Teacher Expertly Fields Students' Questions About Childbirth & Where Babies Come From

Mrs. Bullard returned from maternity leave and spent 20 minutes answering her students’ questions about it all.

Mrs. Nancy Bullard teaches science to kids from K-5 in North Carolina, and last year she took time off for a lovely reason. To welcome her first baby, a boy named Sam. When she returned to work after her maternity leave, Bullard decided to talk to a classroom of 7-year-olds about her new baby and answer any questions they might have. And a video of her answering questions about where babies come from is categorical proof that Bullard and teachers deserve to be paid more. Because she handled all of those hilarious questions with total calm and finesse.

Bullard’s students took part in a “Baby Bonanza” before she left for maternity leave, she told TODAY, where she gave them the chance to guess her baby’s weight and birthday while they “also gave me very cute parenting advice and tips on how to be a good mom.”

Baby Sam arrived Dec. 1, and when Bullard returned to work on March 23 she decided to let her students ask her questions about his birth. “I wanted to take a few minutes to catch up with students, introduce them to my son, and let them ask questions,” Bullard told TODAY. “When I wrote my lesson plan for this day I planned to spend about five minutes answering questions, but ended up spending nearly 20 minutes doing so.”

In the video she shared on her first day back in the classroom, her young students were clearly excited to see her, with one of them calling out “We missed-ed you!” She tells the students she missed them too, and reminded them that “the last time you saw me I looked like this, remember?” She pointed to a photo of her holding her pregnant belly, and one of the students said, “You were pregnant??”

Bullard went on to ask the kids if they had any questions, and boy did they ever. “Did baby Sam ever cry before?” asked one student, while another said, “Can he eat food?” She used this as a teachable moment, asking the students, “the only food he eats right now is what?” to which they responded “Milk! Applesauce!”

From there the questions got more serious. “Is it difficult to have a baby?” asked one student, and Bullard replied honestly, “Yeah, it was pretty tough.” Then came the big question. “Where do babies come from?” Without missing a beat, Bullard replied, “They come from an organ called your uterus.” Simple as that.

Bullard’s video has been viewed on Instagram more than 80,000 times, perhaps because of the matter-of-fact way she talks to her students about the realities of childbirth without overdoing it. Let us all keep our cool like Mrs. Bullard in those situations.