17 The Office Halloween Costumes

These DIY costumes are a definite win-win-win.

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Some people plan their Halloween costume months in advance while others grab a random assortment of accessories from their closet on the day of and call it done. Regardless of which category you fall into, The Office Halloween costumes are an easy way to celebrate your fandom on the holiday. These funny costume ideas inspired by the series pay homage to the show’s most memorable moments.

Halloween episodes of The Office featured some especially unforgettable costumes — Pam’s Dr. Cinderella; Three Hole Punch Jim; Ryan as Justin Bieber; Dwight, Kevin, and Creed as different versions of The Joker; and two-headed Michael. But the characters themselves are so iconic that many of their looks can stand alone as fun Halloween costumes for fans.

Sure, you could order a World’s Best Boss mug, grab Dundie award replica from Target, and walk around looking like everyone’s favorite regional manager. That would be easy, right? False. It would be boring. Don’t be boring. Be creative and make your The Office Halloween costume really count this year.

Whether you want to dress just like your favorite character or one of their alter egos (I’m lookin’ at you, Date Mike) this list has you covered. Read on to see exactly how you can sport the look of your favorite Dunder Mifflin employee with these easy-to-execute costume ideas.

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A ‘Three Hole Punch Jim’ Halloween costume

Jim dressing in his typical button-down, tie, and slacks, but with three giant construction paper dots affixed to his chest for Halloween is just *chef’s kiss* perfection. It’s peak Jim Halpert to take the path of least resistance, but simultaneously do something that is genuinely hilarious.

You can recreate this iconic look with a light-colored button down dress shirt (with the sleeves rolled up, of course) paired with Jim’s signature messenger bag, a shaggy hairdo, tie, and three black construction paper circles attached to your shirt with double stick tape. At least you can guarantee that nobody will mistake you for Fake Jim when you wear his iconic three hole punch costume.


A ‘Date Mike’ Halloween costume

He’s suave, he’s cool, and he may just blow every single meet cute opportunity that comes his way. He’s Date Mike and you can recreate his hilarious look this Halloween with just a few simple items. Date Mike wears the same suit Michael Scott would wear to work, but he ditches the tie, unbuttons his top shirt button, pulls his collar out over the top of his blazer, and dons a black Kangol cap turned backward. To really get into character while you trick-or-treat, you could even carry a pool stick. This costume is the perfect excuse to waltz up to your neighbors on Halloween night with a coy, “It’s nice to meet me” greeting.


A ‘Prison Mike’ Halloween costume

When you run out of “that’s what she said” jokes, you can hone in on one of Michael Scott’s iconic characters and become Prison Mike for Halloween. All you need is a purple paisley bandana tied around your head paired with a regular suit. Then, practice your New York-style accent, squint one eye, and rehearse Prison Mike’s hilarious speech about how you “never got caught” despite being in prison for theft, robbery, and holding the president’s son for ransom. If you know that the worst thing about prison is the dementors, this is the costume you absolutely need to wear this year.


A classic Dwight Schrute Halloween costume

Dunder Mifflin’s assistant (to the) regional manager, Dwight Schrute, is the office’s beet-farming, mustard-colored shirt-wearing salesman whose style is easy to emulate this Halloween. Simply wear a yellow button-down shirt with short sleeves, a brown tie and slacks, part your hair down the middle, and don’t forget the wire-rimmed glasses. Optional accessories to complete your costume could include a set of nunchucks, a freshly-picked beet, a stapler encased in Jell-O, or a hollowed out jack-o-lantern on your head.

Alternatively, you could use the same costume attire to dress as Jim impersonating Dwight in one of his many pranks. Just repeat “Beets, Bears, Battlestar Galactica” when people ask who you’re supposed to be. Fans of the show will know exactly what you’re doing.


An Angela Martin Halloween costume with cats galore

You can rule the Party Planning Committee with an iron fist and oversee the accounting department just like Angela Martin with a DIY Halloween costume. Wear this cat-adorned cardigan with a ruffled blouse or turtleneck top underneath and pair it with a plain wool pencil skirt and sensible flats for the perfect Angela ensemble. Wear your hair slicked back into a sleek low ponytail to achieve Angela’s classic, no-nonsense look.

Then, don a resting b*tch face, cradle a faux kitten under your arm, and keep your distance from everyone. To take your costume one step further, you could carry around a version of the punch card Angela uses to keep track of her and Dwight’s contractual obligation to one another.


A Pam Beesly receptionist Halloween Costume

Plenty of kids Halloween costumes are inspired by what they want to be when they grow up — doctors, firefighters, and even teachers. As an adult though, you can get a little more creative with your costume. Most little girls don’t dream of becoming a receptionist, but you can still channel your inner Pam Beesly-Halpert this Halloween with a pink cardigan over a button-down top and a notepad in-hand. Best of all, a Pam-inspired costume pairs perfectly with Three Hole Punch Jim to make an amazing couples costume.

To achieve Pam’s go-to hairstyle, go with a wavy, natural look with the front half pulled back in a claw clip. If you want to go for more of a Pam-at-art-school look, tie your hair into a low ponytail and throw on some pink lipstick. Either way, just make sure you pack plenty of Pam’s signature sass into your brain to really get into character this Halloween.


An Andy Bernard Halloween costume with a striped bow tie

The Dunder Mifflin salesman turned regional manager better known as “Nard Dog” loves a capella singing and his alma mater, and his classic style is easy to emulate on Halloween. A stately blazer and a striped bow tie paired with a sweater vest and a dash of unbridled rage makes the perfect Andy Bernard costume.

Will the members of Here Comes Treble follow you around singing George Michael’s “Faith” while you trick-or-treat? Probably not. But will you be the best-dressed character from The Office on your block? Probably yes. You could even snag some school swag to make your impersonation of the Cornell alum a bit more authentic.


A Phyllis Lapin-Vance Halloween costume with her bold accessories

Phyllis’ wedding to Bob Vance (of Vance Refrigeration) may have been an exact carbon copy of the wedding Pam planned with Roy, but her style and personality is utterly unique. You can dress like the winner of 500 Dundees by wearing a comfortable, flowing skirt in a flowery or paisley pattern paired with a sweater set.

Style your hair in short, fluffy curls and add a statement necklace with lots of baubles, a pair of thick-rimmed eyeglasses, and some sensible flats to complete the look. Phyllis wore a lot of purple and blue shades throughout the series, so if your costume can boast these hues, even better.


A Kevin Malone Halloween costume with his chili pot

Dressing like Kevin Malone on Halloween is pretty simple — wear a brown suit, a tie, and maybe carry around a giant jar of M&Ms. Easy enough, right? Well, you can also take your Kevin costume a step further and add a large stockpot and some blue oven mitts to re-create the show’s hilarious cold open scene where the bumbling accountant dumps his family’s secret chili recipe across the carpet.

Will it be a pain to carry around a huge stockpot while you trick-or-treat? It could be a bit cumbersome, but it could also be a brilliant place to store giant handfuls of Halloween candy and hide the wrappers when you decide to eat it while you walk. That’s a win-win-win if ever there was one.


A Kelly Kapoor Halloween costume that’s sweet & sassy

Ever the office fashionista, pink is Kelly Kapoor’s signature color and she can’t help but flaunt her fabulous style from the annex to the reception desk. Wear a pink silk blouse with a black pencil skirt and standout accessories like a sparkly necklace and bright-colored heels to copy Kelly’s look this Halloween. Kelly usually wears her hair swept into an updo through the first couple of seasons, but eventually lets it down and then goes for a sleek bob in later seasons, so your costume could feature any of these looks. Just don’t forget to pair it all with a bubbly, but all-knowing attitude and a swath of bright pink lipstick to really get into character.


A Darryl Philbin Halloween costume with a Dunder Mifflin logo patch

This Halloween, you can re-create the look of coolest warehouse manager around with just a few simple items. To get the look Darryl Philbin sports daily in the first few seasons until he joins the crew upstairs, iron an embroidered name tag that says “Darryl” and a Dunder Mifflin patch onto a grey, short-sleeved mechanic-style work shirt. Pair this DIY top with a sports watch, black pants, and a faux mustache to complete your costume. Bonus points if you can find a baler to ride down the street on Halloween night. (Just don’t even think about letting Michael drive it.)


A Stanley Hudson Halloween costume with an argyle sweater vest

With an argyle sweater vest, an oversized wool suit jacket, and a faux mustache, you can create a DIY Stanley Hudson costume this Halloween. On second thought, does Stanley even have a mustache? (Spoiler alert: He does, despite the fact that half the office couldn’t remember this detail about him.)

Just to make sure everyone around you knows exactly which character from The Office you are you can carry around a book of crossword puzzles, talk about how much you love pretzel day, rent a bright red sports car, and maybe even let slip a few “Did I stutter?” retorts while you’re out trick-or-treating.


A Creed on Halloween costume with blood splatters

You don’t have to sprout actual mung beans in your desk to dress like Creed Bratton for Halloween. In fact, you can dress like Creed on Halloween when you don a light grey button down, tie, and spray some faux blood on yourself. An iconic talking head in the inaugural Halloween episode of The Office features Creed on the brink of getting fired, wearing a blood splattered shirt, surprised that it’s Halloween. He hilariously deadpans that the holiday is “really, really good timing.” This startling look is easy to recreate for your very own DIY Halloween costume.


An Erin Halloween costume with her Sabre store hipster hat

She may have had to go by her middle name in the office to help keep Charles Miner from being confused by the presence of two Kellys, but there’s no denying that Ellie Kemper’s character, Erin, played an integral part in keeping things running at Dunder Mifflin. Always up for anything, one of Erin’s most memorable moments on the show was at the opening of the Sabre store in Season 8. All you need is a black tank top, a trendy vest, some oversized glasses, and a black wide-brimmed hat. Then, you can walk around all night with a brooding attitude and say, “Hey, my name’s Tabitha. I’m camped out in front of the Sabre store so I can be first in line for the new Pyramid.”


A classic Oscar Martinez Halloween costume

In season 7 of The Office, Oscar won the Halloween costume contest (and a $15,000 coupon book) by literally wearing a pullover sweater on top of his normal button down shirt and slacks to transform into what he called a “rational consumer.” Yes, it was a total fluke that he won, but it was also downright hilarious. Whether this move was made because Oscar is a literal genius or because he was being lazy (or perhaps both) is up to interpretation, but you can copy the star accountant’s look this Halloween using things you probably already own — just like he did.


Ryan Howard Halloween Costume

If I’m being honest, some of my favorite Halloween costume moments on The Office are Ryan’s. He seamlessly pulls off characters like Gordon Gekko from Wall Street, Edward Cullen from Twilight (in a deleted scene), Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad, and Justin Bieber without breaking a sweat. Costume choices aside though, Ryan is somewhat of a master at transformation. He goes from a disheveled temp to the facial-hair-clad, NYC party boy, brainchild of Dunder Mifflin Infinity, is then arrested for fraud, dyes his hair bleach blonde, and eventually ends up looking like a philosophy professor in thick-rimmed, black glasses. No matter which iteration of Ryan Howard you decide to dress as for Halloween, make sure to send all of your friends a WUPHF to show off your look.


A Mose Halloween costume to ignite fear

One Halloween costume inspired by The Office that is almost guaranteed to get a big laugh from fellow fans is Dwight’s cousin, Mose. Though Mose is a relatively minor character, his hi-jinx (often thanks to Dwight) are the source of several of the show’s most iconic moments — both on and off the beet farm. One such instance is in the season 3 episode, “Initiation.” Mose appears dressed in thermal long underwear with the word “FEAR” spelled out across his chest in red tape during Dwight’s attempt to initiate Ryan as a salesman by having him “vanquish his fear.”

Pulling together this Mose look could not be easier. Here’s what you need: a long-sleeved thermal henley in tan, some red electrical tape for the letters, and a stick-on faux beard.

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