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20 Pride Nail Designs To Represent All Month Long

They definitely spark joy.

It’s Pride Month, baby — time for parades, parties, and all-out celebrations of the many wonderful kinds of people and love in the world. However you spend the month of June each year (hitting up events, making crafts as a family, or decorating your house), if you’re a fan of getting your nails done, you’re probably already searching for the perfect Pride nails. Whether you choose colors that represent your identity or opt for bright, bold rainbow nails, there are plenty of inspo pics here to show your nail tech.

Pride Month began after the Stonewall Uprising in June 1969, and it honors the countless contributions of LGBTQ+ people throughout history. In the United States, it’s just as important to uplift these communities today as it ever was. States around the country are blocking teachers from educating kids about gender identity or sexual orientation, and preventing trans youth from accessing gender-affirming care.

It’s always the right time to support LGBTQ+ people by donating to organizations that benefit them, and calling your state lawmakers to advocate for their rights. And sometimes, something as simple as seeing someone with rainbow nails out in public can help them feel celebrated instead of isolated. And if you’re part of the alphabet mafia, well, you deserve to stand out and be seen every day, but especially during your special month.


Rainbow French tips

Come through, cutest nails ever — these rainbow nails add the most fun twist ever to a classic French manicure. This design would look equally amazing on short nails and the longest claws.


A slightly different take on French tips


If you like the rainbow nails and French tips combo, you could also consider a mani like this one by Bellacures. Choose five shades in a rainbow palette you love and you’re off.


Pride nails that have it all

Abstract nail designs are everywhere right now, and this set incorporates the trend alongside some rainbow drip designs, black tips, and a touch of chrome.


Bright, happy rainbow nails

Don’t be afraid to think outside the usual ROYGBIV color scheme for your rainbow nail look. This manicure combines neons and pastels for a fun, summery take.


The cutest Pride nails to ever exist

OK, it doesn’t get much more fun than this. These nails are made for walking through an outdoor Pride Month festival, sipping a yummy drink, and hanging with your friends.


Rainbows for short nails

Short nails may not have as much space for detailed art as longer ones, but fortunately, rainbows can scale up or down as needed. These short tips are proof that Pride nails work for absolutely everyone.


All glitter everywhere

There could always be more glitter, and the artist behind these nails clearly agrees. Choose your 10 favorite shades of the rainbow glitter and go. to. town.


The fiercest French tips

If you did not come to play this Pride, you need these snatched, sharp nails with neon ombre rainbow tips. All your future manicures will feel basic in comparison.


Neon, abstract rainbow nails

This ombre, abstract little squiggle is such a simple concept, but creates such a moment on the nails. You could request it with or without the white tips, on a natural base or over a color. It’ll look amazing no matter what.


Rainbow nails, but make them retro

Something about the color palette of these rainbows, coupled with the little white daisies, has 1960s retro vibes. If you’re usually the type to rock black jeans and band tees, adding colorful nails like this will still feel true to you.


A little ombre moment

If you have makeup sponges at home, you could actually DIY this look yourself. Or, if you’re more of a salon goer, ask your artist for an ombre effect across all five nails.


Pride nails inspired by trans visibility

The flag representing trans people is baby blue, pastel pink, and white. You could pay homage to your own journey or show allyship with a pretty mani like this.


Trans awareness nails, just add glitter

Spread out your nail art and use a few of those mini canvases for a glitter moment, why don’t you? Your nail artist will have so much fun recreating this mani.


And a look for the bi icons

The flag for bisexual folks is bright pink, blue, and purple, just like the accents on this nail look. If you want your nails to share more about who you are, this mani is great inspiration.


French tips made modern

Rainbow nails but neon? Yes please. This paint job has all the trendy appeal of those swirly abstract nails, but focuses the look around the tips like a classic French manicure.


Matte, mostly natural Pride nails

Want something subtler? These little rainbow polka dots on natural-colored nails, all topped in matte top coat, ought to do the trick. Dot finger tattoos definitely add to the effect, but are not required to pull off this look.


Magical rainbow chrome nails

And on the not-so-subtle side are these rainbow unicorn chromed out tips. They’re kind of the coolest, and not for the faint of heart.


Rainbow drips

Listen, if you’re going to go all out on your nail art, Pride Month is the time. This look, with the silver glitter base with rainbow paint drips, is doing the most in the best way.


Rainbow cute-icles


Here’s a great Pride nail look for the corporate babes. The bright white pops (and will complement a summer tan), and the rainbows at the base can be applied to one accent nail, or all 10.


Tie-dye tips

Tie-dye screams summer. Rainbows scream Pride. Nails that do both are truly perfect for the month of June.

What look will you wear on your fingertips to the Pride parade this year? Whatever you choose, you’re going to get so many compliments.