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The Drugstore Liquid Lip I'll Rebuy Forever And Ever, Amen

Revlon can have all my money.

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If you did your makeup during the 2010s, you probably wore your fair share of Urban Decay eyeshadow and full-coverage concealer applied in triangles. Matte liquid lipsticks also had their moment — the budge-proof, ultra-pigmented formulas were the perfect compliment to all. That. Makeup.

In the year of our Lord 2022, clean girl makeup has taken over as the It Look, a no-makeup-makeup style dialed up ever so slightly. It’s all about impossibly radiant skin, natural looking brows, and plump, glossy lips. And unlike a matte liquid lip, glosses only stay put until you need to drink from a cup. Or walk on a breezy day with your hair down. Or maybe even eat food, you know, like a living person.

So imagine my delight when I happened across a beauty influencer’s Tik Tok touting the Revlon ColorStay Satin Ink Liquid Lipsticks as a shiny but lasting lip color that doesn’t transfer when eating or drinking. Better yet, she called it a dupe for the Haus Labs Atomic Shake Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick, which retail for $26. With a wedding coming up, I decided to pick up the Revlon lipstick at the pharmacy and see if it would last through champagne toasts, dinner, and cake. I was not disappointed.


  • Price: $12.39
  • Size: 0.17 oz.
  • Who it’s for: Anyone who wants the lasting power of a liquid lip and the shine of a gloss
  • Pros: It comes in 20 shades, stays on for up to 16 hours, and doesn’t feel dry or crusty throughout the day.
  • Cons: The shade range could be more inclusive — there aren’t any nude hues for deeper skin tones.


Liquid lipsticks are notorious for feeling like they suck the life out of your lips. The ColorStay Satin Inks don’t have the same overly drying effect. The formula includes vitamin E, black currant seed oil, and aloe leaf extract to help hydrate during wear.

How I use it

Anytime I’m doing a full face of makeup, I apply chapstick before I start to make sure my lipstick help my lipstick apply smoothly. Once it has sunken in a bit, I do a little lip liner to define my lip line and help the product last longer.

The Revlon applicator is pointed so you can get a pretty precise application, and the design makes the lipstick collect toward the end. I like to wipe the excess product off on the bottle so I don’t put on too much and make it cake-y. Then, just swipe on and allow to dry fully before you start sipping or smooching or whatever you have planned for your day.

One note: I tend to get a lot of dry patches on my lips, especially during the winter. A few times a week, while brushing my teeth, I use the brush to scrub my lips and exfoliate the crusties away. That probably helps with keeping long-wear products like this from gooping up throughout the day, so I recommend an extra minute to do something similar before you apply.

The verdict

I got ready the morning of the wedding around 10 a.m., and didn’t happen to see a mirror again until around 5 p.m. I was thrilled to see I the lipstick hadn’t committed even a single cardinal sin — it hadn’t migrated outside the liner, caked up in any lines, or disappeared entirely. It started out the day very shiny and had dulled to a satin finish, but otherwise, looked very much the same.

What I did notice throughout the day was that there was never any lipstick left behind on my wine glass, fork, or napkin, something I’d never seen (or rather, not seen) except when wearing aggressively matte, drying products. I have the shade “Partner in Crime,” and based on its performance, I may soon have the other 19 as well.

“Before & after” photos

I don’t have great close-up shots of my wedding lippy, so I did another experiment one recent workday.

Here I am at around 8:30 one workday morning, with a fresh application of Revlon ColorStay Satin Ink Liquid Lipstick in “Partner in Crime.”
And here I am that same day at 5 p.m.— after two meals, many beverages, lots of smooching my toddler, and no re-applying.The author


I wore it to a wedding and didn't have to reapply, saw no transfer on my wine glass, and it still looked nice enough for photos by the end of the event. 10/10 will wear again.

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