St. Patrick's Day

Feel Lucky All Day With These St. Patrick's Day Wallpapers For Your Phone & Computer

Luckier than a four-leaf clover.

Want to add a little festive St. Patrick’s Day flavor to your tech life? These free St. Patrick’s Day wallpapers for your desktop or phone can bring the luck of the Irish to your fingertips, and make you feel a little more in the spirit at the same time. Sure, you could deck your house out in shamrocks and leprechauns, but if you want to enjoy the “Erin Go Bragh” spirit all day, moving your mouse or swiping your screen to see a little rainbow with a pot of gold might just be an even better option.

These fun and funny illustrations can be applied to an iPhone, Android, PC, or Mac. So don’t let worry over compatibility stop you from going green this March 17 with these oh so Irish St. Patrick’s day wallpaper options.

St. Patrick’s Day wallpaper for your desktop

Some people love to make their computers an extension of themselves, be that with stickers or eclectic Zoom backgrounds, but don’t sleep on the classic wallpaper option. Since it’s so easy to adjust, you can make your desktop background a jolly scene with these holiday appropriate St. Patrick’s Day wallpaper designs for your computer.

St. Patrick’s Day wallpaper for your phone

Might as well dress up your cellphone in fun St. Patrick’s Day wallpaper too while you’re at it. These six St. Patrick’s Day wallpapers will add a green flourish to the celebration. Whether it’s a persnickety leprechaun or a cheery shamrock you’re after, there’s plenty to pick from with these free St. Patrick’s day wallpaper designs.

Make your tech devices an extension of your holiday spirit this year by adding a fun St. Patrick’s Day wallpaper to your phone or computer with these festive options.