow accent nail that embraces the joyful spirit of Pride celebrations.


French Rainbows

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If you usually opt for a French manicure, try these rainbow tips on for size for Pride month. Instead of white tips, sport a different color on the end of each nail. This set even has a fun-looking drip technique and dots of color across the bare part of the nail for added flair.


Clouds & Rainbows


This manicure features summery shades of the rainbow adorned with white clouds and stars that make it look really celestial and pretty. You could lean heavy into the blues and pinks in your own set of Pride nails in a show of solidarity with the transgender community.


Rainbow Stripes


When it comes to Pride nails, the bolder the better, right? Well, this rainbow-striped design is a sweet way to show the LGBTQ+ community some love.


Graphic Decals


With this manicure, you can showcase an array of the Pride symbols that mean the most to you on the white accent nails. The other colors on this set come together to make an entire rainbow.


Subtle Rainbows


You can be loud and proud about your identity but still rock a demure nail for Pride. For a cute, but subtle nod to the month-long celebration, just add a rainbow across your two middle nails atop a nude base.

Wear these Pride nails with... well, pride all June long to show your support for the LGBTQ+ community and celebrate the beauty of love.