Star Wars

Make These Star Wars Recipes, You Must

And may the fourth be with you.

Are you celebrating May the Fourth this year? This date has become a sacred occasion for Jedi and Sith alike, honoring the epic saga and, of course, the Force. Beyond donning robes and wielding lightsabers to observe the day, you can also indulge your inner galactic chef this Star Wars Day with a host of Star Wars recipes. Whether you're craving a Wookiee-sized feast or droid-inspired desserts, there's a Star Wars-themed snack on this list sure to satisfy appetites across the galaxy.

When I was a little girl, I wanted so badly to be Princess Leia. Did I hold up giant cinnamon rolls on either side of my head to imitate the beloved heroine at family breakfasts? You bet yourself a glass of blue milk I did! Now that I have my own little Ewoks to take care of, feeding a house full of Star Wars fans is a job I wish I could outsource to a galaxy far, far away. But, the one thing I actually don’t mind doing is whipping up a batch of themed food for a party or really any type of celebration — and May 4 totally counts. Plus, these Star Wars recipes are so good, they’d make C3P0 malfunction with glee. (And he can’t even eat.)


BB8 Cupcakes

Bee-boop, beep beep, be-bop. That’s droid speak for “these cupcakes are so adorable I might not even eat them.” Just kidding, I would totally devour them. This recipe for BB8 cupcakes from Baking Mischief is an adorable choice for May the Fourth, a Star Wars-themed birthday, or any time you want to celebrate the best fandom ever.


Death Star Oreo Truffles

If there’s anything that can get a fan to switch allegiances to the Dark Side, it’s these Death Star Oreo truffles from Tastefully Frugal. Packed with chocolatey goodness, this recipe is one of the sweetest ways to pay homage to the Galactic Empire’s strongest weapon. (Before you blow it up from the inside, of course.)


Poe’s Jacket Cookies

Is there a bigger pop culture symbol of the most recent installments of the Star Wars movies than Poe Dameron’s jacket? You can celebrate the pilot’s heroic role in the films right in your own kitchen when you make Poe’s Jacket Cookies from Baking Mischief.


Frosty Bantha Milk

You may recognize Bantha milk aka “blue milk” as the drink Luke and his aunt and uncle have in A New Hope, or perhaps you’ve had some yourself at Galaxy’s Edge in the Disney parks. It’s an iconic Star Wars beverage you can recreate at home using this recipe for Frosty Bantha milk from Baking Mischief. A scoop of vanilla ice cream makes this concoction float-like; a sweet treat that any fan is sure to enjoy.


R2D2 Treats

In tribute to Luke’s OG droid and BFF, these R2D2 treats from A Sparkle Of Genius are absolutely precious. They’re ding dongs dipped in a confectionery concoction of powdered sugar and egg whites with perfectly piped icing on top to recreate the look of R2D2’s facade.


White Hot Chocolate With Stormtrooper Marshmallows

Can’t you just picture yourself sipping from a mug full of white hot chocolate with Stormtrooper marshmallows, snuggled up on the couch with your Baby Yoda throw blanket and C3PO slippers, watching The Empire Strikes Back for the 59th time? Thanks to this Star Wars recipe from The Cookie Rookie, you can do just that the next time the mood to re-watch (arguably) the best film in the franchise strikes.


Han Salsa

I’m a sucker for some salsa, but a salsa with a punny Star Wars name, well, that’s just downright irresistible. From Tastefully Frugal, Han salsa is made with a blend of tomatoes, onions, cilantro, and mor that’s mild, but still zesty enough to please Jedi’s young and old.


Baby Yoda Deviled Eggs

I cannot get over how cute these Baby Yoda deviled eggs from The Super Mom Life are. Can you guess what gives them the green color? If you guessed avocados, right you are, young padawan. Peppercorn eyes and snow pea ears complete this tasty appetizer, perfect for a Star Wars movie marathon or a re-watch of The Mandalorian.


Tie Fighter Oreo Pops

Zip and zoom through the galaxy with these Tie Fighter Oreo pops from blogger Ashlee Marie. (I know there are a ton of Oreo recipes here, but they’re dark, so it works.) These easy-to-make pops are the tastiest treats this side of Tatooine.


Qui-Gon Jinn-Ger Snaps

While there may be some hard feelings as to the role Qui-Gon Jinn, Jedi Master extraordinaire, played in Anakin Skywalker’s entry into the world of the Jedi (because we all know how that ended), there’s no denying his place in the franchise. To that end, these Qui-Gon Jinn-Ger snaps from Big Flavors Tiny Kitchen have an adorable moon-shaped cutout showcasing a layer of apricot jam between two cookies.


Star Wars Brownie Roll Out Cookies

If you have a set of Star Wars cookie cutters you’re itching to use (or want to invest in some), this recipe for brownie roll out cookies from Lovin From The Oven is a fantastic choice. The rich chocolatey brown dough works especially well for helping the details in the cookies stand out. Pile these up on a platter the next time you want to impress a gaggle of galactic fans.


Baby Yoda Nachos

No party is complete without a platter of nachos, but when that party is a Star Wars-themed party, this recipe for Baby Yoda Nachos from Little House Big Alaska is exactly what you need to impress fans of the franchise. Less of a recipe, and more of a how-to guide for assembling The Child from The Mandalorian, you really can’t go wrong here. And just look at those pepper ears!


BB8 Muddy Buddies

This recipe for BB8 muddy buddies from Ashlee Marie puts a Star Wars-themed twist on the classic party mix. Dotted with orange, black, and grey candies to give it the same look as the droid it’s named after, this sweet snack is sure to be a hit with fans of all ages. Pro tip: pack it in clear treat bags to hand out at the next Star Wars birthday party you host.


Princess Leia Oreo Truffles

To pay homage to the one-and-only princess-turned-general during any Star Wars celebration, this recipe for Princess Leia Oreo truffles from The Cookie Rookie is spot-on. Super easy to put together, the mini Rolo candy buns on these chocolate-covered confections are just incredibly charming.

When it’s time to settle in for your hundredth re-watch of the original trilogy on May the Fourth, you can whip up any of these Star Wars recipes to accompany you on your journey to a galaxy far, far away.