15 Autumnal Thanksgiving Christmas Tree Ideas

It is now OK to put your tree up before Thanksgiving.

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For many of us, a Christmas tree is something that’s normally reserved for the month of December. At the earliest, we put ours up and decorate it the weekend after Thanksgiving. But a good Christmas tree, whether it’s real or fake, can be expensive, as well as time-consuming to put up and take down. Why have it out for only four or five short weeks? If you want to keep yours up longer, the Thanksgiving Christmas tree trend on social media is one you’ll want to try. It makes it acceptable to get that tree out of storage in early November, and, of course, it makes a really cute decoration.

A Thanksgiving Christmas tree is exactly what it sounds like — a Christmas tree that has been decorated for Thanksgiving. This usually means leaving off the red and green Santa ornaments and anything that looks too, well, Christmas-y. Instead, you’ll decorate the tree with Thanksgiving and autumn-themed ornaments, like fake colorful leaves, acorns, little scarecrows, maybe some turkeys, and some little mini pumpkins. It’s fun, it’s festive, and it’s a little different. And when Thanksgiving is over, all you have to do is swap out the decorations for the next holiday.

Intrigued? Here are a few Thanksgiving Christmas trees to serve as decorating inspiration, as well as some you can purchase to make your life a little easier.


Use all of the fall colors

This Thanksgiving Christmas tree is decorated with so many leaves, flowers, and pumpkins that it’s hard to even tell that it’s a Christmas tree. Using typical autumn shades, like red, orange, yellow, and gold, make these trees look like they belong outside in the beautiful foliage. With this many leaves and flowers, you don’t need much else, but a few Thanksgiving signs and ornaments are a cute touch.


Opt for leaves instead of ornaments

You can choose to eschew ornaments mostly or altogether with a tree like this one. Instead of looking for tiny pumpkins or anything like that, cover your Thanksgiving Christmas tree in leaves the color of perfect autumn foliage. Deep reds, oranges, and yellows go nicely with evergreen. Some twinkling lights underneath add just the right amount of sparkle.


Add some pumpkins

You don’t need to rely on brightly colored leaves to make your tree look ready for Thanksgiving. Pumpkins are a great addition, and for more of a fall harvest feel, pick ones that are white and yellow instead of bright orange. A variety of sizes is also fun — mini pumpkins and larger ones make a good mix. Add some autumnal flowers and ribbon for the finishing touches.


Keep it simple

This tree is proof that you don’t need a ton of different ornaments and decorations to make your tree look ready for Thanksgiving. Keep it simple with a few leaves scattered throughout and some twinkling lights — neutral color beads throughout is also a good idea. Add stacks of pumpkins (real or fake) underneath instead of the typical presents. A variety of sizes and colors looks great.


Incorporate dried corn stalks or hay

Get unique with the decorations you choose for your Thanksgiving Christmas tree. Little fall signs, pumpkins, and sunflowers are all great, but this one also uses dried corn stalks as a way to give it all the fall harvest vibes. With small white pumpkins and some leaves, this looks really great. The white lights are also a must.


Opt for muted, fall colors

Bright oranges, reds, and yellows may feel just right for all, but you don’t have to go that route if you prefer something more neutral. Muted autumn shades like browns, dark gold, and beige look so pretty, especially on a flocked tree. And instead of adding an angel at the top of the tree, add some autumnal flowers instead.


Use sunflowers

Sunflowers bloom in late summer and early autumn, so they look both appropriate and unexpectedly beautiful on a Thanksgiving Christmas tree. With some fall signs, mini pumpkins, and colorful leaves strewn throughout, this is a great fall harvest tree. Add wooden beads instead of tinsel and some Christmas lights to complete the look.


Test the waters with a mini tree

If you feel like a full-size Christmas tree is a little too much, opt for a mini one instead. This makes a cute decoration in a foyer, windowsill, or even on a kitchen counter or dining room table. Even with the flocked leaves and pinecones, this one still feels autumnal thanks to the brightly colored leaves all over it.


Celebrate Halloween at the same time

Combine two holidays in one by using both Halloween and Thanksgiving decorations. This creates the perfect fall harvest tree, and it doesn’t feel too focused on either holiday. Spooky jack-o-lanterns and cobwebs give a Halloween vibe, while “thankful” signs and and leaves represent Thanksgiving. Add some plaid throughout to really bring in the autumn vibes.


Add some decorative ribbons

Ribbons in fall colors are another great decorative option that can take the place of ornaments. Choose plaid, since that feels like such a classic autumn pattern, as well as some neutral shades. These take up a lot of space, and all you really need to add are some mini pumpkins and maybe some floral accents.


Decorate a flocked tree

Don’t be afraid to use a flocked Christmas tree as your Thanksgiving tree. The touch of snow on the branches along with the mix of colorful leaves is really unique and pretty — besides, it does snow before or around Thanksgiving in some places. With snow-dusted branches and leaves, you really don’t need much else.


Add fall signs instead of ornaments

Having trouble finding Thanksgiving or autumn ornaments? Pick up a few mini fall signs from a dollar store or craft store, and hang them throughout the tree. You don’t even need that many, especially if you choose some that are a little bit larger. Twinkling lights add some nice sparkle.


Use a scarecrow as the tree topper

Angels or stars are the typical Christmas tree topper, but why would you use those when decorating for Thanksgiving? Instead, use a little mini scarecrow. It’s such a cute idea that makes so much sense. Add some leaves, flowers, and plaid ribbon throughout the rest of the tree. You can purchase this Fall Artificial Tree Set from Etsy, or you can try to recreate it on your own.


Pick a Thanksgiving Christmas tree that can go outside, too

This Thanksgiving Tree from Amazon is ready to go, with leaves and branches in autumnal colors and leaves already attached. You just have to plug it in and light it up, which makes it a super easy decoration. This one is great because it can go inside or outside, making it a really cute porch decoration option.


Place a mini tree in a pot

For those who want a Thanksgiving Christmas tree but don’t actually want to get their Christmas tree out, this Gerson Co. Prelit Fall Tree is a great pick. It’s smaller than a full tree, and it sits in a decorative pot that would make it look great inside or outside. The leaves, fall colors, and pinecones are so pretty.

Thanksgiving Christmas trees are an unexpected way to decorate for Turkey Day. They extend the life of your Christmas tree and they make the holiday more fun when it comes to decorating. No matter which look you choose, you really can’t go wrong.

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