Why Get A Basic Barbie When Your Barbie Can Be *Extra*?

Seriously, one of them has a pet Rottweiler in a pink car, you guys.

I love all Barbies. I love all the different shapes and sizes, career choices and fashionable footwear. I love non-binary Barbie and Christmas Barbie, and I even love '90s Barbie. But I must say that the new Barbie Extra dolls are really speaking to my dramatic soul.

The new Barbie Extra dolls will be available at Walmart and will retail for $24.99. There are five dolls in total, all with their own unique style and personality. And when they say "extra," they mean EXTRA. There's a fabulous multi-hued hair Barbie with a bit of a punky princess vibe. A stunning Black Barbie with puffs, braids, and a rainbow fur coat that is absolute fire; a skateboarding queen with dripping diamond earrings and tie dye shirt; a trendy girl with oval glasses and fringe; and a wild blonde Barbie who is a little bit Mae West, a little bit Cher from Clueless, and little bit Alexis. (La la lalala la.) The best part might be that they all have their own tiny pets and accessories that complete their extraness — even a little pink pig. Could you not just die?

When my daughter first started playing with Barbies, I thought that it would be a passing thing for her. After all, not much else captured her interest for any length of time. After months of playing, and dozens of dolls purchased, I realized that her love of Barbies was just as strong as mine. That's why I can't wait to get all five of these beauties. They have lives to lead at my daughter's Barbie commune.

The most extra, doing the most.

These Barbie Extra dolls have the fashion sense we all aspire to.


These Barbies are all different shades and all different sizes with all very different fashion styles and accessories, and they're all amazing. Look at the detail just on the pets. The pig is wearing a unicorn headband and angel wings for goodness' sakes. The cats are in crowns, one dog has a Barbie dream car, one has star glasses, and one is wearing a studded collar. Come on, Barbie. You didn't need to go this far, but my kid will thank you for it.

Not to mention the fact that any of these outfits, from the sports bra/boxer brief/biker short combo to the oversized pink fur jacket feel like they're pulled right from a fashion influencer's Insta. Personally, my favorite is the skater Barbie with the green sneakers because I enjoy the ease with which she has her fanny pack flung crosswise across her body, and also because of her satin jacket and girl power earrings. She's the whole package and I'm here for it. These are going to sell out in a minute, so make sure you get yours now.