Target's Easter store hours won't make shopping easy this year.
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You’ll Want To Hit The Target Aisles Before Easter Sunday

Actually hop on down there a few days early to be safe.

If you’re thinking of running to Target at the last minute for some plastic eggs, faux grass, or a bottle of champs for Easter morning mimosas, think again. Just like in years past and on other major holidays, your Target runs will not be possible on the day of Easter itself.

Target is closed on Easter Sunday (which falls on April 17 this year). So, you’ll want to browse the $3 and $5 Easter basket goodies in advance rather than leaving your errands for the day of. Target stores will be open for normal hours on Good Friday and Holy Saturday, and you can check your local store’s specific open and close times online since they vary by location.

If you wake up on Easter and realize you really need something from the store, try CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, or Safeway, who will all remain open on Easter day. Steer clear of H-E-B, Costco, Publix and a few others whose sliding doors will be shut tight on the holiday so employees can spend the day with loved ones.

And, if you’re browsing Target’s Easter offerings early like a responsible Easter bunny would, definitely check out their décor selections this year. These woven bunnies are neutral enough to go with any other decorations you already have (though they’re so dang cute, they deserve to have everything else in your décor scheme planned around them). And this woven carrot garland? You can pry it off my walls by Christmas, maybe, but not a day sooner. It’s the cutest thing you’ll see on the whole Target website.

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The Easter wreath selection this year is too cute not to add to cart, whether you’re into pastel eggs, rustic carrots, or classic lavender florals with a teeny weeny bunny in the center.

And naturally they have the cutest egg decorating products, like a dinosaur Easter egg decorating kit or one with fantasy creatures, both for just $3. Some kits even allow you to do special coloring techniques on your eggs, like tie dye or marbling. It’s definitely worth stopping in to see what they have to spice up your egg dyeing traditions this year.