This Giant Tin Of Cheetos Popcorn Is My Favorite Part Of 2020

And it comes in two flavors — cheddar and flamin' hot. Oh yes.

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Do you know the big tins of flavored popcorn that show up in stores at the beginning of every holiday season? Those have been a staple in my family ever since I was a kid, and it's just the kind of special snack I like to munch on while I'm watching Elf for the 100th time. Well, imagine my surprise when I discovered Cheetos Popcorn at Walmart, available in two flavors and in the same large tin, just in time for the upcoming holiday season. Yes, please.

In this special GIANT holiday tin is basically Cheetos-flavored popcorn, and you'll get a combination of Cheddar and Flamin' Hot flavors to snack on with your family (or, you know, just for yourself). Hint: the only thing that might give your secret away is that infamous cheese dust residue on your fingers. So, wash your hands accordingly.

But in all seriousness (if one can be serious in a post about snack food), I am feeling very nostalgic this year thanks to our lives being in such disarray due to the pandemic. Everything feels slightly off, and I find myself clinging to anything that can bring my family together. Food certainly plays a major role in this dynamic, whether it's sitting around the dinner table every night or enjoying a fun snack while playing a game or watching a movie together. And while I am by no means suggesting you gorge on junk food all winter long, I am saying that a little cheesy popcorn in a fun tin can go a long way to keeping spirits bright and full of cheer this holiday season. After all, cheese is the answer to all life's problems, am I right?

Available at Walmart, the Cheetos holiday tin should be on shelves from Nov. 1 through December. But because it's limited edition, you'll want to grab yours early.

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