serena williams locket and key from the serena williams jewelry by my side collection
Serena Williams Jewelry

Serena Williams' New Mommy & Me Jewelry Collection Is Inspired By Her Mother & Daughter

They're the most important females in her life

There isn't a way to adequately describe the bond between moms and daughters, because it has to be felt to be truly understood. Since it can't be explained with words, the new Serena Williams 'By My Side' Jewelry Collection lets moms and their girls put it on display, instead. The high-quality collection is full of beautiful pieces that represent and celebrate this incredible relationship.

While creating the Serena Williams Jewelry 'By My Side' collection, Williams drew inspiration from her relationship with her own mom, as well as with her daughter, Olympia. "My mom is my number one fan, and the person I look up to the most," Wiliams tells Romper, "I hope I can be that for Olympia, too, and that these special pieces can represent that unbreakable bond." The pieces include an array of options from stud earrings to pendant necklaces chains with scripted phrases. Prices range from $85 for a single piece to $875 for multiples. They can be purchased individually or coupled up for Mommy and Me sets.

Like the mother-daughter bond, the idea of timelessness was key when designing the collection. Williams says she wanted 'By Your Side' to be "full of pieces that you can hold on to and cherish for a lifetime," so she put a lot of love and care into creating pieces that are sentimental, empowering, and made to last. The full-size pieces are made with white, rose, and yellow gold metals while the mini pieces feature sterling silver, and many of them sparkle with ethically-sourced diamonds.

Everything in the collection is beautiful, so choosing which one to get is going to be tough. Williams definitely has a clear favorite, though, "I really loved designing the 'Ma Ma' studs because 'mother' is my favorite title by far that I have earned," she says, "I am so proud to be Olympia’s Mama so I wear these all of the time!" It's not too farfetched to assume that this is the go-to piece of jewelry she wears during her and Olympia's adorable princess-themed dress-up moments. And when Olympia grows up, perhaps this will be one of her favorite jewelry pieces, too.