St. Patrick's Day

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23 St. Patrick’s Day Decorations You Can Buy Or DIY

Green is in this season.

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The luck of the Irish will hopefully abound for all of us this March 17, but if you want to ensure your family has a luck-filled day, help out those plucky leprechauns by putting up some fabulous St. Patrick’s Day decorations. It all starts with a green palette, though we highly endorse playing with the vast range of verdant hues out there.

These creative St. Patrick’s Day decorations you can buy or DIY come from some of the savviest crafters and vendors on the internet and celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in both playful and posh ways. Whether you want to make a sophisticated St. Paddy’s day dinner party (don’t forget the soda bread and Irish stew) or are just looking to find some decorative craft activities you can do with your kids, we’ve got an entire pot of golden ideas you can choose from. There's even a craft that uses empty beer cans to fashion metal shamrocks. How’s that for some earthy-friendly holiday recycling?

Start by pillaging your craft drawer for the necessary tools — scissors, glue, and gold glitter, if you’ve got it — then settle in for a festive afternoon of festive fun that will make your home a celebration of the patron saint of Ireland.

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“Lucky” Penny Sign

Luck generally refers to financial security. So why not send those vibes out into the universe this St. Patrick’s Day with a penny-decorated sign that reads Lucky. Get yourself some large wood letters, spray paint them copper, and then glue on pennies. Voila! A Little Craft in Your Day has a fun St. Patrick’s Day decoration you can keep up year round.


Glittery Top Hat Centerpiece

Leprechaun’s signature look is a green, often sparkly, top hat. Make your St. Patrick’s Day table a little more festive by creating your own top hats. Creative Green Living has an easy to follow tutorial. Grab yourself a glitter foam can, hot glue gun, green glitter, gold ribbon scrap and go crazy. As a bonus, you can attach an elastic thread and make it a real hat for your little one to wear.


Rainbow Flower Pots

A pot of gold at the end of the rainbow isn’t the only reason to celebrate multi hues. They can perk up any atmosphere, just like this DIY Candy rainbow painter is a great way to celebrate the holiday, be it on your porch or inside. One of many easy St. Patrick’s Day decorations you can buy or DIY, this one just requires an assortment of acrylic paints and a sealant to secure them.


A Green Fauna Frame

The beauty of this St. Patrick’s Day decoration you can DIY is that it isn’t right on the nose. It brings green into the house without following the shamrock trope or leprechaun sparkles. What it is is a pressing of a plant wedged in a floating frame. Here Handmade Charlotte suggests taking a palm and artfully placing it in a frame for a unique look.


Saint Pat's Banner

Few things herald a holiday like a banner and this one you can make on your own. A Little Craft in Your Day provides the steps to paint a series of burlap triangles in green and gold for a festive St. Patrick’s Day motif.


An Alternative St. Paddy's Banner

Want to up the shamrock vibe a bit more? Use A Pretty Life’s guide to making a mantle banner complete with glitter shamrocks on each flag. Unlike the burlap option above, this banner is made from paper so you can break out the glue gun to complete it.


Potted Clover Plants

Did you know you can pot clover? You can, and sometimes you can even find the pretty plant blooming. Put it in a nice pot and set it on your dining room table, as Julie Blanner suggests, for a lovely St. Patrick’s Day party.


Lucky Tinsel from Target

Who says tinsel is just for Christmas? Not Target. There you can buy a St. Patrick's Day garland perfect for a banister or mantle. Instead of Christmas tree tinsel, this banner is sparkly green with little shamrocks peppered throughout. And at 25 feet long, it’s enough to cover a banister or entryway making it feel all kinds of festive for the holiday.


Irish Blessing Place Cards

Here’s another lovely decor idea from Julie Blanner. If you’re hosting a little St. Patrick’s Day gathering, decorate each plate with an Irish blessing card. All you need to do is get some pretty card stock and a marker or calligraphy pen. Then find a series of Irish quotes and carefully write them out then place one at each place setting. Guests will love the extra touch and feel of the Old Country.


Pot of Gold Beer Cooler

Turn a circular cooler, trash can, or bin into a pot of gold à la Crafter Hours by wrapping it in a black trash bag and placing a ribbon around it. Cut out a shamrock from empty Heineken can (or really any green paper or fabric) for decoration. You can even add padding under the garbage bag layer (try using bubble wrap, newspaper, or sheets) to give it a bulbous shape.


Succulent Pots of Gold

Even if you’re just a tiny bit Irish you can get in on the fun by dolling up succulent pots with metallic paint. Like mini pots of gold, these adorable and simple project from Delia Creates can be clustered together or sprinkled throughout the house.


Amazon Leprechaun Hat Lights

Light up the night with a string of hilarious leprechaun hat lights that will give your house a glorious glow. This iridescent strand offers 10 feet of top hat fun you can string up anywhere on your property. Perhaps you want to show neighbor’s your Irish heritage. In that case, put these bad boys on the front porch. Or make yourself a St. Paddy’s day tree and twist this line of lights around it for a terrific St. Patrick’s day decoration you can buy.


Lucky Charm Wreath

Your kiddo will love this one. DIY Candy has the 411 on how to turn a box of Lucky Charms cereal into a holiday wreath. All you need is one 12″ chipboard wreath form, hot glue, a box of the cereal, and some ribbon to make it happen.


Shamrock Balloons from Party City

Punch up the playful party vibes with some green foil shamrock balloons. If you're near a Party City, they'll even inflate them in the store for you. You can put some of these 17-inch balloons all over your house (they are only $4 a pop, after all).


St. Patrick's Yarn Vase

This is another decor idea that your kids can lend a hand with. Modge Podge Rocks’ easy yarn vase just requires a glass jar, some green yarn, and Mod Podge, naturally. Paint the glass, then wrap the yarn around it for a fun St. Paddy’s day look.


Clover Sun Catcher

March still may be grey where you live, but that doesn’t mean you can’t brighten things up. This Clover Sun Catcher craft from Pink Stripey Socks adds a little St. Pat’s charm to your windows while providing a family-friendly craft activity you can do with your children.


Felt Shamrock Bouquet

Take some dowels and top them with felt shamrocks, then place them in a DIY upside down top hat for a centerpiece that’s ideal for St. Patrick’s Day. This clever idea comes courtesy of Princess Pinky Girl, who also has a handful of other St. Pat’s activities on her site.


Shamrock Confetti from Walmart

Whether you're looking to dress up your table or add some flair to your windows, these sparkly shamrock confetti pieces can do it all. Sprinkle this 5 ounce bag around your green dishes (boiled cabbage, anyone?) or dress up the dessert table with these lucky charms. Just remember to vacuum after. Confetti likes to stick around long after the holiday has passed.


A Festive Shamrock Bath Mat

Love to sing along to the Dubliners as St. Pat’s approaches. Then extend the St. Patrick’s Day decorations you can buy or DIY to the bathroom with this charming shamrock wreath bath mat. Coming in at 34" x 21”, the large size and microfiber foam gives you a soft place to towel off before the holiday festivities begin.


Painted Mason Jars

The ladies behind the blog This Grandma is Fun have another mason jar-based decor idea for you. Using painter’s tape, you can create a lovely green, gold, and white striped mason jar you can then use as a centerpiece for flowers on the big day.


A Real Pot of Gold

Ok, so “real” is a relative term, but this real sparkly pot of gold fringe wall decor can be displayed to herald the big day. This is an especially fun but of St. Patrick’s Day decor you can buy for kids who are learning all about the holiday at school. At 15 3/4" x 11 3/4", it’ll stand out for sure, whether you tack it to a wall or put it up in a window for passersby to enjoy.


Jo-Ann's St. Patrick's Day Garland

If you're not interested in making your own garland, Jo-Ann's has a great one and a steal at that. This Lucky Garland is 43 inches long so you can choose to put in a variety of spots around your house. Welcome guests to the party by stringing this in your entryway or putting it in front of a snack table to encourage people to graze.


Green Wreath

You don’t have to cover a wreath in Lucky Charms to call it a St. Patrick day decor item. Instead, use pretty green ribbon and wrap a circular frame for this St. Patrick’s Day Decoration concept from Modge Podge Rocks. Then tie it all together with a wooden shamrock painted to match.

With these great decor ideas, you'll be ready to embrace St. Patrick’s Day no matter where you're from.

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